NFL broadcaster discussion from the past to present (Future is Now Podcast)

NFL Broadcaster

The NFL has had a massive amount of broadcasters in its history. Recently, the leading broadcaster in the NFL media circle is Tony Romo. Romo was the quarterback for our very own Zach Wolchuks Dallas Cowboys. Romo eventually retired from football a few years ago and signed with NFL broadcast network CBS. Romo was able to come into the broadcasting world and take it by storm. With the former Cowboys starting quarterback becoming NFL fans favorite. The way that Romo took the NFL media and its fans by storm was his ability to breakdown plays after they happened and giving the NFL fans a way to see what the team was trying to do.

Tony Romo then took everyone’s hearts and minds by predicting plays before they even happened. Routes, throws, looks, runs, etc. Romo can predict it all. Bring all that in with his ability to entertain the viewership made Romo the perfect candidate for the NFL’s number one. We are about to enter the third season of Romo magic, and it seems inevitable that Romo will continue his broadcasting dominance.

Tony Romo and CBS

Now that Tony Romo has established himself as the leading NFL broadcaster, this should mean his eventual new contract with CBS. Just like NFL players when they perform at a high level, CBS might have to take a look at Romo and his contract very soon. With the potential of Romo commanding a lot of money, everyone should look forward to what Romo will do.

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