NFL Offseason

81 days. That’s all that’s left ladies and gentlemen, 81 long days. Every year it is a struggle to get passed the NFL Draft and NFL free agency period through the rest of the NFL offseason. It is a struggle met with different sports, games, and ways to push yourself through the summer. This year NFL fans got a gift from the NBA gods in a fantastic six-game NBA final between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors. The finals this year was unlike anything anyone could have predicted at the start of the NBA season. It provided fans of the NFL with something to watch while they waited for more NFL content. The Raptors ended up winning their first ever championship winning the series 4-2 and beating the Warriors in the final game at Oracle Arena

Pro Football Network

Tying into the last paragraph, the NFL offseason is a struggle, but those who follow us here at PFN365 have had a great time getting through it. With content every day ranging from podcasts, articles, and film room (with Shane money Mac), PFN has had you covered. The entire team at PFN has been dedicated to making sure we are your number one source for NFL content 365 days a year. We will hopefully continue to keep you covered for years to come.

Questions from the podcast team

How do you get through the NFL offseason every year? Do you watch the NBA and NHL? Or do you truck through the days one by one?

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