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Josh Rosen named the backup for the Miami Dolphins and Gators vs UM reaction (Any given Friday Podcast)

Rosen Gators
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Josh Rosen QB2

In the middle of the podcast recording, the news was announced from Brian Flores himself that the Miami Dolphins would be starting Ryan Fitzpatrick over Josh Rosen in Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens. This was also a great way to segment off the Florida Gators vs. Miami Hurricanes talk.

The first reaction from our podcasts hosts is one for the ages as all three are huge Dolphins fans and Rosen supporters. Ultimately anything can happen, but our hosts agree that at some time this season. Rosen was the better quarterback during the second half of training camp and going into the pre-season. Rosen will start eventually, and when he does, he will have his chance to show Brian Flores and Chris Grier why there were wrong or why they were ultimately right. Dolphins fans should root for Rosen and hope that they don’t have a Dolphins moment and draft Gators QB Felipe Franks next season.

Florida Gators vs. Miami Hurricanes instant reaction

The Florida Gators and the Miami Hurricanes played in a college gameday Week 0 matchup last weekend. It was a sloppy game, and neither team looked like they wanted to win the game. With turnovers from the Gators that consisted of two critical fumbles and two picks from Felipe Franks. The Hurricanes played redshirt freshman quarterback Jarren Williams, and although sacked 10 times, Williams was decent for the Hurricanes and gave fans a reason to believe for the rest of the year.

Our podcast hosts had reason to be fired up as our resident Florida Gators fan Kai’Chien Chisholm and Miami Hurricane lover Eric Wiedeke got into a discussion about the game. This included the gloating from Kai’Chien as his Gators were able to beat the Hurricanes 24-20 in the Week 0 matchup.

Questions from the podcast team

  • Are the Miami Hurricanes better than the nation thinks they are?
  • Did the Florida Gators deserve to win the game against the Hurricanes?
  • Should Josh Rosen be the Week 1 starter or is Ryan Fitzpatrick the obvious choice?

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