With the fantasy football season underway, Pro Football Network will publish and continuously update our weekly rankings to help you make the most informed start or sit decisions for your fantasy team. We continue with our Week 3 Wide Receiver Rankings for fantasy football. These rankings (at the bottom of the page) are sortable based on either 0.5 or full PPR scoring, so be sure to select the format to have the most accurate rankings possible.

As for wide receiver scoring, it can vary site to site and even league to league. The difference between how many points per reception being the largest differentiating factor. The difference between standard, 0.5 PPR, and full PPR can move players by ten or more spots in rankings based on their reliance on volume or their touchdown dependency. Landing guys on your fantasy football roster that can carry the ball and get targets are the key to a successful team.

Wide Receiver Fantasy Rankings Highlights for Week 3

WR1 – DeAndre Hopkins (vs. Detroit)

If there was a player I was missed on in 2020, it was DeAndre Hopkins. I thought there was no way he would see the target share he was accustomed to in Houston. Technically I was right because it is more. Hopkins 25 targets (32.5% target share) leads all players in the NFL. He also leads the NFL in reception percentage at 88% (22 of 25). Hopkins is a weekly top-5 play regardless of the matchup. This week he faces a Detroit Lions’ defense that is 20th against fantasy receivers.

WR2 – Tyreek Hill (at Baltimore)

I usually am fading or dropping down wide receivers in my fantasy rankings facing the Baltimore Ravens, who are the 2nd-best against opposing receivers. However, none of those are Tyreek Hill, who only needs minimal touches to have an enormous day for fantasy. Hill has caught at least five passes and found the endzone in each of the Chiefs’ games this year. Both teams will need their stars at their best level, and I expect Hill to raise to the occasion. 

WR3 – Calvin Ridley (vs. Chicago)

No receiver has seen their fantasy football value skyrocket like Calvin Ridley. Ridley is currently the WR1 in all of fantasy football, and it’s not even close. His 63.8 PPR points, in just two games, mind you, is 13.9 fantasy points ahead of DeAndre Hopkins. Out of the 25 receivers who have caught at least ten passes, Ridley’s 3.95 fantasy points per touch is nearly half a point higher than his closest competition. For perspective, Ridley’s 3.95 is the equivalent of his gaining 28 yards per catch in PPR scoring, while never needing to get into the endzone. 

Ridley would have been a WR1 this week against the Chicago Bears even with Julio Jones on the field. Now that news has come out that Jones is dealing with a hamstring injury, Ridley becomes an absolute must start and someone who could single-handedly win your fantasy matchup in Week 3. 

Week 3: Wide Receiver and Fantasy Football Rankings

Below are rankings for wide receivers and all other positions. If you need to search for specific player or teams, you can do so using our filters below. Don’t forget to reset them to clear your board and start from the beginning. As injuries and news come in, we will be updating our rankings to make sure you are covered. Please note: On mobile devices, these rankings view best in landscape mode.

