NFL Insider Names Cowboys as a ‘Best Option’ if Bill Belichick Becomes Available

Could the Dallas Cowboys be in on Bill Belichick if his time in New England ends? One NFL insider believes there's a chance.

The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league. That statement has never been more true than right now as it pertains to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. Widely viewed as the greatest coach to ever dawn a sideline is now in the hottest of seats, with many believing Belichick’s days in New England are numbered.

Just how this all shakes out over the last two months of the season remains to be seen, but with an eye toward the future and a growing sentiment about his dismissal, some are speculating about where Belichick’s next stop may be.

Could that move be to Dallas with the Cowboys? At least one NFL insider believes it’s possible.

Cowboys Named as a Best Option for Bill Belichick

Pro Football Talk’s Peter King put it out in the universe that Belichick and the Cowboys may make a ton of sense if the situation presented itself. While King does allude to the fact that a lot of dominoes would need to fall for the Cowboys in a negative way for them to make the move, he isn’t at least ruling it out.

Such a scenario laid out by King was “only if they don’t win the division, have some sketchy outings down the stretch, and go winless in the playoffs.”

In that scenario, despite going 12-5 in back-to-back seasons, a change in Dallas would seem plausible, making such a move for Belichick not out of the realm of possibilities despite how wild it may seem right now.

Bears, Commanders, and Chargers Named Belichick Suitors

Outside of the Cowboys, King also mentioned the Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, and the Los Angeles Chargers as possible fits for Belichick and his possible next stop. Each team is in a unique situation with its own challenges that may lead to a change at the head coach position.

The Bears are once again fighting for a top pick in this year’s NFL Draft, and while there seems to be some intriguing talent in place, could a coaching change take them over the top?

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The Commanders are a scrappy team that is capable of winning games, but they’ve already sold off assets for an eye for the future. Would an older Belichick make sense in a rebuild situation?

The Chargers present a very intriguing situation as they have a QB in place in Justin Herbert, some offensive weapons, as well as talent on the defensive side of the ball. Of the three teams not named Dallas, the Chargers may be the one team that would benefit from a win-now approach Belichick could provide.

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