2023 NFL Draft Odds: Are the Ravens a Dark Horse To Draft QB Anthony Richardson?

Based on the latest NFL draft odds, Anthony Richardson could go No. 1 overall. Which teams make the most sense to draft him?

Anthony Richardson is quickly rising up NFL draft boards. Considered by most immediately following the college football season to be an unpolished passer with incredible athleticism, Richardson put on a show at the NFL Combine breaking records and doing nothing to dispel that notion.

When coaches see an athlete like that, there will always be some who believe that they can develop the passing skills. All it takes is one coach to believe that he can apply the polish and be willing to make the move to make Richardson the player who hears his name called by that team.

After the Combine, it should be no surprise that according to the latest NFL draft betting odds, Richardson now has the second-best odds to be taken in the top spot. Below we’ll look at the teams who could make the move to grab him in the hopes he can be their franchise quarterback.

Which Teams Might Draft Anthony Richardson? Examining the Latest Odds and Predictions

There are three teams I think are most likely to consider taking Richardson, who, according to the latest NFL draft odds, could require a team to move up to No. 1 to get him. Each of these teams makes the most sense for a player with his skill set.

Based on the odds given by DraftKings, bettors may also be able to get good value with these teams.

Indianapolis Colts (+400)

The Colts make a ton of sense and may be in the best position to grab Richardson if he indeed finds himself in legitimate contention for the No. 1 overall pick as we get closer to the draft. New coach Shane Steichen has the job because of the development he achieved of a really athletic QB who needed some polishing as a passer: Jalen Hurts.

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With the Eagles, Steichen led an offense designed to Hurts’ strengths as an athlete and rode it to two consecutive postseason appearances and a Super Bowl berth. Additionally, Indianapolis has been unable to solve the dilemma of finding a young franchise QB since Andrew Luck’s abrupt retirement. They’ve been a veteran-reliant team at nearly every position and have ridden it to sustained mediocrity.

Picking up Richardson could begin to change the tune of an organization that had everyone fooled into believing it was on the cusp of being a premiere franchise prior to last season. Ballard’s job is no doubt on the line, and getting this right could stay his execution (figuratively).

Houston Texans (+1000)

The Texans are in full rebuild. New head coach DeMeco Ryans will come in and look to stamp his mark on the organization he was a defensive stalwart for, before becoming one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL. With him from the 49ers comes new offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik.

Every new regime likes to get “their guy.” Ryans and Slowik are leaving an organization that two years ago traded up into the top three of the draft to get a super sleek athlete who needed some polishing as a passer: Trey Lance. That organization clearly believed Lance had the ability worthy of such a move.

Slowik had a lot of input into that decision, spending the last few seasons focusing exclusively on the passing game. It would make a lot of sense if they saw a lot of the same traits in Richardson that they saw in Lance and wanted to give it a shot.

The Texans are in perhaps the best position to get this done, according to the NFL draft order. Sitting at No. 2, they may not have to move at all.

Baltimore Ravens (+2500)

The Ravens make sense for one reason: Lamar Jackson. Not only are the profiles similar (noticing a theme here?), but Jackson’s contract situation adds a layer of intrigue into the heart of this.

Jackson is likely to be franchised this offseason, and reports indicate the two sides are far apart in long-term negotiations. With him likely playing on a one-year deal this season (if not traded before then), Baltimore could swoop in and draft his eventual replacement in Richardson.

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With a similar skill set, Jackson won the league MVP award in 2019, his first full season as a starter. Yes, Greg Roman, the architect of the offense that was tailored to Jackson’s skill set, is gone. However, Todd Monken is coming over from reigning national champion Georgia, where he engineered an offense around Stetson Bennett, who is not seen as a light-it-up passer, but rather a quarterback who thrived in an ideal environment.

If Monken can create an ideal environment around Richardson, and at those NFL draft odds, this could be a dark horse that returns a ton of value.

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