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Fantasy Football

NFL Best Ball Rankings: Top best ball targets for 2021

Get a jump start on the 2021 season with these players to target in our NFL best ball fantasy football PPR rankings for 1QB and Superflex.

NFL Best Ball Rankings: Top best ball targets for 2021
TAMPA, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 07: Tyreek Hill #10 of the Kansas City Chiefs looks on prior to Super Bowl LV against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on February 07, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Whether you are new to fantasy football or a seasoned veteran, jumping into a best ball format is a unique way to play the game with a much more hands-off approach. Let’s dive into some of the NFL players to target in 2021 with our best ball fantasy football rankings.

What makes a best ball fantasy league different from other formats?

Everyone has their favorite part about fantasy football. Some people crave those in-season trades and haggling over your favorite NFL players. Maybe, for you, it is working the waiver wire after the latest player who just had a big game. For some, it is the process of sitting down and pouring every single angle to construct what you believe is the perfect roster.

What we can all agree on, though, is draft day is the best day of the year. Period. And that is precisely what best ball fantasy football is all about.

Rather than worrying about trades, or lineups, you draft your team and let the season play out. Your lineup will be set for you each week based on whoever on your roster had the best day. Roster formats will remain the same, but the players in those slots are fluid. Have a player that went off in their NFL game? They’re in your starting lineup — no more points left on your bench.

Since the draft is the only time you control your team, crushing it has never been at more of a premium. Make the right picks, and your team is set. Miss, and well, let’s hope your league mates take it easy on the punishment for the last-place finish.

Let’s look at some of the players to target in best ball formats for 2021 and where there is value in the rankings.

Players to target in 2021 NFL best ball leagues

There is no definitive best way to draft in fantasy regardless of the format. Anyone who speaks in absolutes is full of it. If you need an example, look back on the 2020 season. Literally, the excrement hit the industrial fan when it was on high. I am going to give a few strategy points and some players to target in best ball drafts. At the end of the day, you have to construct what you want.

2021 best ball QB targets and strategy

Depending on where you select a QB in your 2021 best ball format, it will determine how many you should select. If you invest early in an elite option like Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen, 80% of the time, they will be putting up starting numbers. The later you choose to attack the position, the more I would suggest going with three QBs.

If you can get someone like Josh Allen or Mahomes, by all means, do it. Stack up as many elite guys as you can. 

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If you choose to wait for a few rounds, take a shot on Los Angeles Rams’ QB Matthew Stafford. While it is still weird to say, the idea of him in a Sean McVay offense is tantalizing. Stafford is the biggest winner of free agency so far, and he now gets to throw to Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. Likely going on the cusp of QB1 range in rankings, Stafford will be a QB I frequently target in NFL best ball drafts in 2021.

2021 best ball RB targets and strategy

I am a heavy RB guy in fantasy, in general. Best Ball is no different. I try to walk away with two elite options in the first four rounds. This allows me to take advantage of the depth that falls to me in the middle rounds. Otherwise, I tend to feel behind the draft and forced to go with need over a BPA philosophy. 

Get used to hearing this, but WR is deeper than ever, and the decline at RB is steep. We don’t want to be targeting late-round fliers and relying on them as starting options.

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One guy I am looking at for all my teams is Detroit Lions RB D’Andre Swift. We saw towards the end of the 2020 season, the Lions give him a shot at a full workload, and it paid off. From Week 10 thru 17, he averaged 85 yards and a touchdown per game along with 17.6 PPR. They have a new HC in Dan Campbell and OC in Anthony Lynn. While reports of a 25-touch workload are a bit high, we could easily see usage similar to what Austin Ekeler saw with Lynn.

2021 best ball WR targets and strategy

If I could describe WRs in best ball in one word, it would be volatility. Unlike RBs, wide receivers don’t need massive amounts of volume to have success. They can get the job done with a few targets, and given the format, we don’t need to predict if that will happen. Nothing is more maddening than starting a player who had just as good of a shot at being a WR2 as they do a WR4. 

The WR spot in best ball needs to have the most depth on your roster, somewhere in the range of 8-10 players depending on the roster size. Stacking is another popular thing to do here. Odds are, if your receiver has a big day, the quarterback did as well and vice versa.

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Look for players in the mid-rounds who have top-24 weeks routinely but can be WR1s as well. Carolina Panthers WR D.J. Moore jumps out when I look at 2021 NFL best ball rankings. Denver Broncos WR Courtland Sutton is another player coming into 2021 at a considerable discount.

While the rookie class is loaded, don’t overcrowd your roster trying to find the next Justin Jefferson. Even though Rondale Moore will finish inside the top 30 this season in PPR formats, let someone else reach on their favorite NFL target.

2021 best ball TE targets and strategy

There is no better feeling than drafting Mark Andrews or George Kittle the year they become Mark Andrews or George Kittle. Stacking value that outperforms their ADP is how you win fantasy. 

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The problem is how hard that can be at tight end and the massive positional advantage you get from taking an elite option. In 2021, sure, I will have my favorite mid to late-round targets in best ball, but I am paying up for one of the top three to five NFL tight ends in my rankings. Last year, I pegged Jonnu Smith as my guy, and for a while, it worked. But after the Taylor Lewan injury, things changed. 

If you target the position early, take two in your draft. If you want to wait, select three. 

2021 best ball PPR fantasy football rankings: 1QB and Superflex

These best ball fantasy football rankings for 2021 were last updated on March 1st, 2020, at 11:00 AM ET. Below, you can sort our 2021 NFL best ball fantasy rankings by league type (1QB or Superflex), position, scoring format, and rank. Mobile users: Please note that the rankings are best viewed in landscape mode.

