Football is known as ‘America’s Sport’ and pulls in an average of 100 million viewers per year during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is also the most-watched sporting event in the world, second to the UEFA Champions League. It’s so incredibly famous that commercial airtime is the most expensive of the year due to the high viewership. With such passionate fans, there’s bound to be a few rivalries within the sport. Although there are more than their fair share, these are the fiercest of them all.

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Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens

Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore are large cities with a large population of sports fans. The Steelers vs. the Ravens is one of the most intense rivalries in NFL history. Despite how short they’ve been rivals, they play harder against one another than any other team. Their contention is so popular that it even extends to sports betting websites like Casumo casino.

The teams first met in 1996 when the Ravens initially joined as a team. As soon as they met, their hard physical play and competitive sportsmanship were apparent in the stands. Due to their proximity to each other, the Ravens and Steelers became rivals immediately. As with most of the teams on this list, the rivalry doesn’t stop once the season is over, fans keep the fire going on and off the field.

Even though both teams have a lot of wins under their belt, the Steelers have a lot to be proud of, including six Super Bowl wins. Although the Ravens haven’t had that kind of success, they are known to win games and continue to play as hard as possible against their rivals. Since joining the NFL, the Ravens and Steelers have tied with two Super Bowls each.

Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins

The rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins seems odd and out of place to anyone just getting into the sport. After all, both cities are across the country from one another. But, any fan will tell you that Dallas and Washington have one of the most robust, most bitter rivalries of all time. It began in the 1960s during their first official game against each other.

This rivalry has seen everything from fights on the field, to pranks. In fact, in 1961, Cowboys fans snuck into the Redskin’s Stadium to scatter chicken feed through the area. During the halftime show, they were going to release chickens, but a rep caught them before the prank could continue. In the ’80s, Tom Landry (Dallas coach) supported this rivalry by appearing in multiple commercials.

Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants

Anyone living around the metropolitan area knows of the intense rivalry between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. Besides the NFL, the New York-Philly rivalry takes a prominent role in sports, including the Ranger and Mets. Formed naturally when the Eagles joined in 1933, the Giants destroyed them with a 56-0 win, and the rest is history.

The two teams would be incredibly hostile on and off the field, with some of those times becoming violent. In 1960, Chuck Bednarik from the Eagles rammed into Frank Gifford in ‘NFL’s worst tackle of all time.’ Philly fans, on the other hand, enjoyed the tackle. There were plenty of photos of Bednarik celebrating over Gifford’s seemingly lifeless body. It ended up being less than hilarious for Eagles fans because that tackle sent Gifford into a retirement that lasted years.

Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears

One of the first NFL rivalries ever, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, became arch enemies in 1921. The competition kicked off in September 1924 when the Packers won against the Bears in a 5-0 win. In 1975 the game was removed from the records because it would now be considered a preseason matchup. If they kept this win, the Packers would have won more matches against the Bears.

Just like the rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins, they enjoy their fair share of pranks. The Packers left horse manure in the Bears locker room in the 80s. Since then, both teams have enjoyed pranking each other back and forth.

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