NFL Fans React to New Tom Brady Rumors While Raiders Ownership Remains in Limbo

    The Tom Brady coming out of retirement saga will not end as the rumor mill turns with the latest development regarding the Hall of Fame QB.

    The last bit of hope to see Tom Brady back in an NFL uniform just simply won’t go away. Earlier in the week, Brady was spotted in New York post-Aaron Rodgers injury that had the rumors swirling. Fast forward to now, and it looks like the lack of filed paperwork has sparked the rumor mill once again. has reported that Brady has not actually finalized his ownership agreement with the Las Vegas Raiders, which technically does not yet make him a part of the ownership group. Such an agreement in place would prohibit Brady from coming back and playing in the NFL, and since it is Brady and the deal is not done, let the speculation commence.

    While Brady has said he has no plans of coming out of retirement and he is happy in the next chapter of his life, this is a man who has already come out of retirement once before. The dragging of feet on the paperwork is not doing anything to quiet the rumors down at all.

    Brady was honored by the Patriots in New England ahead of their Week 1 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles, and when he spoke to the fans during his halftime ceremony, he spoke like a man who missed the game but was happy and comfortable in his post-playing days.

    “I’m not quite in game shape, but it’s impossible for me to be in a stadium full of you amazing fans with some of the best teammates, with my family, with all my friends and not run out like I did for 20 years.” Brady stated after doing his traditional run down the length of the field before doing his famous fist pump and “Let’s Go!” yell.

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    Naturally, when it comes to Tom Brady and the possibility of his coming back for another season, fans across the league had quite the reaction to the door being left cracked open.

    Fans React to the Possibility of Tom Brady Coming out of Retirement

    The reviews are mixed when it comes to a possible Brady comeback story, with some fans down for the chaos, while others are just looking to turn the page and move on to an NFL life post-Brady.

    No matter how we all feel about it until loose ends are tied up legally and contractually with the idea of Brady coming back is officially done, it is a storyline that rightfully so will not go away.

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