NameTeamPos.OverallPos. RankFormat
Christian McCaffreyCARRB1RB11QB
Dalvin CookMINRB2RB21QB
Derrick HenryTENRB3RB31QB
Jonathan TaylorINDRB4RB41QB
Alvin KamaraNORB5RB51QB
Nick ChubbCLERB6RB61QB
Ezekiel ElliottDALRB7RB71QB
Josh JacobsLVRB8RB81QB
Saquon BarkleyNYGRB9RB91QB
Davante AdamsGBWR10WR11QB
Tyreek HillKCWR11WR21QB
Stefon DiggsBUFWR12WR31QB
James RobinsonJACRB13RB101QB
D.K. MetcalfSEAWR14WR41QB
Aaron JonesGBRB15RB111QB
DeAndre HopkinsARIWR16WR51QB
Travis KelceKCTE17TE11QB
Miles SandersPHIRB18RB121QB
Patrick Mahomes IIKCQB19QB11QB
George KittleSFTE21TE21QB
J.K. DobbinsBALRB22RB131QB
Calvin RidleyATLWR23WR71QB
Justin JeffersonMINWR24WR81QB
Julio JonesATLWR25WR91QB
Austin EkelerLACRB26RB141QB
Darren WallerLVTE27TE31QB
D'Andre SwiftDETRB28RB151QB
Allen Robinson IICHIWR29WR101QB
Mike EvansTBWR30WR111QB
Cam AkersLARRB31RB161QB
Chris GodwinTBWR32WR121QB
Keenan AllenLACWR33WR131QB
Antonio GibsonWASRB34RB171QB
Michael ThomasNOWR35WR141QB
Adam ThielenMINWR36WR151QB
Amari CooperDALWR37WR161QB
Josh AllenBUFQB38QB21QB
Robert WoodsLARWR39WR171QB
Clyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB40RB181QB
Will Fuller VHOUWR41WR181QB
Terry McLaurinWASWR42WR191QB
Joe MixonCINRB43RB191QB
David MontgomeryCHIRB44RB201QB
D.J. MooreCARWR45WR201QB
Mark AndrewsBALTE46TE41QB
Odell Beckham Jr.CLEWR47WR211QB
Kenny GolladayDETWR48WR221QB
CeeDee LambDALWR49WR231QB
Ronald Jones IITBRB50RB211QB
Tee HigginsCINWR51WR241QB
T.J. HockensonDETTE52TE51QB
David JohnsonHOURB53RB221QB
Kyler MurrayARIQB54QB31QB
Brandon AiyukSFWR55WR251QB
Lamar JacksonBALQB56QB41QB
Chris CarsonSEARB57RB231QB
Diontae JohnsonPITWR58WR261QB
Kareem HuntCLERB59RB241QB
Melvin Gordon IIIDENRB60RB251QB
Deshaun WatsonHOUQB61QB51QB
D.J. Chark Jr.JACWR62WR271QB
Dallas GoedertPHITE63TE61QB
Cooper KuppLARWR64WR281QB
Courtland SuttonDENWR65WR291QB
Tyler LockettSEAWR66WR301QB
AJ DillonGBRB67RB261QB
Dak PrescottDALQB68QB61QB
Hunter HenryLACTE69TE71QB
Aaron RodgersGBQB70QB71QB
Raheem MostertSFRB71RB271QB
Chase ClaypoolPITWR72WR311QB
Brandin CooksHOUWR73WR321QB
JuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR74WR331QB
Tyler BoydCINWR75WR341QB
Najee HarrisFARB76RB281QB
Russell WilsonSEAQB77QB81QB
Noah FantDENTE78TE81QB
Corey DavisTENWR79WR351QB
Kenyan DrakeARIRB80RB291QB
Marquise BrownBALWR81WR361QB
Jarvis LandryCLEWR82WR371QB
Chase EdmondsARIRB83RB301QB
Leonard FournetteTBRB84RB311QB
Deebo SamuelSFWR85WR381QB
Myles GaskinMIARB86RB321QB
Justin HerbertLACQB87QB91QB
DeVante ParkerMIAWR88WR391QB
Damien HarrisNERB89RB331QB
Curtis SamuelCARWR90WR401QB
Ryan TannehillTENQB91QB101QB
Robert TonyanGBTE92TE91QB
James ConnerPITRB93RB341QB
Mike GesickiMIATE94TE101QB
Matthew StaffordLARQB95QB111QB
Michael GallupDALWR96WR411QB
Robby AndersonCARWR97WR421QB
Travis EtienneFARB98RB351QB
Jamison CrowderNYJWR99WR431QB
Zack MossBUFRB100RB361QB
Jerry JeudyDENWR101WR441QB
Devonta SmithFAWR102WR451QB
Tom BradyTBQB103QB121QB
Darrell HendersonLARRB104RB371QB
Kirk CousinsMINQB105QB131QB
Jonnu SmithTENTE106TE111QB
Ja'Marr ChaseFAWR107WR461QB
Evan EngramNYGTE108TE121QB
Mike WilliamsLACWR109WR471QB
Nyheim HinesINDRB110RB381QB
Antonio BrownTBWR111WR481QB
Devin SingletaryBUFRB112RB391QB
Jalen ReagorPHIWR113WR491QB
Matt RyanATLQB114QB141QB
Logan ThomasWASTE115TE131QB
Jalen HurtsPHIQB116QB151QB
Carson WentzINDQB117QB161QB
Derek CarrLVQB118QB171QB
Baker MayfieldCLEQB119QB181QB
Denzel MimsNYJWR120WR501QB
Jeff Wilson Jr.SFRB121RB401QB
Damien WilliamsKCRB122RB411QB
Tony PollardDALRB123RB421QB
Phillip LindsayDENRB124RB431QB
Henry Ruggs IIILVWR125WR511QB
Joe BurrowCINQB126QB191QB
Alexander MattisonMINRB127RB441QB
