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    Miami Dolphins vs. Tennessee Titans Playoff Scenarios: No. 1 seed still in play for Tennessee

    The Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans AFC clash has massive playoff implications -- we check out clinching scenarios for each club.

    Ryan Tannehill vs. Brian Flores is just a tasty subplot in the Dolphins-Titans AFC clash with massive NFL playoff implications and more than a few clinching scenarios. The Miami Dolphins (8-7) go for an eighth straight win Sunday against the AFC South-leading Tennessee Titans (10-5). There’s a real chance these teams meet again in two weeks. The Titans are one helpful result away from a fourth playoff appearance in five years, while the Dolphins still need plenty to go their way to get back to the postseason for the first time since 2016.

    Update: The Titans have defeated the Dolphins, 34-3. Playoff scenarios are listed below. For a complete up-to-date picture, visit our 2022 NFL Playoff Picture.

    Clinching scenarios for Titans vs. Dolphins

    The Titans are 97% to make the playoffs and 89% to win the AFC South, per FiveThirtyEight. They have many ways to clinch a playoff spot this weekend, but they should aim higher. The No. 1 seed is still a real possibility.

    The Dolphins, meanwhile, have a lot of work to do.

    How the Dolphins can clinch a playoff spot

    They cannot. Even if they win and every other relevant Wild Card contender loses this weekend, the Dolphins would still have unfinished business in Week 18. That’s why, despite controlling their own destiny, the Dolphins still have just a 1-in-3 chance of playing in mid-January.

    How the Titans can clinch a playoff spot

    The Titans, meanwhile, have many, many ways to get to the dance. And it would be a huge surprise if they don’t clinch this weekend. The Titans will officially become AFC South champs with a week to go with:

    • A win or
    • A Colts loss or
    • A Titans tie and a Colts tie

    However, if none of those scenarios happen, the Titans would still lock down a playoff spot with:

    • A Titans tie or
    • A Chargers loss or tie and a Ravens loss or tie or
    • A Patriots loss or tie and a Chargers loss or tie or
    • A Patriots loss or tie and a Ravens loss or tie

    Other Week 17 playoff implications for Dolphins, Titans

    Depending on how the next two weeks go in the NFL standings, the Dolphins could finish anywhere from the AFC’s No. 2 seed to the AFC’s No. 13 seed.

    There’s still a chance, albeit an incredibly remote one, that they win the AFC East. But that would take the Bills losing to the Falcons and Jets. The only realistic scenario for Miami to make the playoffs is by beating the Titans and Patriots and getting in as the sixth or seventh seeds.

    A loss Sunday would be horribly damaging for Miami, but not fatal. For instance, the Dolphins would still make the playoffs if: New England loses to the Jaguars and Miami, Cincinnati loses to Kansas City and Cleveland, Baltimore loses to the Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland loses to Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas loses to Indianapolis.

    As for the Titans, they’ll likely be playing for seeding next weekend. They would have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs if they win out and the Chiefs lose to the Bengals or Broncos. A loss wouldn’t totally shut the door on the No. 1 seed, but the Titans would need six other results to go their way, including the Chiefs losing out. The Titans would very likely make the playoffs even if they lose their final two games.

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