NFL Draft Predictions: Chicago Bears Likely To Take USC QB Caleb Williams

NFL Draft predictions are heating up ahead of April. Using the PFN Mock Draft Simulator, we look at the likelihood of Caleb Williams to Chicago.

The 2024 NFL Draft is still months away. But, thanks to the Pro Football Network Mock Draft Simulator, we can look at what you — the fans — are predicting for your favorite team.

First up? The Chicago Bears and the high likelihood that they select a certain quarterback.

Caleb Williams to Chicago Tops NFL Draft Predictions

Pouring over the data inside the PFN Mock Draft Simulator makes one thing crystal clear: The Bears fan base is incredibly in touch with this draft class.

Bears fans are using the simulator more than any two other fan bases combined. With that many users selecting on behalf of the Bears, you get a clear indicator of who they want once you look at those selections.

Leading this NFL Draft prediction, Bears’ fans draft USC QB Caleb Williams 300% more than North Carolina QB Drake Maye with the first overall pick.

The gap between Williams and Maye at No. 1 is so large that the next most-drafted player to any single team is Maye to the Commanders at No. 2 overall. Bears users select Maye just under 15% of the time with their first overall pick, whereas Commanders fans select Maye with over half of their first-round picks.

What Makes Williams the No. 1 Pick?

With Justin Fields in the picture, most fans wonder what the Bears’ front office will do with the first overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft and with Fields on their roster.

It’s crystal clear that the fan base is ready to move on from Fields. Moreover, they’re more than ready to start over with Williams as the face of the franchise. It’s based on fact, not fiction, as Williams is every bit of a top-tier talent for the Bears’ fan base to put their faith behind.

Williams has an effortlessness to his game. He’ll break contain and make off-script passes look incredibly easy just as he’ll drop an accurate pass 60 yards downfield, perfectly in stride for his receiver to run under.

The former USC QB maximizes the chances for yards after the catch with his anticipation and ball placement.

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But most notable about Williams is the elevation of talent around him. No play is over with him in the backfield, and no window is too small. As athletic as Williams is, he’s a better passer, and that says something in its own right.

To use draft-centric language, the proverbial ceiling is much higher with Williams than just about every other quarterback over the past half-decade, maybe longer. As good as his film is, Williams offers up one large aspect for Chicago fans: hope.

And that hope is enough for this fan base, which is desperate for changes and positivity in the future.

More Bears NFL Draft Predictions

  • Chicago will draft a wide receiver with their second first-round selection.
  • Chicago will look to select an interior lineman (offense or defense) at the top of Round 2.
  • Chicago will select a defensive back on Day 2.

All of the data and predictions above stem from user selections from the Pro Football Network Mock Draft Simulator.

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