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    ‘Lock Him Up’ – NFL Fans Destroy Jackson Mahomes as Legal Troubles Worsen

    The younger brother of Patrick Mahomes has fans increasing the criticism following closure of the restaurant where his alleged sexual assault took place.

    Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of two-time Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, continues to face legal battles and harsh criticism from the outside world.

    One woman accusing Mahomes of sexual assault had to close her restaurant down in the wake of his legal issues, sparking strong responses from the social media world.

    Why Aspen Vaughn Decided To Close Down Restaurant After Jackson Mahomes Altercation

    Per the Kansas City Star on Monday, Aspen Vaughn — the owner of Aspen’s Restaurant — had to close down her venue due to profits dipping by 75% while also witnessing her own restaurant get vandalized, leaving her to believe that her safety is at risk for being at the center of the Mahomes scandal.

    Back in late July, Vaughn told the KC Star the following:

    • Someone cut the connections to her restaurant’s central air conditioning unit.
    • Someone damaged the natural gas lines and pulled the fire alarm, which caused water damage inside.
    • Vaughn, 40, believes she and her restaurant is under attack because of having her name linked to Mahomes.

    Vaughn adds that the people who are attacking her and her restaurant are “people I’ve never met.” One other unnamed employee at the restaurant told the Star, “We were so close to making it, then this whole thing happened.”

    The younger Mahomes, 22, is being accused of forcibly groping and kissing Vaughn without her consent at the bar near Kansas City. Details state Mahomes grabbed her by the neck and forcibly kissed her twice, claiming Mahomes was intoxicated at the time. The altercation reportedly occurred on Feb. 25, just two weeks after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

    ‘Lock Him Up’ Among Notable Fan Reactions Directed Toward Jackson Mahomes

    Fans online shared strong criticism toward Mahomes following the news of the restaurant’s closure.

    “Lock him up,” one fan said.

    “Put that weirdo in prison,” another fan said.

    Another account, Roll Coverage Podcast, offered this suggestion: “He should be held accountable and not allowed near Mahomes so as not to taint his career.”

    One more fan added online, “Jackson owes her millions!”

    One last fan believes that Mahomes must bring out a checkbook.

    “Patrick’s gonna have to write such a fat settlement check. Hate that he has to do it, but Jackson ain’t gonna be able to afford it,” the fan said.

    Who Is Vaughn? Does She Have a Previous Relationship With the Mahomes Family?

    Vaughn’s restaurant was located in Overland Park near Kansas City. Aspen’s was a restaurant and lounge that served the Kansas City region.

    Vaughn isn’t just a restaurant owner; she happened to know Mahomes before the legal woes, per Sportskeeda. Mahomes was a friend of Vaughn’s stepdaughter and even posted a picture of him and her stepdaughter on Facebook with the caption “good kid.”

    Mahomes was arrested on suspicion of aggravated sexual battery. Meanwhile, Mahomes’ attorney Bradan Davies defended his client with this statement:

    “Our investigation has revealed substantial evidence refuting the claims of Jackson’s accuser, including the statements of several witnesses. We have reached out to law enforcement to provide the fruit of our investigation so that they may have a complete picture of the matter.”

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