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    Lamar Jackson’s Net Worth, Salary, and Career Earnings: How Much Money Has the Ravens QB Made?

    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is a two-time MVP who has been successful on and off the field. What is his salary, net worth, and career earnings?

    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson took home his second NFL MVP award last season, becoming just the 11th player in league history to win the honor multiple times.

    Jackson has been successful on and off the field. Entering his seventh NFL season, what is his salary, net worth, and career earnings?

    What Is Lamar Jackson’s Salary?

    Last offseason, all eyes were on Jackson and the Ravens to see if they could reach an agreement. Baltimore initially used the franchise tag on Jackson, but then the two sides ultimately agreed to a five-year, $260 million contract.

    This deal features $185 million in total guarantees and a $135 million injury guarantee. Jackson’s 2024 salary, 2024 roster bonus, and 2024 and 2025 option bonuses are fully guaranteed for injury.

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    This deal made Jackson the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback for several months, with an average annual value of $52 million. However, after the recent extensions given to Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, and Jared Goff, Jackson is currently the league’s fifth-highest-paid QB.

    Jackson will collect $51.25 million base salaries in 2026 and 2027, when his cap charges will reach nearly $75 million.

    What Is Jackson’s Net Worth and Career Earnings?

    Jackson’s net worth is presently in the neighborhood of $40 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

    That staggering, eight-digit figure is enviable enough at face value. It puts him ahead of Jalen Hurts ($30 million) and Justin Herbert ($25 million), but slightly behind Joe Burrow ($50 million).

    But it bears mentioning that the $40 million figure quoted above is set to grow exponentially over the next several years. That goes for Jackson as well as every other young pro passer in his tax bracket. After all, every quarterback mentioned above has only just now begun to sniff the heights of their earning potential.

    As Jackson’s NFL résumé continues to grow, so too will his bankroll. He’ll earn another $52 million annually for every season he completes under his current contract. Through six NFL seasons, Jackson has $112,774,549 in career earnings, per Spotrac.

    Jackson’s net worth will continue to increase each year, and who knows what kind of dollar amount Jackson might see when it comes time to sign his next contract? By the time Jackson is eligible for another extension, the QB market will likely be even crazier.

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    Back when Jackson was preparing for the 2018 NFL Draft, some naysayers, including former NFL general manager Bill Polian, suggested he’d be better off switching to running back or wide receiver. Polian admitted he was wrong during Jackson’s first MVP campaign.

    It’s safe to say that Jackson’s decision to stick with the QB position paid off — literally.

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