Kylie Kelce Discusses Husband’s Viral Moment at Bills Game — ‘He Desperately Wanted To Go Through a Table’

Was Kylie Kelce horrified by her husband Jason's actions in front of "Bills Mafia?" Her answers may surprise fans in speaking out for the first time.

Was the wife of Jason Kelce mortified by the actions of her husband during the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills Divisional Round contest?

As many fans witnessed, the Philadelphia Eagles center did more than support younger brother Travis. He went shirtless and chugged on some beers while becoming friendly with “Bills Mafia.”

Turns out, Jason’s wife, Kylie, made a stunning admission about the highly publicized ordeal that catapulted her husband’s celebrity even further.

“He Desperately Wanted To Go Through a Table”

Speaking with Good Morning America on Friday, Kylie recalled that moment at Highmark Stadium on Sunday.

Turns out, Jason’s meeting with the Bills Mafia was in the cards for him, Kylie revealed.

“He wanted to get the full Bills experience. I’m sure you know as a Bills fan they’re famous for their tailgating skills,” she told GMA.

And yes, that included Jason wanting to take part in a very renowned fan ritual at Bills home games: jumping through a table.

“He desperately wanted to go through a table,” Kylie revealed. “That was on top of his checklist.”

Did Kylie Kelce Nullify Jason Kelce’s Table-Jumping Attempt?

Did Jason’s wife put her foot down? Turns out they arrived at the game in separate transportation.

“We arrived separately because he was meeting with some friends — hoping to find a table,” she said.

Unfortunately, Jason was unable to locate one. However, he eventually chugged alcohol out of what appeared to be a bowling ball before the game.

Then came the now-trending stunt he pulled right in front of his wife and the hordes of people who crammed the suite with the Kelces.

“He told me, ‘I’m going to take my shirt off,'” Kylie said. “‘And I’m going to jump out.'”

Kylie felt that it wasn’t the best idea.

Yet, “I think it was just that continued energy from when hyping himself up to break a table.”

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Was Kylie horrified by her husband’s actions? Or was it all in good humor? Turns out, Kylie gave some approval for her husband to go shirtless in the crowd.

“The first time, I was all for it because I’m like, ‘That’s my husband,” Kylie said.

Sounds like she’s already used to his rabid nature. However, she shared how there was a moment when she needed to step in.

“The second and third time he did it, I was like, ‘I’m gonna need you to get back in,'” she shared. “Because the poor cops who were trying to keep the chaos at a minimum, you’re making their jobs harder.”

Kylie helped maintain order involving her husband. Still, Jason showed he was living his best life while watching his brother play — and pulling it off with his wife and kids in attendance.

No word yet on if the Kelces will be making an appearance at M&T Bank Stadium for the AFC title game — and if the Super Bowl-winning center plans to go shirtless once again.

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