NFL: Ideal trades for players on the market

Several names have come up in trade discussion. What is the actual price for those on the market?

It may seem far too early to be talking about trades in the NFL community. But with less than two weeks until the start of the season, multiple players have been rumored to be potentially on the move before the season begins.

Some are available due to the inability to agree to long-term deals with their current teams. Others are busts who teams are hoping to gain something back in return. And then there are some that just flat out don’t make sense.

Yes, Miami, looking right at you with the Laremy Tunsil news.

As roster cuts are looming around the corner, even turning a first-round bust into a late-round selection through an NFL trade is valuable to a roster. Cutting a player will save teams money, but trading their contract could save even more. Anything to save a penny and profit a return is highly encouraged.

Phones are ringing with players on the block. What’s the worth? Let’s find out.

Miami Dolphins WR Kenny Stills

If one would have asked at the beginning of the offseason if Kenny Stills was on the NFL trade block, most would have guessed no. Still, a valuable receiver who can play a role on offense, the 27-year-old was expected to be safe when roster cuts arose.

That was all before Stills criticized Stephen Ross, the Dolphins’ owner for his role in an event supporting President Donald Trump. Stills, a strong supporter of Colin Kaepernick and his platform, also criticized the NFL and Jay-Z for their partnership instead of helping the cause.

“There’s not much to argue about,” Stills said. “He has his feelings about it, and he stands firm in that, and I respect that. But I disagree, and I told him there’s no hard feelings. There’s no beef, and let’s win some games this year.”

Despite Brian Flores stating he supports Stills, it seems like his days in South Beach could be numbered. Looking at teams who could use a second receiver, both the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints come to mind. Seattle will be without D.K. Metcalf and David Moore to begin the season. Meanwhile, the Saints could bring Stills back to strengthen Drew Brees‘ offensive arsenal.

Both teams have options in the passing games outside their top receiver. Seattle, however, might need Stills more than New Orleans. However, the Saints might have more to offer than Seattle for a player with his production. It’s not much, but the Dolphins will likely take it for a reunion in the Superdome.

Prediction: Miami trades WR Kenny Stills to New Orleans in exchange for a 2020 sixth-round pick.