NFL Fans Call Out Dez Bryant for Shocking Cowboys Opinion — ‘I Don’t Mean To Be Biased’

    NFL fans called out former Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant for his shocking take on the top cornerbacks currently in the league. How wrong is he though?

    Dez Bryant isn’t very shy when it comes to his love and admiration for his former team, the Dallas Cowboys, and anytime Dez is given the chance to heap praise on the team and players of his former franchise, he’s going to take it.

    Fan Reaction to Dez Bryant’s Top 5 Cornerbacks List

    Bryant’s latest opinion is further evidence of that fact, and when Lawrence Jackson Jr. of NBC Sports was able to catch up with Bryant and get his opinion on who he thinks the top five cornerbacks in the NFL are right now. Dez didn’t hold back with the Cowboys’ love.

    While there are many worthy names to discuss at the top of this rankings list, Dez didn’t hesitate to put the top two Cowboys’ cornerbacks at the top of his overall list. According to Bryant, Trevon Diggs is the best cornerback in the NFL, followed by newly acquired veteran Stephon Gilmore.

    Dez rounded out his top five by putting Denver Broncos star Patrick Surtain II at No. 3, followed by New York Jets second-year All-Pro Sauce Gardner and Miami Dolphins Jalen Ramsey at four and five, respectively.

    While both Cowboys cornerbacks are very good in their own right, you knew that this would conjure up debate and disagreement, especially when Dallas is at the center of the conversation. As you can imagine, NFL fans took exception to Dez’s rankings and let him know about it in the comments.

    Bryant, scrolling through social media and recognizing that he was taking some heat for his opinion, took to X/Twitter to double down on his take and let the fans that disagree with him know that he did not misspeak and reassures everyone that he stands on what he says.

    The Cowboys’ tandem of Diggs and Gilmore will get plenty of chances to prove Dez right this year, as the onslaught of top-tier wide receiver talent the duo will face this season will surely be unrelenting.

    Dallas will have their two divisional matchups against the Philadelphia Eagles and their dynamic duo of A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. In addition, they’ll face off against Tyreek Hill and the Dolphins on Christmas Eve, with a late-season brother-versus-brother battle when the Cowboys travel to Buffalo to take on Stefon Diggs and the Bills.

    Either way, the top-tier cornerback rankings will be debated all season long, and when it’s all said and done, we’ll get a chance to look back and see if Dez was right after all.

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