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    NFL Fans Attack Mike Florio for Worst Take Yet – “Purdy Is a Little Too Close To Turdy”

    Mike Florio hit us with one of the worst takes ever. Florio equated success at the NFL for quarterbacks like Brock Purdy to how their name sounds.

    Mike Florio is a well-respected broadcast journalist. At least he was. In an interview with the revered Peter King, Florio unleashed one of the worst takes in the history of mankind.

    San Francisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy has faced his fair share of criticism throughout his playing career, dating back to his time at Iowa State. Purdy doesn’t possess the prototypical QB build or the prototypical arm strength to make all the throws at the NFL level. He isn’t the fleetest of foot, and his lack of athleticism may cost him.

    Rarely, if ever, have NFL analysts commented on his actual name and linked it to why he won’t have long-term success in the league, but Florio chose the road less traveled.

    What Did Mike Florio Say?

    Again, Florio has been a well-respected broadcaster and analyst for years. This is important to keep this in mind before reading one of the most horrific takes ever:

    “Brock Purdy is just kind of a weird name. It doesn’t sound like a franchise quarterback name. Purdy is a little too close to TURDY. I think people have a hard time looking at that name and saying that’s a franchise quarterback.”

    Where to begin? This is the type of statement you would expect from a nine-year-old child. Purdy is a Turdy. Really? This is where we have devolved in sports journalism?

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    It wouldn’t be as shocking if this type of highbrow analysis came from a shock jock or a hack on social media, but this is from Florio. The comment is stunning. The source, even more so.

    For his part, King was flabbergasted and responded as anyone should: “That easily is the most ridiculous point you’ve ever made. That is absurd.”

    What Did Social Media Think of Florio’s Nonsense?

    Suffice it to say, the socials had a few opinions and takes of their own regarding Florio’s silliness.

    The take was so outrageous that some on social media questioned the sports journalism profession altogether.

    Some on social media believe the take is so outrageous and nonsensical that Florio should no longer have a job.

    Some on social media questioned everything and predicted the downfall of Western society.

    Everyone can have a bad take or a bad day at the office. Let’s hope this was a one-off for Florio, and he returns as a level-headed broadcaster again on Monday.

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