This week on The Future is Now podcast, host George Templeton takes a look at the NFL Competition Committee and its move to expand replay but also why it’s been so bad for the NFL. George also looks at key free agent signings around the NFL. And finally, he debates whether Landon Collins should wear or try to wear the #21 Washington Redskins jersey. This, of course, was made famous by Sean Taylor.

Fourth and 15…and expanded replay?

The National Football League had its annual Competition Committee meeting, and there were rumors that there is a possibility to replace the onside kick with a fourth and 15 option instead. Will this be good for the NFL in the long run? During this week’s podcast, George details why he believes that expanding replay will not benefit the NFL and why it has already been a problem. There is always a possibility to love more replay but is it a good thing?

On the one hand, you have situations brought up after the NFC Championship game where people were giving the idea of giving coaches a challenge for calls/non-calls made by officials. Doing this could bring situations for more time away from the field. This could drive away viewers from any possible storyline that is going on in that game. On the other hand, we could have situations like the one we saw during the NFC Championship game taken away. Instead of New Orleans Saints fans and players leaving that situation feeling cheated, more replay could allow officials to see their own mistakes and correct them. That would ensure that situations like that no longer happen.

Does Landon Collins want #21?

Devoted Washington Redskins fan George Templeton details why no one should ever be allowed to wear the number 21 ever again for the team. Former Redskins and University of Miami free safety Sean Tayler was shot on November 17th, 2007 during a burglary on his home. Taylor was home with his then-girlfriend Jackie Garcia and 18-month old daughter, both who were unharmed. Taylor later died on November 27th, 2007. Five suspects were involved in the burglary gone wrong, and they were tried in a Miami-Dade district court. Each was found guilty with the smallest sentence being 18 years. Timmy Lee Brown was the defendant found guilty under a plea deal on April 8th, 2015.

Yes, this is not football related, but it is important to detail why the number 21 means so much to the Redskins fandom. Taylor was someone that instantly was thrown into the Redskins community and made an impact. His impact was felt on and off the field while being known for his big hits and big plays. Collins, on the other hand, states that Taylor is one of his idols and even paid his way into getting the number one while as a member of the New York Giants (Corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie wore 21 at the time and then switched to the number 41).  Things might not fall into place allowing Collins to wear number 21, but could he be the only safety deserving of the number? George doesn’t think so.

Questions to ask yourself during the show

  • Will the NFL benefit with more replay and less onside kicks?
  • Should Collins be allowed to wear number 21 for the Washington Redskins?

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