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    Jaguars’ 2027 Renovation Could Shift Home Games to Orlando, Gainesville, and Expand London Matches

    With a City Council vote imminent, the Jaguars' 2027 stadium rebuild may relocate home games to Orlando and Gainesville and expand their London schedule.

    In terms of the future for the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ franchise, 2023 and 2024 have both been pivotal years.

    However, their new stadium renovations might be the most important. With those improvements set to take place during the 2027 season, the Jaguars will need to play outside of Jacksonville. Where will they go?

    Inside the Jaguars’ Stadium Rebuild

    June 2023 was when it was all announced. The Jaguars had come up with a proposal for a massive renovation project to TIAA Bank Field, now EverBank Stadium, that would make the stadium up-to-date and significantly improved, rather than having an entirely new stadium built.

    The new stadium renovations include a translucent covering that is expected to lower temperatures by 15 degrees. Additionally, the plan includes 140% more concourse space, 190 new points of sale, 16 new escalators, 12 new elevators and 12 new restrooms.

    Just over a month ago, the city of Jacksonville’s Mayors Office and the Jaguars agreed to a $1.4 billion deal that would divvy up the financial part of everything. The agreement included both sides contributing $625 million, with Jacksonville chipping in another $150 million to get the stadium ready for construction in 2026.

    In the deal, the Jaguars included a $300 million Community Benefits Agreement that was split evenly between the team and the city. The Jacksonville City Council, which still needs to vote on and pass the deal, already removed $94 million of the $150 million, allowing for later consideration. The remaining $56 million will go to parks development.

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    A vote by the City Council will take place on Tuesday, June 25. “We wouldn’t be proposing it or pushing it if we didn’t have a certain level of confidence that this deal would be approved,” said Lamping following the proposal of the initial deal.

    Where Will the Jaguars Play Their Home Games During Their Stadium Renovations?

    While the renovations will be stellar when they’re complete, they still have to get done. Construction would begin following the 2025 season, with the Jaguars playing in front of a reduced crowd in 2026. However, they will have to find a temporary home during the 2027 season, when no games can be held.

    “The community wanted us to be away from Jacksonville as little as possible,” said team president Mark Lamping. According to The Florida Times-Union, there are three cities that could host Jaguars games: Orlando, Gainesville, and London.

    “The Jaguars also are examining Camping World Stadium in Orlando and Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at the University of Florida in Gainesville as sites for playing home games during the 2027 season,” said David Bauerlein. Simply, the Jaguars want flexibility in their ability to line up stadiums outside of Jacksonville.

    For Gainesville and Orlando, it’s “almost certain” that the Jaguars would use one of the two, according to Lamping. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is one hour and 28 minutes away from EverBank Stadium and has a capacity of 88,548. In contrast, Camping World Stadium is two hours and 22 minutes away and holds 60,219 people.

    In terms of London, though, the Jaguars could play up to three home games. As one of the most active teams in London, the Jaguars proposed agreement would allow the team to continue playing at least one home game a year in London, as it has for over a decade, but would also allow the them to play more than one home game in the U.K. down the line.

    “The other aspect that we have that would give us protection for the 2027 season is for that one season — and for that season alone — we would have the option, not the requirement, but the option to play up to three games outside Jacksonville in London,” said Lamping.

    The agreement would afford the Jaguars the ability to play a total of up to three home games away from Jacksonville over the course of the 2025 and 2026 seasons, a two-year period.

    In 2028, when the new stadium will debut, the proposed agreement will set limits on the Jaguars’ options for home games outside of Jacksonville. On top of one home game in London every season, the Jaguars could play a second home game internationally every four years, or every other year if the NFL goes to an 18-game season.

    It’s important to remember that all of these agreements pertain to just home games, not away games. The Jaguars can still go abroad as a visiting team, which they did in 2023 and are doing once again in 2024.

    Why Do the Jaguars Play So Many Games in London?

    With the Jaguars being the most active team in London — partaking in a league-leading 11 games with two more coming this season — it brings up a simple question: Why?

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    To start, the NFL has been trying to grow its international fanbase for some years, starting in London. They have since played games in Germany, Mexico, and even Brazil this coming season.

    However, for the Jaguars, a big reason is logistics. The team’s owner is Shad Khan, the owner of Fulham F.C., a soccer club in the Premier League, also located in London. The NFL needs willing participants to go across the world, and with Khan already owning a team in the city, it makes sense that he was more than willing to oblige.

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