Multiple NFL trades and power rankings reviews (Nosebleed Seats Podcast)

    NFL Trades Galore

    Multiple NFL trades and new storylines for the football world. On today’s episode of the Nosebleed Seats, Eric and Zach kick off the show by discussing the top NFL storylines from around the league. Minkah Fitzpatrick was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Eric’s Dolphins are continuing the “Tank for Tua” momentum by stocking up on more picks. Eric is pleased with the deal since Pittsburgh seems destined for a top 10 pick after the Big Ben injury, but he knows they better nail the 2020 Draft. If the Dolphins GM Chris Grier fails to get it right, things will get ugly in Miami. Especially after trading away many of their best young cornerstones over the last few weeks.

    Eric and Zach also discuss whether or not Zach’s Dallas Cowboys should make a move for Jalen Ramsey or Jamal Adams. Both players have requested a trade this week. The New York Jets, of course, making Adams upset. Meanwhile, the coaching staff arguing with Jalen Ramsey in a back and forth is not suitable for the Jaguars. 

    Power rankings and Dallas Cowboys

    The fellas wrapped up the show with NFL power rankings and some of the best NFL stats from Week 2. Eric and Zach each give their top five teams in the league after two weeks of play. Everybody knows the Patriots and Chiefs are two of the top teams, but Eric and Zach disagree about some others. Of course, Zach is salivating over his 2-0 Cowboys, and the newly found offensive greatness thanks to the young baby faced savior, Kellen Moore. Good news is, Zach isn’t delusional to the point of having America’s Team atop his power rankings, but my oh my they’re getting close.

    Questions from the podcast team?

    • What 2-0 team can keep it going this weekend?
    • Will the 2019-2020 Dolphins go down as the worst team ever?
    • With all of the NFL injuries that have piled up, what will the ripple effect be around the league?
    • Is the AFC North and NFC South divisions totally up for grabs now? It certainly feels that way.

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