Is Cam Newton playing tonight vs. the Giants?

Is Cam Newton playing in the Patriots' preseason finale? It'll be interesting to see who Bill Belichick picks as the regular-season starter.

Is Cam Newton playing against the New York Giants in the New England Patriots‘ preseason finale? Usually, quarterback battles are a bunch of malarky. We just saw this in Jacksonville, with Gardner Minshew stealing first-team reps from rookie Trevor Lawrence, just to be traded away for a bag of kettle chips. However, Bill Belichick might genuinely still be deciding between Jones and Newton.

Is Cam Newton playing tonight?

Newton is playing in the Patriots’ final preseason game. He’s looked good so far during the preseason, but so has his counterpart, Mac Jones. Newton had a misunderstanding with the COVID-19 testing protocols, which forced him to miss some practice. Jones stepped up in his absence.

I doubt that the final preseason game changes things too much. These two quarterbacks have taken thousands of practice snaps. Thus, a few offensive snaps in a preseason game probably won’t sway Belichick’s decision too much.

It appears that Newton will start the season for the Patriots. However, a disastrous outing in the final preseason might have the power to change that. Newton hasn’t shown that as a possibility yet during the preseason.

The current QB battle

Newton was masterful in his previous outing, as he went 8-9 for 103 yards and a touchdown. He threw the ball with outstanding velocity and looked accurate. Newton appears to be back in prime passing shape. He looked like a shell of himself in 2020. Thus, it will be interesting to see if his velocity holds throughout the season.

Jones played well against the Giants in the practice Newton missed. Some said it was “Brady-like.” The best ability, some say, is availability.

Mike Giardi said an important source inside the organization was frustrated with Newton’s “misunderstanding.” Belichick enjoys himself a competitive advantage. Nobody has the ability to go rules-adjacent like The Hoodie.

So, Newton is probably the regular-season starter. However, if he remains unvaccinated, there’s always a risk he misses time. There could be a quick trigger on Newton’s status in this tale-of-different-styles QB battle as the Patriots’ starter. Until then, Newton should give the Patriots a great chance to play competitive football.

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