Plenty of online sportsbooks have appeared in recent years due to the growing popularity of online football betting. From American football betting tips to attractive free bets and bonuses, various online sportsbooks offer different perks and services to attract all kinds of bettors.

However, as more bettors turn to online betting and as more football betting websites continue to pop up, the risk of online theft or downloading unwanted software is higher than ever.

This is why it’s important for new and regular bettors to protect themselves when betting online. To help you safely navigate through websites, here are three simple tips you can do.

1. Look for trusted sportsbooks

The most important part of online betting is finding a licensed and secure online sportsbook.

The easiest way to identify a licensed betting website is by looking at their webpages. Can you find proof of their license to operate anywhere on their website? Most reputable sportsbooks provide a license on their homepage, ‘About Us’ page, or their terms and conditions.

Another way to spot a reliable sportsbook is by checking the lock icon next to its website URL. This means that the website is under a secure encrypted connection allowing you to navigate and transact safely online.

The last proven way that you can validate an online sportsbook is to ask fellow bettors for reviews regarding the website. If the website has a long-standing good reputation within the online betting community, then that means it is legit and reliable.

With a licensed sportsbook, you know you will be in safe hands.

2. Don’t download anything as much as possible

Different platforms and different bettings types sometimes require users to download software for them to bet or play. Many also display tempting ads on their webpages. While this is normal, it’s best to be careful of the tools or apps you’re downloading and the ads you’re clicking.

Downloading something on your phone or computer puts you in a vulnerable position, especially if your device isn’t protected. This software could contain a virus, malware, or spyware that could steal your passwords and other private information.

As much as possible, don’t download or click on anything that may seem suspicious especially if you’re betting on a non-licensed sportsbook. If you do decide to click or download software, make sure you’re on a secured website of a reputable online sportsbook.

3. Pay through a secure online platform

Transactions such as placing bets and withdrawing payouts will all be done online. To make it more convenient and safe, it’s best to use reliable online e-payment services such as PayPal, Google Pay, and WePay, whichever platform will be convenient for you.

Ideally, you would want to avoid using your bank or credit card to prevent your personal finances from any issues. However, if you have no other choice, check with your bank or credit card provider if they have an established system in dealing with identity or financial theft cases.

This is just a precaution. In the instance that something happens to your account, rest assured that your bank or credit card provider has the means to track down perpetrators and retrieve your data.

Prevention is key to secure online football betting

Safe online football betting starts with making sure that you know exactly where and how to properly bet online. Always be on alert and prioritize having your safety—not your money—in mind.