FormatScoring FormatNameTeamPositionOverall RankPositional RankOpponent
1QB0.5 PPRAlvin KamaraNORB01RB1vs CAR
1QB0.5 PPRAaron JonesGBRB02RB2@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPREzekiel ElliottDALRB03RB3@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRDerrick HenryTENRB04RB4vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR05WR1vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRKareem HuntCLERB06RB5@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRJames ConnerPITRB07RB6@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRDavante AdamsGBWR08WR2@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPRMike DavisCARRB09RB7@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRTyreek HillKCWR10WR3@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRCalvin RidleyATLWR11WR4vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRJulio JonesATLWR12WR5vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRJames RobinsonJACRB13RB8@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRTravis KelceKCTE14TE1@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRTodd Gurley IIATLRB15RB9vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRD.K. MetcalfSEAWR16WR6@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRJoe MixonCINRB17RB10vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRStefon DiggsBUFWR18WR7@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRChris CarsonSEARB19RB11@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB20RB12@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRKenny GolladayDETWR21WR8@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRMichael ThomasNOWR22WR9vs CAR
1QB0.5 PPRGeorge KittleSFTE23TE2@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRA.J. BrownTENWR24WR10vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRKenyan DrakeARIRB25RB13vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRChris GodwinTBWR26WR11@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRTerry McLaurinWASWR27WR12vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR28WR13@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRRonald Jones IITBRB29RB14@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRDavid JohnsonHOURB30RB15vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRAmari CooperDALWR31WR14@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB32RB16@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRMike EvansTBWR33WR15@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRWill Fuller VHOUWR34WR16vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRDarrell HendersonLARRB35RB17vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRJosh JacobsLVRB36RB18vs TB
1QB0.5 PPRRobert WoodsLARWR37WR17vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB38RB19@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRRobby AndersonCARWR39WR18@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRCooper KuppLARWR40WR19vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRKeenan AllenLACWR41WR20vs JAC
1QB0.5 PPRD'Andre SwiftDETRB42RB20@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRAntonio GibsonWASRB43RB21vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRJames WhiteNERB44RB22vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRCeeDee LambDALWR45WR21@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRChase ClaypoolPITWR46WR22@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRD.J. Chark Jr.JACWR47WR23@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRPhillip LindsayDENRB48RB23vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRD.J. MooreCARWR49WR24@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRTyler LockettSEAWR50WR25@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPROdell Beckham Jr.CLEWR51WR26@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRBoston ScottPHIRB52RB24vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR53WR27@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRTyler BoydCINWR54WR28vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRJamison CrowderNYJWR55WR29vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR56WR30@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRTee HigginsCINWR57WR31vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRT.J. HockensonDETTE58TE3@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRChase EdmondsARIRB59RB25vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRBrandin CooksHOUWR60WR32vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRTravis FulghamPHIWR61WR33vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRDevonta FreemanNYGRB62RB26@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRMichael GallupDALWR63WR34@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR64WR35@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRAdrian PetersonDETRB65RB27@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRJerick McKinnonSFRB66RB28@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRMike WilliamsLACWR67WR36vs JAC
1QB0.5 PPRJerry JeudyDENWR68WR37vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRJohn BrownBUFWR69WR38@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRDeebo SamuelSFWR70WR39@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRChristian KirkARIWR71WR40vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRTim PatrickDENWR72WR41vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRJarvis LandryCLEWR73WR42@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRJustin JacksonLACRB74RB29vs JAC
1QB0.5 PPRDamien HarrisNERB75RB30vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRDarren WallerLVTE76TE4vs TB
1QB0.5 PPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB77RB31@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPRHunter HenryLACTE78TE5vs JAC
1QB0.5 PPRDalton SchultzDALTE79TE6@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRMecole HardmanKCWR80WR43@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR81WR44@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRKeelan ColeJACWR82WR45@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRMelvin Gordon IIIDENRB83RB32vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRJ.D. McKissicWASRB84RB33vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRBrandon AiyukSFWR85WR46@ NE
1QB0.5 PPREvan EngramNYGTE86TE7@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRZack MossBUFRB87RB34@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRRobert TonyanGBTE88TE8@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPRA.J. GreenCINWR89WR47vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRJimmy GrahamCHITE90TE9@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR91WR48vs TB
1QB0.5 PPREric EbronPITTE92TE10@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRJulian EdelmanNEWR93WR49vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRCole BeasleyBUFWR94WR50@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRRob GronkowskiTBTE95TE11@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRAustin HooperCLETE96TE12@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRJames WashingtonPITWR97WR51@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR98WR52@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPRGolden TateNYGWR99WR53@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRHayden HurstATLTE100TE13vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRLe'Veon BellKCRB101RB35@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRRex BurkheadNERB102RB36vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRJared CookNOTE103TE14vs CAR
1QB0.5 PPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR104WR54@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRDeSean JacksonPHIWR105WR55vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRRandall CobbHOUWR106WR56vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRRussell GageATLWR107WR57vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRNoah FantDENTE108TE15vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR109WR58@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRDamiere ByrdNEWR110WR59vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB111RB37vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRAdam HumphriesTENWR112WR60vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRMalcolm BrownLARRB113RB38vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRN'Keal HarryNEWR114WR61vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRJonnu SmithTENTE115TE16vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRAnthony MillerCHIWR116WR62@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRDarren FellsHOUTE117TE17vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRJoshua KelleyLACRB118RB39vs JAC
1QB0.5 PPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR119WR63vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRGreg WardPHIWR120WR64vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRFrank GoreNYJRB121RB40vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR122WR65@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRAndy IsabellaARIWR123WR66vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRKendrick BourneSFWR124WR67@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRLeonard FournetteTBRB125RB41@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRLamical PerineNYJRB126RB42vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRBrian HillATLRB127RB43vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRDanny AmendolaDETWR128WR68@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRScotty MillerTBWR129WR69@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRTyler HigbeeLARTE130TE18vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRRichard RodgersPHITE131TE19vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRLatavius MurrayNORB132RB44vs CAR