Irv Smith Jr.MINTE128TE141QB
Michael Pittman Jr.INDWR129WR521QB
Rondale MooreFAWR130WR531QB
Jamaal WilliamsGBRB131RB451QB
Trevor LawrenceFAQB132QB201QB
Javonte WilliamsFARB133RB461QB
Rob GronkowskiTBTE134TE151QB
J.D. McKissicWASRB135RB471QB
Cole KmetCHITE136TE161QB
Hayden HurstATLTE137TE171QB
Laviska Shenault Jr.JACWR138WR541QB
T.Y. HiltonINDWR139WR551QB
Austin HooperCLETE140TE181QB
Pittsburgh SteelersPITDST141DST11QB
John BrownBUFWR142WR561QB
Zach ErtzPHITE143TE191QB
Tarik CohenCHIRB144RB481QB
Duke Johnson Jr.HOURB145RB491QB
Los Angeles RamsLARDST146DST21QB
Marlon MackINDRB147RB501QB
Sterling ShepardNYGWR148WR571QB
Marvin Jones Jr.DETWR149WR581QB
Todd Gurley IIATLRB150RB511QB
Jared GoffDETQB151QB211QB
Mecole HardmanKCWR152WR591QB
Baltimore RavensBALDST153DST31QB
Kyle PittsFATE154TE201QB
Daniel JonesNYGQB155QB221QB
Nelson AgholorLVWR156WR601QB
Sony MichelNERB157RB521QB
Darnell MooneyCHIWR158WR611QB
Tua TagovailoaMIAQB159QB231QB
Indianapolis ColtsINDDST160DST41QB
Cole BeasleyBUFWR161WR621QB
Blake JarwinDALTE162TE211QB
Teddy BridgewaterCARQB163QB241QB
Eric EbronPITTE164TE221QB
New Orleans SaintsNODST165DST51QB
Kansas City ChiefsKCDST166DST61QB
San Francisco 49ersSFDST167DST71QB
Ben RoethlisbergerPITQB168QB251QB
Latavius MurrayNORB169RB531QB
Preston WilliamsMIAWR170WR631QB
Gus EdwardsBALRB171RB541QB
Justin TuckerBALK172K11QB
Drew LockDENQB173QB261QB
Tyler HigbeeLARTE174TE231QB
Darius SlaytonNYGWR175WR641QB
Christian KirkARIWR176WR651QB
Miami DolphinsMIADST177DST81QB
Kenneth GainwellFARB178RB551QB
Justin FieldsFAQB179QB271QB
Harrison ButkerKCK180K21QB
Dawson KnoxBUFTE181TE241QB
James WhiteNERB182RB561QB
Benny Snell Jr.PITRB183RB571QB
Younghoe KooATLK184K31QB
Gabriel DavisBUFWR185WR661QB
Giovani BernardCINRB186RB581QB
Wayne GallmanNYGRB187RB591QB
Mike DavisCARRB188RB601QB
Le'Veon BellKCRB189RB611QB
Jaylen WaddleFAWR190WR671QB
Jermar JeffersonFARB191RB621QB
Gerald EverettLARTE192TE251QB
Tyler BassBUFK193K41QB
Joshua KelleyLACRB194RB631QB
Rashod BatemanFAWR195WR681QB
Darrynton EvansTENRB196RB641QB
Parris CampbellINDWR197WR691QB
Amon-Ra St. BrownFAWR198WR701QB
Mark Ingram IIFARB199RB651QB
New England PatriotsNEDST200DST91QB
Chicago BearsCHIDST201DST101QB
Taysom HillNOQB202QB281QB
Allen LazardGBWR203WR711QB
Rodrigo BlankenshipINDK204K51QB
Terrace Marshall Jr.FAWR205WR721QB
A.J. GreenCINWR206WR731QB
Buffalo BillsBUFDST207DST111QB
Breshad PerrimanNYJWR208WR741QB
Chris Herndon IVNYJTE209TE261QB
Emmanuel SandersNOWR210WR751QB
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBDST211DST121QB
James WashingtonPITWR212WR761QB
Washington Football TeamWASDST213DST131QB
Bryan EdwardsLVWR214WR771QB
Matt GayLARK215K61QB
Julian EdelmanNEWR216WR781QB
Salvon AhmedMIARB217RB661QB
Jason SandersMIAK218K71QB
Los Angeles ChargersLACDST219DST141QB
Jakobi MeyersNEWR220WR791QB
Wil LutzNOK221K81QB
Rashard HigginsCLEWR222WR801QB
Randall CobbHOUWR223WR811QB
Greg ZuerleinDALK224K91QB
Seattle SeahawksSEADST225DST151QB
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR226WR821QB
Anthony McFarland Jr.PITRB227RB671QB
Ryan SuccopTBK228K101QB
Russell GageATLWR229WR831QB
Denver BroncosDENDST230DST161QB
Sammy WatkinsKCWR231WR841QB
Pat FreiermuthFATE232TE271QB
Daniel CarlsonLVK233K111QB
Green Bay PackersGBDST234DST171QB
Kerryon JohnsonDETRB235RB681QB
Adam TrautmanNOTE236TE281QB
Rashaad PennySEARB237RB691QB
Adrian PetersonDETRB238RB701QB
Joey SlyeCARK239K121QB
Tylan WallaceFAWR240WR851QB
Jimmy GaroppoloSFQB241QB291QB
KJ HamlerDENWR242WR861QB
DeSean JacksonPHIWR243WR871QB
Quintez CephusDETWR244WR881QB
Michael CarterFARB245RB711QB
Jack DoyleINDTE246TE291QB
