Current NFL Draft Order 2022: Full list of all 262 selections

The 2022 NFL Draft order is officially set after a flurry of trades has given a major facelift to the NFL offseason's marquee event.

The 2022 NFL Draft order is set. All 262 picks ahead of the offseason’s marquee event are in place. The league’s most prominent offseason happening is scheduled to take place from April 28 through April 30. Hailing from Paradise, Nevada — otherwise known as Las Vegas — the 2022 NFL Draft order has had a major facelift over the past two years. Here are all seven rounds and every selection in this year’s draft.

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2022 NFL Draft Order | Rounds 1-3

A bevy of trades will affect the 2022 NFL Draft order, and a significant number have involved first-round picks. Eight teams (the Giants, Jets, Texans, Eagles, Saints, Lions, Packers, and Chiefs) have two first-round picks, leaving another seven franchises without a selection on Day 1. The Dolphins, Bears, Colts, Browns, 49ers, Broncos, and Rams will make their first selection on Day 2.

Here’s the most current, up-to-date 2022 NFL Draft order as of Saturday, April 30, leading into the final rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft. For the full results, check out our 2022 NFL Draft: Results, order for picks in Rounds 1-7 tracker.

Round 1

1. Jacksonville Jaguars
2. Detroit Lions
3. Houston Texans
4. New York Jets
5. New York Giants
6. Carolina Panthers
7. New York Giants (from CHI)
8. Atlanta Falcons
9. Seattle Seahawks (from DEN)
10. New York Jets (from SEA)
11. New Orleans Saints (from WAS)
12. Detroit Lions (from MIN)
13. Philadelphia Eagles (from HOU via CLE)
14. Baltimore Ravens
15. Houston Texans (from PHI via MIA)
16. Washington Commanders (from NO via IND via PHI)
17. Los Angeles Chargers
18. Tennessee Titans (from PHI via NO)
19. New Orleans Saints (from PHI)
20. Pittsburgh Steelers
21. Kansas City Chiefs (from NE)
22. Green Bay Packers (from LV)
23. Buffalo Bills (from BAL via ARI)
24. Dallas Cowboys
25. Baltimore Ravens (from BUF)
26. New York Jets (from TEN)
27. Jacksonville Jaguars (from TB)
28. Green Bay Packers
29. New England Patriots (from KC via SF via MIA)
30. Kansas City Chiefs
31. Cincinnati Bengals
32. Minnesota Vikings (from DET via LAR)

Round 2

33. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from JAX)
34. Green Bay Packers (from MIN via DET)
35. Tennessee Titans (from NYJ)
36. New York Jets (via NYG)
37. Houston Texans
38. Atlanta Falcons (from NYG via NYJ via CAR)
39. Chicago Bears
40. Seattle Seahawks (from DEN)
41. Seattle Seahawks
42. Minnesota Vikings (from IND via WAS)
43. New York Giants (from ATL)
44. Houston Texans (from CLE)
45. Baltimore Ravens
46. Detroit Lions (from MIN)
47. Washington Commanders (from IND)
48. Chicago Bears (from LAC)
49. New Orleans Saints
50. New England Patriots (from KC via MIA)
51. Philadelphia Eagles
52. Pittsburgh Steelers
53. Indianapolis Colts (from MIN via GB via LV)
54. Kansas City Chiefs (from NE)
55. Arizona Cardinals
56. Dallas Cowboys
57. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from BUF)
58. Atlanta Falcons (from TEN)
59. Minnesota Vikings (from GB)
60. Cincinnati Bengals (from BUF via TB)
61. San Francisco 49ers
62. Kansas City Chiefs
63. Buffalo Bills (from CIN)
64. Denver Broncos (from LAR)

