In this week’s edition of PFN’s NFL Draft Insiders, Tony Pauline and Andy Herman discuss the fallout from the CBA agreement between the NFLPA and NFL. One of the bigger topics includes the status of current Executive Director DeMaurice Smith. Will he be voted out office? Pauline and Herman discuss the NFLPA under Smith’s tenure and the latest on what they’re hearing.

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They also discuss the possibility of the NFL delaying the upcoming draft. What is Pauline hearing on why some executives want to delay it? And if it isn’t delayed, which general managers do Pauline and Herman think it will hurt the most? We go behind the curtain to explain why some are pushing for an extension.

But before the draft comes free agency and one of the bigger names on the market is Jadeveon Clowney. What’s the latest on his status and where does Pauline think he might end up? A lot of it has to do with the current state of the world and country. But how does that factor into a possible deal for Clowney? Pauline explains.

Beyond Clowney, Herman and Pauline discuss the free agency moves by the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, and Green Bay Packers. They also discuss the Philadelphia Eagles and their trade with the Detroit Lion to acquire Darius Slay.

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