Tim PatrickDENWR247WR891QB
Minnesota VikingsMINDST248DST181QB
Graham GanoNYGK249K131QB
Philadelphia EaglesPHIDST250DST191QB
Zane GonzalezARIK251K141QB
Jason MyersSEAK252K151QB
Brandon McManusDENK253K161QB
Jameis WinstonNOQB254QB301QB
Jared CookNOTE255TE301QB
Chuba HubbardFARB256RB721QB
La'Mical PerineNYJRB257RB731QB
Anthony FirkserTENTE258TE311QB
Eno BenjaminARIRB259RB741QB
Drew SampleCINTE260TE321QB
N'Keal HarryNEWR261WR901QB
Elijah MooreFAWR262WR911QB
Van JeffersonLARWR263WR921QB
Lynn Bowden Jr.MIARB264RB751QB
Zach PascalINDWR265WR931QB
Tennessee TitansTENDST266DST201QB
Will DisslySEATE267TE331QB
Kadarius ToneyFAWR268WR941QB
Dyami BrownFAWR269WR951QB
Collin JohnsonJACWR270WR961QB
Keke CouteeHOUWR271WR971QB
Carlos HydeSEARB272RB761QB
Jordan AkinsHOUTE273TE341QB
Devontae BookerLVRB274RB771QB
Sam DarnoldNYJQB275QB311QB
Michael BadgleyLACK276K171QB
Justice HillBALRB277RB781QB
Cleveland BrownsCLEDST278DST211QB
Carolina PanthersCARDST279DST221QB
Ito SmithATLRB280RB791QB
Chris BoswellPITK281K181QB
Tyler EifertJACTE282TE351QB
Brian HillATLRB283RB801QB
Cam NewtonNEQB284QB321QB
Hunter RenfrowLVWR285WR981QB
Seth WilliamsFAWR286WR991QB
Robbie GouldSFK287K191QB
Nick FolkNEK288K201QB
Jordan HowardPHIRB289RB811QB
Tre'Quan SmithNOWR290WR1001QB
Ian ThomasCARTE291TE361QB
Mason CrosbyGBK292K211QB
Keelan Cole Sr.JACWR293WR1011QB
David NjokuCLETE294TE371QB
Travis FulghamPHIWR295WR1021QB
Boston ScottPHIRB296RB821QB
Donovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR297WR1031QB
Tamorrion TerryFAWR298WR1041QB
Dalton SchultzDALTE299TE381QB
Josh LamboJACK300K221QB
Golden TateNYGWR301WR1051QB
Randy BullockCINK302K231QB
New York JetsNYJDST303DST231QB
Tyler JohnsonTBWR304WR1061QB
O.J. HowardTBTE305TE391QB
Josh ReynoldsLARWR306WR1071QB
Dallas CowboysDALDST307DST241QB
Matt PraterDETK308K241QB
Stephen GostkowskiTENK309K251QB
Justin JacksonLACRB310RB831QB
Amari RodgersFAWR311WR1081QB
Master TeagueFARB312RB841QB
Ke'Shawn VaughnTBRB313RB851QB
New York GiantsNYGDST314DST251QB
Isaiah McKenzieBUFWR315WR1091QB
Jerick McKinnonSFRB316RB861QB
Anthony MillerCHIWR317WR1101QB
Arizona CardinalsARIDST318DST261QB
Hunter BryantDETTE319TE401QB
Zach WilsonFAQB320QB331QB
Matt BreidaMIARB321RB871QB
Bryce LoveWASRB322RB881QB
Houston TexansHOUDST323DST271QB
Dustin HopkinsWASK324K261QB
Brevin JordanFATE325TE411QB
Cairo SantosCHIK326K271QB
Rex BurkheadNERB327RB891QB
Scotty MillerTBWR328WR1111QB
Rhamondre StevensonFARB329RB901QB
Jacksonville JaguarsJACDST330DST281QB
Tevin ColemanSFRB331RB911QB
Cody ParkeyCLEK332K281QB
Dede WestbrookJACWR333WR1121QB
Mitchell TrubiskyCHIQB334QB341QB
Jimmy GrahamCHITE335TE421QB
Malcolm BrownLARRB336RB921QB
Ryquell ArmsteadJACRB337RB931QB
Gardner Minshew IIJACQB338QB351QB
Jake ElliottPHIK339K291QB
Tyron JohnsonLACWR340WR1131QB
Kyle RudolphMINTE341TE431QB
Ka'imi FairbairnHOUK342K301QB
Cam SimsWASWR343WR1141QB
Harrison BryantCLETE344TE441QB
Detroit LionsDETDST345DST291QB
Greg WardPHIWR346WR1151QB
Las Vegas RaidersLVDST347DST301QB
Richard RodgersPHITE348TE451QB
John RossCINWR349WR1161QB
Andy IsabellaARIWR350WR1171QB
Cameron BrateTBTE351TE461QB
Dan ArnoldARITE352TE471QB
Sam FickenNYJK353K311QB
Mo Alie-CoxINDTE354TE481QB
Atlanta FalconsATLDST355DST311QB
Albert OkwuegbunamDENTE356TE491QB
Jalen RichardLVRB357RB941QB
Ryan FitzpatrickMIAQB358QB361QB
Darrel WilliamsKCRB359RB951QB
Trey BurtonINDTE360TE501QB
Chad HansenHOUWR361WR1181QB
DeeJay DallasSEARB362RB961QB
Jordan WilkinsINDRB363RB971QB
Dare OgunbowaleJACRB364RB981QB
Peyton BarberWASRB365RB991QB
Cincinnati BengalsCINDST366DST321QB
Dan BaileyMINK367K321QB
Jace SternbergerGBTE368TE511QB