Round 3

65. Jacksonville Jaguars
66. Minnesota Vikings (from DET)
67. New York Giants
68. Cleveland Browns (from HOU)
69. Tennessee Titans (from NYJ)
70. Jacksonville Jaguars (from CAR)
71. Chicago Bears
72. Seattle Seahawks
73. Indianapolis Colts (from WAS)
74. Atlanta Falcons
75. Houston Texans (from DEN)
76. Baltimore Ravens
77. Indianapolis Colts (via MIN)
78. Cleveland Browns
79. Los Angeles Chargers
80. Denver Broncos (from HOU via NO)
81. New York Giants (from MIA)
82. Atlanta Falcons (from IND)
83. Philadelphia Eagles
84. Pittsburgh Steelers
85. New England Patriots
86. Tennessee Titans (from LV)
87. Arizona Cardinals
88. Dallas Cowboys
89. Buffalo Bills
90. Las Vegas Raiders (from TEN)
91. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
92. Green Bay Packers
93. San Francisco 49ers
94. Carolina Panthers (from NE via KC)
95. Cincinnati Bengals
96. Indianapolis Colts (from DEN via LAR)
97. Detroit Lions*
98. Washington Commanders* (from NO)
99. Cleveland Browns#
100. Arizona Cardinals (from BAL)#
101. New York Jets (from TEN via PHI via NO)#
102. Miami Dolphins (from SF)#
103. Kansas City Chiefs#
104. Los Angeles Rams#
105. San Francisco 49ers#

#2020 resolution JC-2A selections

*compensatory selection

Round 4

106. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from JAX)
107. Houston Texans (from DET via CLE)
108. Cleveland Browns (from HOU)
109. Seattle Seahawks (from NYJ)
110. Baltimore Ravens (from NYG)
111. New York Jets (from CAR)
112. New York Giants (from CHI)
113. Washington Commanders
114. New York Giants (from ATL)
115. Denver Broncos
116. Denver Broncos (from SEA)
117. New York Jets (from MIN)
118. Minnesota Vikings (from CLE)
119. Baltimore Ravens
120. Carolina Panthers (from WAS)
121. New England Patriots (from KC via MIA)
122. Las Vegas Raiders (from MIN via IND)
123. Los Angeles Chargers
124. Cleveland Browns (from HOU via PHI)
125. Miami Dolphins (from PIT)
126. Las Vegas Raiders (from MIN via LV)
127. New England Patriots
128. Baltimore Ravens (from ARI)
129. Dallas Cowboys
130. Baltimore Ravens (from BUF)
131. Tennessee Titans
132. Green Bay Packers
133. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
134. San Francisco 49ers
135. Kansas City Chiefs
136. Cincinnati Bengals
137. New England Patriots (from CAR via LAR via HOU)
138. Pittsburgh Steelers*
139. Baltimore Ravens*
140. Green Bay Packers*
141. Baltimore Ravens*
142. Los Angeles Rams*
143. Tennessee Titans*

*compensatory selection

Round 5

144. Washington Commanders (from CAR via JAX)
145. Kansas City Chiefs (from SEA via DEN)
146. New York Giants (from NYJ)
147. New York Giants
148. Buffalo Bills (from CHI via HOU)
149. Washington Commanders (from CAR)
150. Houston Texans (from CHI)
151. Atlanta Falcons
152. Denver Broncos (from DET)
153. Seattle Seahawks
154. Jacksonville Jaguars (from PHI via WAS)
155. Dallas Cowboys (from CLE)
156. Cleveland Browns (from MIN via BAL)
157. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from JAX via MIN)
158. Seattle Seahawks (from KC via NE via MIA)
159. Indianapolis Colts
160. Los Angeles Chargers
161. New Orleans Saints
162. Denver Broncos (from HOU via PHI)
163. Tennessee Titans (from NYJ via PIT)
164. Los Angeles Rams (from LAR via NE)
165. Minnesota Vikings (from LV)
166. Cincinnati Bengals (from CHI via HOU via PHI via ARI)
167. Dallas Cowboys
168. Chicago Bears (via BUF)
169. Minnesota Vikings (from LV via TEN)
170. Houston Texans (from TB via NE)
171. Denver Broncos (from GB)
172. San Francisco 49ers
173. New York Giants (from KC via BAL)
174. Chicago Bears (from CIN)
175. Las Vegas Raiders (from LAR)
176. Dallas Cowboys*
177. Detroit Lions*
178. Dallas Cowboys*
179. Green Bay Packers (from DEN via IND)*

