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Miami Dolphins

New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, and whats trending on PFN (Nosebleed Seats Podcast)

Overrated/Underrated – New Orleans Saints and New York Jets

Could the New Orleans Saints be a bad team this year? Every year in the NFL, some teams are overrated by the NFL and its media, and there are the sleeper teams that come from behind. During the podcast, our hosts name four teams but focus strictly on two.


The New Orleans Saints were a play away from making the Super Bowl last season. Since then there have been NFL rule changes and roster moves. Watching them play previous season though, there were times where it looked like Brees was a little slow. He had some questionable interceptions, and they fell off just slightly. The Saints lost Max Unger to retirement and now will need to stabilize their offensive line.


The New York Jets are the underrated team of choice from our podcast duo. They signed a new offensive head coach in Adam Gase this offseason and will have him leading the line for QB Sam Darnold. They also signed running back Le’Veon Bell from the Pittsburgh Steelers during the offseason as well. If Darnold can improve with a new offensive head coach and his new star running back, then the Jets could be a team to beat. The Jets could potentially be better than the New Orleans Saints.

Dolphins 5 year outlook

In their weekly segment titled “What’s trending on PFN” the Nosebleed Seats boys talk about the latest article from Jessee Lopez (@jlopezPFN). The article highlights a five-year sim of the Miami Dolphins in EA Sports newly released Madden 20. Without spoiling the podcast or the entire article, which can be found HERE, Madden 20 paints the Dolphins perfectly.

Questions from the podcast team

Will, the New Orleans Saints, upset fans this season? Are the New York Jets better than most NFL media members think?

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