Alex SmithWASQB369QB371QB
Frank GoreNYJRB370RB1001QB
Miles BoykinBALWR371WR1191QB
Alshon JefferyPHIWR372WR1201QB
Jacob HollisterSEATE373TE521QB
Antonio Gandy-GoldenWASWR374WR1211QB
Steven SimsWASWR375WR1221QB
Danny AmendolaDETWR376WR1231QB
Kenny StillsBUFWR377WR1241QB
Larry FitzgeraldARIWR378WR1251QB
Kendrick BourneSFWR379WR1261QB
Kalen BallageLACRB380RB1011QB
Chris ThompsonJACRB381RB1021QB
Nick FolesCHIQB382QB381QB
Ty JohnsonNYJRB383RB1031QB
Mac JonesFAQB384QB391QB
Royce FreemanDENRB385RB1041QB
JaMycal HastySFRB386RB1051QB
Qadree OllisonATLRB387RB1061QB
Taylor HeinickeWASQB388QB401QB
Patrick Mahomes IIKCQB1QB1Superflex
Josh AllenBUFQB2QB2Superflex
Kyler MurrayARIQB3QB3Superflex
Lamar JacksonBALQB4QB4Superflex
Christian McCaffreyCARRB5RB1Superflex
Deshaun WatsonHOUQB6QB5Superflex
Dak PrescottDALQB7QB6Superflex
Dalvin CookMINRB8RB2Superflex
Derrick HenryTENRB9RB3Superflex
Aaron RodgersGBQB10QB7Superflex
Jonathan TaylorINDRB11RB4Superflex
Russell WilsonSEAQB12QB8Superflex
Alvin KamaraNORB13RB5Superflex
Nick ChubbCLERB14RB6Superflex
Justin HerbertLACQB15QB9Superflex
Ezekiel ElliottDALRB16RB7Superflex
Josh JacobsLVRB17RB8Superflex
Saquon BarkleyNYGRB18RB9Superflex
Davante AdamsGBWR19WR1Superflex
Ryan TannehillTENQB20QB10Superflex
Tyreek HillKCWR21WR2Superflex
Stefon DiggsBUFWR22WR3Superflex
Matthew StaffordLARQB23QB11Superflex
James RobinsonJACRB24RB10Superflex
D.K. MetcalfSEAWR25WR4Superflex
Aaron JonesGBRB26RB11Superflex
DeAndre HopkinsARIWR27WR5Superflex
Travis KelceKCTE28TE1Superflex
Tom BradyTBQB29QB12Superflex
Miles SandersPHIRB30RB12Superflex
A.J. BrownTENWR31WR6Superflex
George KittleSFTE32TE2Superflex
Kirk CousinsMINQB33QB13Superflex
J.K. DobbinsBALRB34RB13Superflex
Calvin RidleyATLWR35WR7Superflex
Justin JeffersonMINWR36WR8Superflex
Matt RyanATLQB37QB14Superflex
Julio JonesATLWR38WR9Superflex
Austin EkelerLACRB39RB14Superflex
Darren WallerLVTE40TE3Superflex
D'Andre SwiftDETRB41RB15Superflex
Allen Robinson IICHIWR42WR10Superflex
Mike EvansTBWR43WR11Superflex
Jalen HurtsPHIQB44QB15Superflex
Cam AkersLARRB45RB16Superflex
Chris GodwinTBWR46WR12Superflex
Keenan AllenLACWR47WR13Superflex
Carson WentzINDQB48QB16Superflex
Derek CarrLVQB49QB17Superflex
Antonio GibsonWASRB50RB17Superflex
Baker MayfieldCLEQB51QB18Superflex
Michael ThomasNOWR52WR14Superflex
Adam ThielenMINWR53WR15Superflex
Amari CooperDALWR54WR16Superflex
Robert WoodsLARWR55WR17Superflex
Joe BurrowCINQB56QB19Superflex
Clyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB57RB18Superflex
Will Fuller VHOUWR58WR18Superflex
Terry McLaurinWASWR59WR19Superflex
Joe MixonCINRB60RB19Superflex
David MontgomeryCHIRB61RB20Superflex
D.J. MooreCARWR62WR20Superflex
Mark AndrewsBALTE63TE4Superflex
Trevor LawrenceFAQB64QB20Superflex
Odell Beckham Jr.CLEWR65WR21Superflex
Kenny GolladayDETWR66WR22Superflex
CeeDee LambDALWR67WR23Superflex
Ronald Jones IITBRB68RB21Superflex
Tee HigginsCINWR69WR24Superflex
Jared GoffDETQB70QB21Superflex
T.J. HockensonDETTE71TE5Superflex
David JohnsonHOURB72RB22Superflex
Brandon AiyukSFWR73WR25Superflex
Chris CarsonSEARB74RB23Superflex
Diontae JohnsonPITWR75WR26Superflex
Kareem HuntCLERB76RB24Superflex
Melvin Gordon IIIDENRB77RB25Superflex
D.J. Chark Jr.JACWR78WR27Superflex
Daniel JonesNYGQB79QB22Superflex
Dallas GoedertPHITE80TE6Superflex
Cooper KuppLARWR81WR28Superflex
Courtland SuttonDENWR82WR29Superflex
Tyler LockettSEAWR83WR30Superflex
AJ DillonGBRB84RB26Superflex
Hunter HenryLACTE85TE7Superflex
Raheem MostertSFRB86RB27Superflex
Chase ClaypoolPITWR87WR31Superflex
Brandin CooksHOUWR88WR32Superflex
JuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR89WR33Superflex
Tua TagovailoaMIAQB90QB23Superflex
Tyler BoydCINWR91WR34Superflex
Najee HarrisFARB92RB28Superflex
Noah FantDENTE93TE8Superflex
Corey DavisTENWR94WR35Superflex
Kenyan DrakeARIRB95RB29Superflex
Marquise BrownBALWR96WR36Superflex
Jarvis LandryCLEWR97WR37Superflex
Teddy BridgewaterCARQB98QB24Superflex
Chase EdmondsARIRB99RB30Superflex
Leonard FournetteTBRB100RB31Superflex
Deebo SamuelSFWR101WR38Superflex
Myles GaskinMIARB102RB32Superflex
DeVante ParkerMIAWR103WR39Superflex
Damien HarrisNERB104RB33Superflex
Curtis SamuelCARWR105WR40Superflex
Robert TonyanGBTE106TE9Superflex
James ConnerPITRB107RB34Superflex
Mike GesickiMIATE108TE10Superflex
Michael GallupDALWR109WR41Superflex
Robby AndersonCARWR110WR42Superflex
Travis EtienneFARB111RB35Superflex
Ben RoethlisbergerPITQB112QB25Superflex
Jamison CrowderNYJWR113WR43Superflex
Zack MossBUFRB114RB36Superflex
Jerry JeudyDENWR115WR44Superflex
Devonta SmithFAWR116WR45Superflex
Drew LockDENQB117QB26Superflex
Darrell HendersonLARRB118RB37Superflex
Jonnu SmithTENTE119TE11Superflex
Justin FieldsFAQB120QB27Superflex
Ja'Marr ChaseFAWR121WR46Superflex
Evan EngramNYGTE122TE12Superflex
Mike WilliamsLACWR123WR47Superflex
Nyheim HinesINDRB124RB38Superflex
Antonio BrownTBWR125WR48Superflex
Devin SingletaryBUFRB126RB39Superflex
Jalen ReagorPHIWR127WR49Superflex
Logan ThomasWASTE128TE13Superflex
Denzel MimsNYJWR129WR50Superflex
Jeff Wilson Jr.SFRB130RB40Superflex
Damien WilliamsKCRB131RB41Superflex
Tony PollardDALRB132RB42Superflex
Phillip LindsayDENRB133RB43Superflex
Taysom HillNOQB134QB28Superflex
Henry Ruggs IIILVWR135WR51Superflex
Alexander MattisonMINRB136RB44Superflex
Irv Smith Jr.MINTE137TE14Superflex
Michael Pittman Jr.INDWR138WR52Superflex
Rondale MooreFAWR139WR53Superflex
Jamaal WilliamsGBRB140RB45Superflex
Javonte WilliamsFARB141RB46Superflex
Rob GronkowskiTBTE142TE15Superflex
J.D. McKissicWASRB143RB47Superflex
Cole KmetCHITE144TE16Superflex
Jimmy GaroppoloSFQB145QB29Superflex
Hayden HurstATLTE146TE17Superflex
Laviska Shenault Jr.JACWR147WR54Superflex
T.Y. HiltonINDWR148WR55Superflex
Austin HooperCLETE149TE18Superflex
Pittsburgh SteelersPITDST150DST1Superflex
John BrownBUFWR151WR56Superflex
Zach ErtzPHITE152TE19Superflex
Tarik CohenCHIRB153RB48Superflex
Duke Johnson Jr.HOURB154RB49Superflex
Los Angeles RamsLARDST155DST2Superflex
Jameis WinstonNOQB156QB30Superflex
Marlon MackINDRB157RB50Superflex
Sterling ShepardNYGWR158WR57Superflex
Marvin Jones Jr.DETWR159WR58Superflex
Todd Gurley IIATLRB160RB51Superflex
Mecole HardmanKCWR161WR59Superflex
Baltimore RavensBALDST162DST3Superflex
Kyle PittsFATE163TE20Superflex
Nelson AgholorLVWR164WR60Superflex
Sony MichelNERB165RB52Superflex
Darnell MooneyCHIWR166WR61Superflex
Sam DarnoldNYJQB167QB31Superflex
Indianapolis ColtsINDDST168DST4Superflex
Cole BeasleyBUFWR169WR62Superflex
Blake JarwinDALTE170TE21Superflex
Eric EbronPITTE171TE22Superflex
New Orleans SaintsNODST172DST5Superflex
Kansas City ChiefsKCDST173DST6Superflex
San Francisco 49ersSFDST174DST7Superflex
Latavius MurrayNORB175RB53Superflex
Preston WilliamsMIAWR176WR63Superflex
Gus EdwardsBALRB177RB54Superflex
Justin TuckerBALK178K1Superflex
Tyler HigbeeLARTE179TE23Superflex
Darius SlaytonNYGWR180WR64Superflex
Cam NewtonNEQB181QB32Superflex
Christian KirkARIWR182WR65Superflex
Miami DolphinsMIADST183DST8Superflex
Kenneth GainwellFARB184RB55Superflex
Harrison ButkerKCK185K2Superflex
Dawson KnoxBUFTE186TE24Superflex
James WhiteNERB187RB56Superflex
Benny Snell Jr.PITRB188RB57Superflex
Younghoe KooATLK189K3Superflex
Gabriel DavisBUFWR190WR66Superflex
