Miami Dolphins QB Gavin Hardison Has Electric Stuff When Healthy — Just Ask Grandma

    Miami Dolphins quarterback Gavin Hardison wasn't 100% at rookie minicamp Friday -- but even diminished, his natural ability is apparent.

    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Gavin Hardison’s arm — when at full strength — is like a fish tale that needs to be seen to be believed.

    The Miami Dolphins rookie out of UTEP doesn’t yet have his fastball after November Tommy John surgery. But as Hardison’s grandmother can attest, his natural abilities are not to be underestimated.

    Get To Know Miami Dolphins QB Gavin Hardison

    “So when I was real little, my grandma, she didn’t know at the time, but I used to throw everything,” Hardison said after his first rookie minicamp practice here Friday. “Water bottles or whatever. And so she was like, ‘Throw it to Grandma,’ and I reared back and threw it. She wasn’t ready for it, and I hit her in the nose.”

    Good news: Little Gavin didn’t draw blood.

    But let that story serve as a warning to Dolphins receivers — the ball will get to them faster when it’s coming from Hardison, particularly when he’s finally healthy.

    That probably won’t be until training camp. But Hardison has made big enough strides since his UCL repair that he was able to participate in this weekend’s practices.

    “I’m in the end stages of the recovery process,” Hardison said. “I’m gonna eventually get to where, you know, where I was. arm strength-wise. I might not be there right now. But I’m close.”

    Hardison’s elbow injury probably cost him a shot at getting drafted. But it shouldn’t be the reason he doesn’t make the Dolphins, should he get cut in August.

    He totaled nearly 8,000 passing yards in college, but there were too many mistakes to go with the remarkable throws. Hardison had just four more touchdowns than interceptions and completed only 53.7% of his career attempts.

    Perhaps the Dolphins’ coaching can fix that inaccuracy. Because his upside is the moon.

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    Hardison’s best path to make the team is by beating out Skylar Thompson, who is entering a pivotal third year in this system.

    “Just kind of looking at it. I felt good [about] the coaches and what was going on here,” Hardison said. “Did a lot of praying about it, and I felt comfortable with the situation. I’m really excited to be here and be a part of something great.”

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