Round 6

180. Buffalo Bills (from TB via JAX)
181. Philadelphia Eagles (from DET)
182. New York Giants
183. New England Patriots (from HOU)
184. Minnesota Vikings (from NYJ)
185. Buffalo Bills (from CAR)
186. Chicago Bears
187. San Francisco 49ers (from DEN)
188. Detroit Lions (from PHI via JAX via SEA)
189. Carolina Panthers (from WAS)
190. Atlanta Falcons
191. Minnesota Vikings (from BAL via KC)
192. Indianapolis Colts (via MIN)
193. Dallas Cowboys (from CLE)
194. New Orleans Saints (from IND via PHI)
195. Los Angeles Chargers
New Orleans Saints forfeited pick
196. Baltimore Ravens (from MIA)
197. Jacksonville Jaguars (from PHI)
198. Philadelphia Eagles (from JAX via PIT)
199. Carolina Panthers (from LV)
200. New England Patriots
201. Arizona Cardinals
202. Cleveland Browns (from DAL)
203. Chicago Bears (from BUF)
204. Tennessee Titans
205. Houston Texans (from GB)
206. Denver Broncos (from TB via NYJ, PHI)
207. Chicago Bears (from HOU via SF via NYJ)
208. Pittsburgh Steelers (from KC)
209. Buffalo Bills (from CIN)
210. New England Patriots (from LAR)
211. Los Angeles Rams*
212. Los Angeles Rams*
213. Atlanta Falcons*
214. Los Angeles Chargers*
215. Arizona Cardinals*
216. Indianapolis Colts*
217. Detroit Lions*
218. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from LAR*)
219. Tennessee Titans*
220. San Francisco 49ers*
221. San Francisco 49ers*

Round 7

222. Jacksonville Jaguars
223. Cleveland Browns (from DET)
224. Miami Dolphins (from HOU via NE, BAL)
225. Pittsburgh Steelers (from NYJ)
226. Chicago Bears (from CIN via NYG)
227. Minnesota Vikings (from LV via CAR)
228. Green Bay Packers (from CHI via HOU)
229. Seattle Seahawks
230. Washington Commanders
231. Buffalo Bills (from ATL)
232. Green Bay Packers (from DEN)
233. Seattle Seahawks (from KC via MIN)
234. Detroit Lions (from CLE)
235. Los Angeles Rams (from TB via JAX via BAL)
236. Los Angeles Chargers
237. Detroit Lions (from PHI via NO)
238. Las Vegas Raiders (from LAR via MIA)
239. Indianapolis Colts
240. Washington Commanders (from IND via PHI)
241. Pittsburgh Steelers
242. Carolina Panthers (from NE via MIA)
243. Kansas City Chiefs (from LV via NE)
244. Arizona Cardinals
245. New England Patriots (from DAL via HOU)
246. Cleveland Browns (from BUF)
247. Miami Dolphins (from TEN)
248. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
249. Green Bay Packers
250. Las Vegas Raiders (from MIN via SF via DEN)
251. Kansas City Chiefs
252. Cincinnati Bengals
253. Los Angeles Rams
254. Chicago Bears (from LAC*)
255. Chicago Bears (from LAC*)
256. Arizona Cardinals*
257. Arizona Cardinals*
258. Green Bay Packers*
259. Kansas City Chiefs*
260. Los Angeles Chargers*
261. Los Angeles Rams (via TB)*
262. San Francisco 49ers*

How is the NFL Draft order determined?

Like most draft orders in professional sports, there is a specific way to determine the order of the NFL Draft. It is the reverse order of each team’s finish in the most recent season. Playoff teams are then assigned their selections based on when they were eliminated and their overall season record. The NFL Draft tiebreaker procedure comes into play when determining the final order, as teams that do not make the playoffs earn selections between picks 1-18. Playoff teams then filter in from picks 19-32.

  • The six teams eliminated on Wild Card Weekend receive picks 19-24 based on regular-season record.
  • The four teams eliminated in the Divisional Round receive picks 25-28 based on regular-season record.
  • The two teams eliminated in the Conference Championships receive picks 29 and 30 based on regular-season record.
  • The team that loses the Super Bowl gets pick 31.
  • The Super Bowl champion gets pick 32.

There are also compensatory selections awarded based on the NFL’s proprietary formula. Resolution JC-2A has kicked into effect as well, awarding teams third-round picks if they develop minority head coach or general manager candidates hired elsewhere.

Cam Mellor is the Senior Director of the College Football/NFL Draft vertical for Pro Football Network. You can find his writing here and follow him on Twitter: @CamMellor.

Cam Mellor is the Senior Director of the College Football/NFL Draft vertical for Pro Football Network. You can find his writing here and follow him on Twitter: @CamMellor.


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