Giovani BernardCINRB191RB58Superflex
Wayne GallmanNYGRB192RB59Superflex
Mike DavisCARRB193RB60Superflex
Zach WilsonFAQB194QB33Superflex
Le'Veon BellKCRB195RB61Superflex
Jaylen WaddleFAWR196WR67Superflex
Jermar JeffersonFARB197RB62Superflex
Gerald EverettLARTE198TE25Superflex
Tyler BassBUFK199K4Superflex
Joshua KelleyLACRB200RB63Superflex
Rashod BatemanFAWR201WR68Superflex
Darrynton EvansTENRB202RB64Superflex
Parris CampbellINDWR203WR69Superflex
Amon-Ra St. BrownFAWR204WR70Superflex
Mark Ingram IIFARB205RB65Superflex
New England PatriotsNEDST206DST9Superflex
Chicago BearsCHIDST207DST10Superflex
Allen LazardGBWR208WR71Superflex
Rodrigo BlankenshipINDK209K5Superflex
Terrace Marshall Jr.FAWR210WR72Superflex
Mitchell TrubiskyCHIQB211QB34Superflex
A.J. GreenCINWR212WR73Superflex
Buffalo BillsBUFDST213DST11Superflex
Breshad PerrimanNYJWR214WR74Superflex
Chris Herndon IVNYJTE215TE26Superflex
Emmanuel SandersNOWR216WR75Superflex
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBDST217DST12Superflex
James WashingtonPITWR218WR76Superflex
Washington Football TeamWASDST219DST13Superflex
Bryan EdwardsLVWR220WR77Superflex
Matt GayLARK221K6Superflex
Julian EdelmanNEWR222WR78Superflex
Salvon AhmedMIARB223RB66Superflex
Jason SandersMIAK224K7Superflex
Los Angeles ChargersLACDST225DST14Superflex
Jakobi MeyersNEWR226WR79Superflex
Wil LutzNOK227K8Superflex
Rashard HigginsCLEWR228WR80Superflex
Randall CobbHOUWR229WR81Superflex
Greg ZuerleinDALK230K9Superflex
Seattle SeahawksSEADST231DST15Superflex
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR232WR82Superflex
Anthony McFarland Jr.PITRB233RB67Superflex
Ryan SuccopTBK234K10Superflex
Russell GageATLWR235WR83Superflex
Denver BroncosDENDST236DST16Superflex
Sammy WatkinsKCWR237WR84Superflex
Pat FreiermuthFATE238TE27Superflex
Daniel CarlsonLVK239K11Superflex
Green Bay PackersGBDST240DST17Superflex
Kerryon JohnsonDETRB241RB68Superflex
Adam TrautmanNOTE242TE28Superflex
Rashaad PennySEARB243RB69Superflex
Adrian PetersonDETRB244RB70Superflex
Joey SlyeCARK245K12Superflex
Tylan WallaceFAWR246WR85Superflex
KJ HamlerDENWR247WR86Superflex
DeSean JacksonPHIWR248WR87Superflex
Quintez CephusDETWR249WR88Superflex
Michael CarterFARB250RB71Superflex
Jack DoyleINDTE251TE29Superflex
Tim PatrickDENWR252WR89Superflex
Minnesota VikingsMINDST253DST18Superflex
Graham GanoNYGK254K13Superflex
Philadelphia EaglesPHIDST255DST19Superflex
Zane GonzalezARIK256K14Superflex
Jason MyersSEAK257K15Superflex
Brandon McManusDENK258K16Superflex
Jared CookNOTE259TE30Superflex
Chuba HubbardFARB260RB72Superflex
La'Mical PerineNYJRB261RB73Superflex
Anthony FirkserTENTE262TE31Superflex
Eno BenjaminARIRB263RB74Superflex
Drew SampleCINTE264TE32Superflex
N'Keal HarryNEWR265WR90Superflex
Elijah MooreFAWR266WR91Superflex
Van JeffersonLARWR267WR92Superflex
Lynn Bowden Jr.MIARB268RB75Superflex
Zach PascalINDWR269WR93Superflex
Tennessee TitansTENDST270DST20Superflex
Will DisslySEATE271TE33Superflex
Kadarius ToneyFAWR272WR94Superflex
Dyami BrownFAWR273WR95Superflex
Collin JohnsonJACWR274WR96Superflex
Keke CouteeHOUWR275WR97Superflex
Carlos HydeSEARB276RB76Superflex
Jordan AkinsHOUTE277TE34Superflex
Devontae BookerLVRB278RB77Superflex
Michael BadgleyLACK279K17Superflex
Justice HillBALRB280RB78Superflex
Cleveland BrownsCLEDST281DST21Superflex
Carolina PanthersCARDST282DST22Superflex
Ito SmithATLRB283RB79Superflex
Chris BoswellPITK284K18Superflex
Tyler EifertJACTE285TE35Superflex
Brian HillATLRB286RB80Superflex
Hunter RenfrowLVWR287WR98Superflex
Seth WilliamsFAWR288WR99Superflex
Robbie GouldSFK289K19Superflex
Nick FolkNEK290K20Superflex
