Who Are the Highest-Paid Offensive Tackles in the NFL in 2023?

Who are the highest-paid offensive tackles in the NFL entering the 2023 league year, and which OT has the biggest cap number this season?

Who Are the Highest-Paid Offensive Tackles in the NFL in 2023?

The landscape of the highest-paid offensive tackles in the NFL has dramatically shifted during the past several seasons. Who is the highest-paid OT in the NFL, and which other offensive tackles round out the top of the positional market?

Who is the Highest-Paid Offensive Tackle in the NFL?

Having already reset the NFL’s offensive tackle market with a three-year, $66 million extension in 2020, Laremy Tunsil reclaimed the highest-paid offensive tackle crown by signing a three-year, $75 million contract with the Texans in March 2023.

Tunsil received $50 million in full guarantees, second to only Ronnie Stanley ($60 million) among left tackles. That total includes a $30 million signing bonus and Tunsil’s salaries in 2023 ($2 million) and 2024 ($18 million). He also has $10 million of his 2025 salary guaranteed for injury — it will become fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2024 league year.

Houston received some cap relief via Tunsil’s extension, but his cap charge will still be $26.6 million for the upcoming season. His figures will float between $25 million and $29 million over the life of the deal.

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Who Are the Highest-Paid Offensive Tackles in the NFL?

2) Trent Williams, San Franciso 49ers | AAV: $23.01 million

In March 2021, the 49ers and Trent Williams agreed to a six-year deal worth $138.06 million — good for a $23.01 million AAV. Of that total, $55.1 million is guaranteed, including a $30.1 million signing bonus. As a result, Williams became the NFL’s highest-paid tackle and held that title for two years.

Williams is signed through the 2026 campaign, when he’ll be 38 years old. His contract will stay relatively uniform throughout the life of the deal. Williams’ cap charge will be $27.28 million in 2023 and will top out at $34.15 million in 2026.

3) David Bakhtiari, Green Bay Packers | AAV: $23 million

During the 2020 NFL season, David Bakhtiari became the highest-paid player among offensive tackles in the NFL. The Packers left tackle signed a four-year contract extension worth $92 million. The deal contained a $30 million signing bonus, which was all that was guaranteed in the contract.

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Bakhtiari was due to count more than $28 million on Green Bay’s salary cap in 2023, but the Packers have restructured his contract to reduce that figure. Green Bay converted his $9.5 million roster bonus and $5.5 million of Bakhtiari’s base salary into a signing bonus and pushed money into 2024.

4) Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles | AAV: $20.188 million

Lane Johnson agreed to a one-year, $33.45 million extension in March 2023, but we’re not valuing his new money at that figure. This new contract was more of a restructure that gives Johnson more guarantees, reduces his 2023 cap charge, and makes him the NFL’s highest-paid right tackle.

In total, Johnson now has four years and $80.75 million remaining on his contract. He’ll receive a pay bump in each of the next two seasons, while he also gets $30 million in guarantees. Johnson’s cap number for the upcoming campaign will drop from $24.2 million to $14.8 million as a result of the extension.

5) Jawaan Taylor, Kansas City Chiefs | AAV: $20 million

The Chiefs locked in former Jaguar Jawaan Taylor on the first day of the legal tampering period, inking the 25-year-old to a four-year, $80 million deal with the intention of moving him from right to left tackle. Taylor received $40 million guaranteed at signing and $60 million in total guarantees.

By keeping his 2023 base salary low, Kansas City will set Taylor’s cap charge for next season at just $5.825 million. But from 2024-26, his salaries will increase to $19.5 million, while his cap numbers will, in turn, rise to $24.725 million. Realistically, the Chiefs are tied to Taylor through 2025. After that season, K.C. could release him, having paid him $60 million over three years.

6) Ronnie Stanley, Baltimore Ravens | AAV: $19.75 million

Ronnie Stanley signed a new deal during the 2020 season. At the time of signing the deal, he was only behind Laremy Tunsil among the highest-paid OTs. His five-year contract extension is worth $98.75 million, with an AAV of $19.75 million.

In 2023, Stanley will count $23.67 million against the Ravens’ salary cap. In terms of guarantees, Stanley received $22.5 million via a signing bonus and earned fully guaranteed salaries in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

7) Ryan Ramczyk, New Orleans Saints | AAV: $19.2 million

Ryan Ramczyk is currently the highest-paid offensive tackle who plays on the right side of the line. The Saints got a deal done with Ramczyk ahead of the 2021 season. The new money on the deal was $96 million across five additional years. Ramczyk is under contract through the 2026 season.

The extension had a $19 million signing bonus, $43 million guaranteed at signing, and $60 million in total guarantees. Ramczyk will count just $11.11 million against the Saints’ salary cap in 2023. That is because the Saints restructured his deal to move roughly $10 million in cap space into future seasons while adding a void year in 2027. His cap number is due to be more than $27 million in each of the next three years.

8) Brian O’Neill, Minnesota Vikings | AAV: $18.5 million

Brian O’Neill signed a five-year, $92.5 million contract extension with the Vikings in September 2021. The deal is set to keep him in Minnesota until the 2027 offseason. He received a $20 million signing bonus and $53.526 million in guarantees as part of the deal.

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O’Neill’s had a cap charge of just $7.82 million in 2022, but that will rise to an average of nearly $20.5 million over the next four seasons.

9) Jake Matthews, Atlanta Falcons | AAV: $18.33 million

Jake Matthews is on his third deal with the Falcons. His current contract, a three-year extension signed in March 2022, is worth $55.5 million and includes $26.59 million in guarantees.

Atlanta restructured Matthews’ previous extension in both 2019 and 2020. They did so again in 2023, but instead of moving money to the future, the Falcons shifted $7 million of Matthews’ 2023 roster bonus back into 2022. Atlanta could do this because the 2022 regular season was still underway.

10) Kolton Miller, Las Vegas Raiders | AAV: $18.005 million

Kolton Miller signed a three-year, $54 million extension with the Raiders in April 2021. He received $25 million in full guarantees, including his 2021 base salary ($9.5 million), 2021 roster bonus ($2 million), and 2022 roster bonus ($13.5 million).

Las Vegas eventually converted Miller’s 2022 roster bonus, creating $10.125 million in cap room but adding $3.375 million to his cap charges from 2023 through 2025. As such, he’ll have an average cap figure of $16.38 million over the next three years.