This week, host Kai’Chien Chisholm explains why he believes the Miami Dolphins should trade for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. Rosen is just 22 years old and only one year into his rookie contract. It makes too much sense for Miami to pull the trigger, especially when you consider that he may only cost a third-round pick. But, will they, or will they look to draft their quarterback of the future?

Kai also talks about the NFL Scouting Combine and why he believes it is all a show. Does this event really matter for NFL front offices, or should they re-structure it in a way that makes more sense for the players? Don’t forget about the rumors that the NFL is looking to move the Combine from city to city like they are now doing with the NFL Draft.

Finally, Kai turns 21 and he goes into detail about everything that went right (and went wrong) on his big day.

Questions to think about as you listen to Just the Start:

  • Does trading Josh Rosen make sense for the Arizona Cardinals? If so, should the Miami Dolphins get into the trade talks?
  • Is the NFL Scouting Combine just for show or is it a legitimate way for NFL teams to see what a player can truly do.
  • What did you do on your 21st birthday?

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