Jordan HowardPHIRB291RB81Superflex
Tre'Quan SmithNOWR292WR100Superflex
Ian ThomasCARTE293TE36Superflex
Mason CrosbyGBK294K21Superflex
Keelan Cole Sr.JACWR295WR101Superflex
David NjokuCLETE296TE37Superflex
Travis FulghamPHIWR297WR102Superflex
Boston ScottPHIRB298RB82Superflex
Donovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR299WR103Superflex
Tamorrion TerryFAWR300WR104Superflex
Dalton SchultzDALTE301TE38Superflex
Josh LamboJACK302K22Superflex
Golden TateNYGWR303WR105Superflex
Randy BullockCINK304K23Superflex
New York JetsNYJDST305DST23Superflex
Tyler JohnsonTBWR306WR106Superflex
O.J. HowardTBTE307TE39Superflex
Josh ReynoldsLARWR308WR107Superflex
Dallas CowboysDALDST309DST24Superflex
Matt PraterDETK310K24Superflex
Stephen GostkowskiTENK311K25Superflex
Justin JacksonLACRB312RB83Superflex
Amari RodgersFAWR313WR108Superflex
Master TeagueFARB314RB84Superflex
Ke'Shawn VaughnTBRB315RB85Superflex
New York GiantsNYGDST316DST25Superflex
Isaiah McKenzieBUFWR317WR109Superflex
Jerick McKinnonSFRB318RB86Superflex
Anthony MillerCHIWR319WR110Superflex
Arizona CardinalsARIDST320DST26Superflex
Hunter BryantDETTE321TE40Superflex
Matt BreidaMIARB322RB87Superflex
Bryce LoveWASRB323RB88Superflex
Houston TexansHOUDST324DST27Superflex
Dustin HopkinsWASK325K26Superflex
Brevin JordanFATE326TE41Superflex
Cairo SantosCHIK327K27Superflex
Rex BurkheadNERB328RB89Superflex
Scotty MillerTBWR329WR111Superflex
Rhamondre StevensonFARB330RB90Superflex
Jacksonville JaguarsJACDST331DST28Superflex
Tevin ColemanSFRB332RB91Superflex
Cody ParkeyCLEK333K28Superflex
Dede WestbrookJACWR334WR112Superflex
Jimmy GrahamCHITE335TE42Superflex
Malcolm BrownLARRB336RB92Superflex
Ryquell ArmsteadJACRB337RB93Superflex
Gardner Minshew IIJACQB338QB35Superflex
Jake ElliottPHIK339K29Superflex
Tyron JohnsonLACWR340WR113Superflex
Kyle RudolphMINTE341TE43Superflex
Ka'imi FairbairnHOUK342K30Superflex
Cam SimsWASWR343WR114Superflex
Harrison BryantCLETE344TE44Superflex
Detroit LionsDETDST345DST29Superflex
Greg WardPHIWR346WR115Superflex
Las Vegas RaidersLVDST347DST30Superflex
Richard RodgersPHITE348TE45Superflex
John RossCINWR349WR116Superflex
Andy IsabellaARIWR350WR117Superflex
Cameron BrateTBTE351TE46Superflex
Dan ArnoldARITE352TE47Superflex
Sam FickenNYJK353K31Superflex
Mo Alie-CoxINDTE354TE48Superflex
Atlanta FalconsATLDST355DST31Superflex
Albert OkwuegbunamDENTE356TE49Superflex
Jalen RichardLVRB357RB94Superflex
Ryan FitzpatrickMIAQB358QB36Superflex
Darrel WilliamsKCRB359RB95Superflex
Trey BurtonINDTE360TE50Superflex
Chad HansenHOUWR361WR118Superflex
DeeJay DallasSEARB362RB96Superflex
Jordan WilkinsINDRB363RB97Superflex
Dare OgunbowaleJACRB364RB98Superflex
Peyton BarberWASRB365RB99Superflex
Cincinnati BengalsCINDST366DST32Superflex
Dan BaileyMINK367K32Superflex
Jace SternbergerGBTE368TE51Superflex
Alex SmithWASQB369QB37Superflex
Frank GoreNYJRB370RB100Superflex
Miles BoykinBALWR371WR119Superflex
Alshon JefferyPHIWR372WR120Superflex
Jacob HollisterSEATE373TE52Superflex
Antonio Gandy-GoldenWASWR374WR121Superflex
Steven SimsWASWR375WR122Superflex
Danny AmendolaDETWR376WR123Superflex
Kenny StillsBUFWR377WR124Superflex
Larry FitzgeraldARIWR378WR125Superflex
Kendrick BourneSFWR379WR126Superflex
Kalen BallageLACRB380RB101Superflex
Chris ThompsonJACRB381RB102Superflex
Nick FolesCHIQB382QB38Superflex
Ty JohnsonNYJRB383RB103Superflex
Mac JonesFAQB384QB39Superflex
Royce FreemanDENRB385RB104Superflex
JaMycal HastySFRB386RB105Superflex
Qadree OllisonATLRB387RB106Superflex
Taylor HeinickeWASQB388QB40Superflex

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