On this week’s episode of Handle Your Business, I will take a look at the leaked video of Jay Gruden, the embattled head coach of the Washington Redskins, and ask why is this surfacing now. I will remind you of the case of Scot McLoughan, the former general manager of the Redskins, who was fired for showing up to work drunk. I will tell you the story of how that story sprung up from nowhere and how the Redskins were able to fire McLoughan without having to pay him the balance of his deal. Finally, I will tell you what this story says about the Redskins organization and the state that it’s in.

Along with that, you will hear about a big deal the NFL made with the referees. There will not be a repeat of the infamous “Fail Mary” in Seattle that replacement referees botched all those years ago. I will also report on the rumors swirling around Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs. You will find out what the cap implications are for a trade if it were to happen this month.

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