Miami Dolphins minicamp: Tua Tagovailoa wins the practice — and the press conference

Tua Tagovailoa silences and then dunks on 'Twitter warriors' with an excellent practice Thursday after a so-so Wednesday.

Tua Tagovailoa deserved to feel good. And he deserved the right to take a victory lap.

Tagovailoa, according to reporters on location, had an excellent bounce-back practice Thursday, completing two beautiful deep passes to Tyreek Hill during the team’s final mandatory minicamp practice of 2022.

Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa shuts up Twitter warriors

One reportedly went for 60-plus. The other was in excess of 50 yards.

It was a great display for the assembled media, many of whom (rightfully) pointed out Tagovailoa’s less-than-impressive performance the day before. And it was a great rebuttal to those questioning Tua’s arm strength, particularly after the social media dustup from a few weeks back.

Tagovailoa took a fair amount of grief after the Miami Dolphins’ social media team posted a video that seemed to celebrate an underthrow to Hill. But perhaps the most impressive thing Tagovailoa did came off the practice field.

He showed an edge, defiance, and confidence that was largely missing from his first two seasons as a pro.

“We come out to practice,” Tagovailoa told reporters. “Everyone else, Twitter warriors, keyboard warriors, whatever you want to call them, they’re not out here with us practicing hard.

“I don’t know if you guys recorded that last one to Tyreek but pshew,” Tagovailoa said, before holding his hands up as a receiver, waiting for the ball to drop perfectly into his hands (which it reportedly did for Hill).

Tua added: “I dont know about you, but that looked like money.”

Kudos to Tua for clapping back. And kudos to new head coach Mike McDaniel for giving him the confidence to do so. Brian Flores, his predecessor, did not. But he wasn’t the only one.

“I’ve never been around a coach like this who’s just extremely positive,” Tagovailoa said. “Growing up, my dad’s always been hard on me. My high school coach has been hard on me. Coach [Nick] Saban has been hard on me and all the coaches that I’ve had prior, they’ve all been hard on me. [McDaniel is] hard, but he takes another alleyway, if you will, on kind of teaching and helping.”

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