Kyler Murray Landing Spots: Buccaneers, Steelers, and Commanders are all in the QB market

Where are Kyler Murray's potential landing spots if the rumored relationship concerns with the Arizona Cardinals continue to manifest?

The seeming discontent between Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals has raised questions over potential landing spots for the QB this offseason. Would the Cardinals actually trade Murray in the final year of his rookie contract, and if so, where might he be heading?

Kyler Murray landing spots

If Murray is available, there’s not likely to be a lack of suitors. The 2022 NFL Draft class is lacking clear-cut immediate starters and the free-agency group is hardly exciting. Additionally, Murray’s contract will have a cap hit of just $11.4 million this season. Teams also have the opportunity to pick up Murray’s fifth-year option, which is set to carry a value of $28.6 million.

Therefore, any team trading for Murray would essentially be committing to two years for $40 million. That is an absolute bargain for a QB of Murray’s quality and means that plenty of teams will at least think about making the move. Let’s take a look at the potential landing spots for Murray with the highest need at the position.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a need at QB

The Buccaneers are reportedly considering a move for a high-profile QB. The names mentioned have generally been Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson. However, Murray would certainly fit that mold and his contract would be crucial for a Buccaneers team that has several free agents this offseason.

Adding Murray would mean this Buccaneers’ roster is in immediate shape to return to the Super Bowl. He would be a major upgrade of the likes of Kyle Trask and Blaine Gabbert, and a significant step up over other QBs that might be available such as Jimmy Garoppolo and Carson Wentz.

Could the Pittsburgh Steelers replace Ben Roethlisberger with Murray?

Another team that might feel their roster is in shape to go on a deep playoff run with Murray is the Steelers. With Ben Roethlisberger clearly limited, they limped into the playoffs. The roster is talented enough that Murray could give them an extra boost. Additionally, with $32 million in projected cap space, Pittsburgh could take on Murray and still have space to upgrade the offensive line.

Washington Commanders could usher in a new era with an exciting QB

Where the Commanders sit right now is tough to judge. They pushed the Buccaneers hard in the playoffs in the 2020 season. However, 2021 was something of a disaster, especially after Ryan Fitzpatrick got injured. Nevertheless, they have an offense that is undeniably talented. The defense struggled at times last year, but also flashed its potential.

Offensively, they have a good young core, led by Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson. With Murray throwing them the ball, the offense could be extremely dynamic. Murray would hide deficiencies in the offensive line, while also unleashing the potential in the pass and run game. There is a lot to like about this move, and completing such a trade could instantly reshape the Commanders’ image.

With Carson Wentz potentially set to leave, the Indianapolis Colts could target Murray

Another QB situation in flux is that of Carson Wentz. Yet, many have asked why the Colts would move on from Wentz with the underwhelming options available this offseason. A potential trade for Murray would make it an easy decision for the Colts to move on from Wentz. They could even send him to Arizona as part of the trade.

Murray in the Colts’ offense would be exciting to see. Opposing defenses would have a tough time in the run game with Jonathan Taylor and Murray in the backfield. Meanwhile, Murray could help get the potential out of a fledgling passing game that includes young receivers Michael Pittman Jr. and Parris Campbell. The Colts also have the cap space to make further additions to help boost the offense.

Adding Murray would put the Houston Texans right back in the AFC South conversation

The 2021 season was not the disaster that many expected for the Texans. Winning four games may not seem like a lot, but many were projecting two or less. They did that largely on the back of rookie QB Davis Mills, who impressed. However, there will be little argument claiming Mills has the same potential as Murray.

What Mills did demonstrate is the potential of the offense. Put Murray under center and suddenly the offense has a much higher potential. They would still need to make some key additions this offseason, but this would be the Texans moving on from the Watson saga. Adding Murray instantly makes the Texans relevant again in the AFC after they were nothing more than a footnote in 2020 and 2021.

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