“They Got the No. 1 Defense in the World” – NFL Fans React to Pat McAfee’s Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Prediction

    Pat McAfee lets the superlatives fly for the Cowboys following their impressive 2-0 start to the 2023 season and explains why this year is different.

    Pat McAfee has never been one to shy away from controversial statements or hyperbole, so it was no surprise to see the former Indianapolis Colts punter spouting superlatives about the Dallas Cowboys‘ early success.

    McAfee found himself between Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe and let the positive vibes flow.

    “They got the No. 1 defense in the world”, McAfee said jubilantly, much to the chagrin of Smith, the infamous Cowboys hater. McAfee didn’t stop there.

    “This year is different for Dak Prescott,” McAfee doubled down on his good-natured opinion on Dallas, stating that head coach Mike McCarthy was the reason behind Prescott’s success and that former head coach Jason Garrett and former Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore are elsewhere because of their shortcomings.

    Let’s look closer to see if McAfee’s assessments are correct and examine what social media thinks about ‘Dem Boys.

    Is the Dallas Cowboys’ Defense the Best in the World?

    The San Francisco 49ers defense would like a word. The 49ers have been considered by many to be the top defense in the league over the last year plus. However, Dallas is playing better right now.

    The Cowboys have overwhelmed their first two opponents: the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

    The Cowboy’s defense has married a suffocating pass rush with a secondary that matches up well with any team in the NFL. Micah Parsons is the catalyst for the Cowboys.

    Parsons is a game-wrecker and a versatile defensive chess piece moving all over the board, confusing the opposition.

    Stephon Gilmore’s addition to the secondary to pair with  Trevon Diggs has been a game-changer. Who will you attack? The Cowboys pose a quandary to the opposition.

    Is This Year Different For Dak Prescott?

    It is FAR too early to tell if the 2023 season is different than past campaigns for the Cowboys signal-caller. Sunday, Prescott threw a ball to Sauce Gardner, which he would have returned for a TD.

    Would that play have changed the outcome of the game? Unlikely, but the narrative about Dak making mistakes would remain.

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    The Cowboys have beaten a woeful Giants defense and a Jets team incapable of moving the ball consistently on offense. Dallas hasn’t defeated the 1985 Chicago Bears, so perhaps pumping the brakes a tad would be recommended.

    The Cowboys won’t be judged by what they do in September but by what they do in January.

    What Did Social Media Think of McAfee’s Stance?

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