George Kittle’s House: 49ers TE Builds Golf Course in Backyard

    George Kittle’s house contains its own six-hole golf course. Find out what else he has built on his 75 acres of land.

    George Kittle is one of the best tight ends in the NFL, and when he isn’t playing for the San Francisco 49ers, he can be found hitting golf balls in his backyard.

    That’s because one day, Kittle and his friends decided to go out and make their course on his 75 acres of land.

    George Kittle’s House

    Kittle spends his time during the season in the Bay Area, but during the offseason, he returns to his family home in Nashville. The property covers 75 acres and has its own fitness center and golf course. shared that Kitlte bought the property in Green Hills in May 2020 for $940,000 and has four bedrooms. However, it is what Kittle has built on the property’s land that grabs the attention.

    George Kittle's House

    The Golf Course

    Speaking on I Am Athlete, Kittle detailed the extras he has built on his property. He has a 75-acre plot, and the TE is always working on building things on his land.

    “I think it was last year, we were sitting there watching The Masters, and we were like, let’s go and mow a golf course,” Kittle said. “Me and one of my buddies, we mowed everything down to like one inch, put flags up. So I have four par-threes and two par-four golf holes.”

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    Kittle makes the most of his time to use his course with his friends. “We’ll go out there and play like three rounds. Six holes, three rounds, 18. We go out there every day after we lift. I have golf carts too, so we’ll throw a cooler on the back of the cart, and go play 18.”

    There is one issue with Kittle’s golf course, though: they don’t putt. “Closest to the pin is what it is.” When asked if he had clearance from his wife, Kittle said, “ I actually think it was her idea.”

    The way Kittle describes the course sounds like a blast. It took him three hours to mow, and friends would go over every Friday and hit balls.

    Kittle’s Workout Facility

    Kittle has also built his workout facility called “The Barn.” The Barn is Kittle’s custom-built facility and is much more than a home gym.

    “It’s a three-story horse barn, and we cleared the whole thing out, poured cement where the dirt was. Then put a bunch of gym mats down, and my dad and my father-in-law installed all that stuff,” Kittle said.

    “Then Technogym came in and brought treadmills, squat racks, bikes, rowing machines, the whole shebang.”

    The fitness center also has much more happening on the other floors. “We then converted the other half of it on the first floor into a kitchen, so we have a chef come out and cook meals for the guys,” Kittle continued to say.

    “The third floor, that is fully carpeted, and that’s yoga … the other side, we have PT tables, a massage room, and a physical therapist comes twice a week.”

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