NFL Fans Criticize Officiating for Missing Kareem Jackson’s Brutal Hit on Josh Dobbs

    Broncos S Kareem Jackson laid a big-time hit on Vikings QB Josh Dobbs on Sunday night, and it wasn't flagged. Many around the NFL disagreed.

    The Denver Broncos continue to win football games. Despite last year’s forgettable season and a slow start to 2023, the Broncos have won four straight games to put themselves squarely in the AFC playoff hunt. Last night on Sunday Night Football, they kept the good times rolling as they were able to take down Josh Dobbs and the Minnesota Vikings, 21-20.

    However, it did not come without a little bit of unsettledness on their side, as defensive back Kareem Jackson caused a bit of a stir during the game when he landed a big hit on Dobbs.

    The problem is that many felt the hit wasn’t clean, but it was not even flagged by the officials in the game. To make matters worse, Jackson has built a bit of a reputation for himself as this is not the first time he has laid a big hit.

    Kareem Jackson’s Brutal Hit on Josh Dobbs

    Jackson, fresh off a two-game suspension for an illegal hit, is back in the public eye once again for the same thing. No flag was thrown, and the game went on without incident. However, many around the league feel like that may have been a mistake on behalf of the referees in the game and that, despite the no-call, Jackson is not out of hot water with the NFL just yet.

    NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero posted a video to his X account this morning showcasing the hit and discussing that due to the nature of it and Jackson’s record with similar issues, the violation may trigger another suspension from the league.

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    It will be a wait-and-see approach for Jackson for the next day or so as the league sorts through it all, but the fact is that he is a repeat offender in many people’s eyes, and that does not bode well when it comes to discretionary decisions that the NFL is forced to make.

    NFL World Reacts to the Hit

    Broncos head coach Sean Payton was asked this morning about the hit and spoke like a man who realizes what happens next is out of his hands.

    “I talked to Kareem already this morning, and there’s nothing you can do except wait, and we’ll see where it goes.”

    Pelissero added further context to his original message, pointing out why Jackson wasn’t simply ejected from the game in real-time.

    “Worth noting: This is the type of hit we’ve seen the New York command center eject players for this season. But with no flag thrown on the field, NY isn’t allowed to intervene. Now another suspension could be coming instead.”

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