Kelce Brothers Endorse Player Development: ‘It Helps Out so Much’

Travis and Jason Kelce spoke on the importance of off-field player development and how NFL teams take care of their players beyond the gridiron.

NFL players understand the mindset, grind, hustle, and long hours on the field toward a rigorous season. The game of football, however, expands beyond the field. We know players need development on the field, but it’s the off-field development that is equally — if not even more — important.

Kelce Brothers Speak on Impact of Player Development

Who handles the players’ everyday lives? Each NFL franchise employs an individual or staff known as Player Development or Engagement.

What is unique about Player Development is that every other department is focused on things that happen on the field. Player Development focuses on everything that happens off the field and cares for the players as people.

Player Development helps educate and lay out a plan and foundation for players off the field and what life after football can be for them. Topics in Player Development include financial management, mental health, career development, professional and personal development, continuing education, and much more.

More recently, Player Development was endorsed and recognized on Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast New Heights. The pair of All-Pro and Super Bowl champion brothers mentioned the importance of the job and those involved.

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“They are just there to kinda make your life easier and help you develop into a professional every which way possible. Usually, that person has all the connects in that city that you need,” Travis Kelce said. “That role is very underappreciated and under-recognized. It’s a position that not a lot of people like to shine on or just don’t like to shine a lot of light on. It helps out so much for guys coming.”

Every year, the NFL offers different programs and opportunities to help players find interests outside of football. These opportunities include a Broadcast Bootcamp, a Continuing Education Program, the Job Shadow and Internship Program, and for rookies, the Rookie Transition Program to help educate them on everything they need to know and what they have access to as players.

When rookies enter the NFL, they need a direction to head into, and the same goes for players who are ready to transition out of football and into their post-playing career.

What if a player runs into trouble off the field? How about when a player or a group of players approach you about wanting to get into real estate or learn more about investing? No matter the situation or request, the Player Development professional must have an answer and find a way to get it done.

These individuals aren’t shown in front of the camera. They aren’t making headlines in the media. However, their role is as important as any other within the organization. Sometimes their jobs are the best, and other times it can be a hassle. Think of the Director of Player Development as the head coach off the field and the person that creates a generational impact.

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