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    Is Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Travis Kelce Singing in a Christmas Album?

    Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce may expand his repertoire, entering Swift's arena as a singer. Could the Chiefs TE release a Christmas album?

    Stories of romantic partners taking on each other’s characteristics is a tale as old as time, but Taylor Swift’s boyfriend trying his hand in Swift’s singing arena sounds a bit farfetched.

    The NFL viewing audience has regularly seen the pop sensation at Kansas City Chiefs games, but have they seen the burly Chiefs TE in a music studio? Doesn’t it feel like Travis Kelce would be out of place? Let’s find out.

    Travis Kelce Discusses Christmas Album on New Heights

    File this report under strange but true. Patrick Mahomes’ right-hand man is warming up his vocals to perform on a Christmas album, alongside his brother Jason Kelce, no less. The Brothers Kelce are trying their singing chops on a Christmas album to raise money for charity.

    Announced on Wednesday’s episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, it will mark the second straight year that Philadelphia center Jason Kelce, tackle Lane Johnson, and tackle Jordan Mailata have released a Christmas album, following 2022’s A Philly Special Christmas.

    The Philadelphia Eagles ran with the idea last season, and apparently, there was enough success to release a second album. The Birds are back in the studio, and now brother Travis joins the party. Swift must be so proud.

    Believe it or not, the first album was a smash success. Most importantly, the album raised $1.25 million for charity, but the songs were billboard sensations. The album took four top 10 spots on the Billboard Music Chart and took the top spot on the Compilation Albums Chart.

    Travis threw a bit of cold water onto the excitement for the song, claiming he had nowhere near the amount of talent compared to his brother Jason.

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    “Not saying it was good by any means, I’m just saying they made it sound extremely better than what I felt like I left that studio thinking,” he said. “I was like, ‘They’re not going to use this at all.'”

    A Philly Special Christmas Special — produced, as its predecessor was, by Charlie Hall of The War on Drugs — will be available for pre-order on LP on Nov. 3.

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