In this week’s episode of Any Given Friday, host Eric Wiedeke talks all things NFL. To begin, he takes the Gruden brothers to task on the states of their respective franchises. What is happening with the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins? Is there a concrete plan in place for the future or not? While Jon Gruden in Oakland seems to have some type of idea of what’s going on, the same may not be said for his brother Jay in Washington.

Eric also discusses the NFL Scouting Combine. What are his thoughts on the Underwear Olympics, and what takeaways are there?

The free agency period begins next week and Eric talks about some expected destinations for some top free agents. This year’s free agent class is historically good on defense. Will we see the money flowing or will the owners stick together to reset the market?

Lastly, Eric talks about all things Odell Beckham Jr. and the Cleveland Browns. Is there a possible trade in place? Will the Browns ante up the offer to get the Giants to swing the deal? Or is the deal basically dead?

Questions to think about during the show:

  • Are the Grudens screwed?
  • Will players like Le’Veon Bell end up where the media has been putting them all year long?
  • And could an OBJ trade to the Browns hurt the progression of young quarterback Baker Mayfield?

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