With the 2020 NFL Draft just six days away, our hosts Eric Wiedeke and Kai’Chien Chisholm are joined by PFN writer Zachary Knerr and breakdown the latest first-round mock draft from Brad Kelly. Our hosts also dive into the rumors that surfaced surrounding a possible Odell Beckham Jr. trade and whether trading OBJ out of Cleveland would be a good idea.

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Brady Kelly mock draft breakdown.

The biggest shock before we sat down and recorded the podcast was Tua Tagovailoa to the Washington Redskins at pick number two. The second that guest-host Zachary Knerr saw the pick, he was blown away. However, it reminded all three hosts of the situation that the Arizona Cardinals were in just last season. An average rookie season for their top QB pick and another guy with outstanding potential just sitting there for you to pick. The Redskins decide that they need to forego a second season under center for Dwayne Haskins and draft Tua. A stunner in the 2020 NFL Zoom Draft.

OBJ – To trade or not to trade?

By now, everyone knows that the rumor of OBJ getting traded to the Minnesota Vikings was either a publicity stunt or a ploy to get someone to pay more for the star wide receiver. The big question is whether or not the Browns were genuinely shopping OBJ at all. OBJ is a star receiver, and there is the chance that he and Jarvis Landry make the leap this season with the Browns, and it seems like the turn around might be happening in Cleveland. You know, again.

Compensation would be interesting considering that the Browns gave up a good amount to get OBJ after a string of trades with the New York Giants last offseason. If the Browns decide that getting rid of OBJ is the best decision, it’ll be interesting to see who he actually gets traded to.