Why the Jaguars will be responsible for Trevor Lawrence’s success, Gruden’s future with the Raiders, and more (More than Football with Trey Wingo)

Can the Jaguars build a good team around Trevor Lawrence? Is Jon Gruden on the hot seat? PFN Chief NFL Analyst Trey Wingo discusses this and more in this week's episode of More than Football.

Who should get the credit or blame for the success or failure of rookie quarterbacks around the National Football League? This is the primary topic that Trey Wingo, Chief NFL Analyst at Pro Football Network tackles on this week’s episode of More than Football.

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Wingo reflects on how the Jaguars and other organizations can learn from the San Francisco 49ers and how they handled their young quarterback, Steve Young, in the late 1980s. How much merit should be put onto NFL coaches, personnel, and organizations when a rookie QB struggles or has success?

Plus, Trey cycles around some of the hottest topics around the NFL like the temperature on Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden’s seat, NFL QB competitions, and the Los Angeles Rams trade for Sony Michel.

Where to find the Trevor Lawrence discussion and more

00:00 – Should Jon Gruden be on the hot seat?
08:30 – Fallout from the Sony Michel trade
12:36 – Quarterback competitions around the NFL
20:35 – Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars, and the environment

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