1QB0.5 PPRLogan ThomasWASTE133TE20vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRJaMycal HastySFRB134RB45@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRCam AkersLARRB135RB46vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR136WR70vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRNelson AgholorLVWR137WR71vs TB
1QB0.5 PPREmmanuel SandersNOWR138WR72vs CAR
1QB0.5 PPRJeff SmithNYJWR139WR73vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRDontrelle InmanWASWR140WR74vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRCorey DavisTENWR141WR75vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRHunter RenfrowLVWR142WR76vs TB
1QB0.5 PPRGabriel DavisBUFWR143WR77@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRGerald EverettLARTE144TE21vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR145WR78@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRD'Ernest JohnsonCLERB146RB47@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRTony PollardDALRB147RB48@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR148WR79vs CAR
1QB0.5 PPRChris ThompsonJACRB149RB49@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRGiovani BernardCINRB150RB50vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRDrew SampleCINTE151TE22vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB152RB51vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB153RB52@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRTyler JohnsonTBWR154WR80@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR155WR81vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRAnthony FirkserTENTE156TE23vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRRashard HigginsCLEWR157WR82@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRChris ConleyJACWR158WR83@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRGreg OlsenSEATE159TE24@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRIan ThomasCARTE160TE25@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRDion LewisNYGRB161RB53@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRCameron BrateTBTE162TE26@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB163RB54@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRTyler EifertJACTE164TE27@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRJohn HightowerPHIWR165WR84vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRWayne GallmanNYGRB166RB55@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRCorey ClementPHIRB167RB56vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRTyler KroftBUFTE168TE28@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRCurtis SamuelCARWR169WR85@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE170TE29vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB171RB57@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPROlamide ZaccheausATLWR172WR86vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRIsaiah WrightWASWR173WR87vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRCedrick WilsonDALWR174WR88@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRDan ArnoldARITE175TE30vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB176RB58@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE177TE31@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRIto SmithATLRB178RB59vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRKenny StillsHOUWR179WR89vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRRoyce FreemanDENRB180RB60vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRCollin JohnsonJACWR181WR90@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRKalif RaymondTENWR182WR91vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRDavid MooreSEAWR183WR92@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRDawson KnoxBUFTE184TE32@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRTy JohnsonNYJRB185RB61vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR186WR93vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRDenzel MimsNYJWR187WR94vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRVance McDonaldPITTE188TE33@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRJalen GuytonLACWR189WR95vs JAC
1QB0.5 PPRWill DisslySEATE190TE34@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR191WR96vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRMike ThomasCINWR192WR97vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRDarrius ShepherdGBWR193WR98@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPRDavid NjokuCLETE194TE35@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRAlbert OkwuegbunamDENTE195TE36vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRCole KmetCHITE196TE37@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB197RB62@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRChristian BlakeATLWR198WR99vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB199RB63@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRTrent TaylorSFWR200WR100@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR201WR101@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRPeyton BarberWASRB202RB64vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRJalen RichardLVRB203RB65vs TB
1QB0.5 PPRJJ Arcega-WhitesidePHIWR204WR102vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRKyle JuszczykSFRB205RB66@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRSterling ShepardNYGWR206WR103@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRJalen ReagorPHIWR207WR104vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRVan JeffersonLARWR208WR105vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRDontrell HilliardCLERB209RB67@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRTravis HomerSEARB210RB68@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRJaylen SamuelsPITRB211RB69@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRJakobi MeyersNEWR212WR106vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRAJ DillonGBRB213RB70@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPRByron PringleKCWR214WR107@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRCam SimsWASWR215WR108vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRCarlos HydeSEARB216RB71@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRTrenton CannonCARRB217RB72@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRLeSean McCoyTBRB218RB73@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRT.J. YeldonBUFRB219RB74@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRRaheem MostertSFRB220RB75@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRJason HuntleyPHIRB221RB76vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRDarwin ThompsonKCRB222RB77@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRAlex ArmahCARRB223RB78@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRRyan NallCHIRB224RB79@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRC.J. ProsiseHOURB225RB80vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRJakob JohnsonNERB226RB81vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB227RB82@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRDevontae BookerLVRB228RB83vs TB
1QB0.5 PPRDeAndre WashingtonKCRB229RB84@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRElijhaa PennyNYGRB230RB85@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRSamaje PerineCINRB231RB86vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPREno BenjaminARIRB232RB87vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRJosh AdamsNYJRB233RB88vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRDeeJay DallasSEARB234RB89@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRKyler MurrayARIQB235QB1vs SEA
1QB0.5 PPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB236QB2@ DEN
1QB0.5 PPRRussell WilsonSEAQB237QB3@ ARI
1QB0.5 PPRJosh AllenBUFQB238QB4@ NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB239QB5vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRAaron RodgersGBQB240QB6@ HOU
1QB0.5 PPRMatt RyanATLQB241QB7vs DET
1QB0.5 PPRMatthew StaffordDETQB242QB8@ ATL
1QB0.5 PPRJustin HerbertLACQB243QB9vs JAC
1QB0.5 PPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB244QB10@ TEN
1QB0.5 PPRDrew BreesNOQB245QB11vs CAR
1QB0.5 PPRCam NewtonNEQB246QB12vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRRyan TannehillTENQB247QB13vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRTom BradyTBQB248QB14@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRGardner Minshew IIJACQB249QB15@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRJoe BurrowCINQB250QB16vs CLE
1QB0.5 PPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB251QB17@ NO
1QB0.5 PPRAndy DaltonDALQB252QB18@ WAS
1QB0.5 PPRCarson WentzPHIQB253QB19vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRJared GoffLARQB254QB20vs CHI
1QB0.5 PPRDerek CarrLVQB255QB21vs TB
1QB0.5 PPRJimmy GaroppoloSFQB256QB22@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRDaniel JonesNYGQB257QB23@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB258QB24@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRKyle AllenWASQB259QB25vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRDrew LockDENQB260QB26vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRNick FolesCHIQB261QB27@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRJoe FlaccoNYJQB262QB28vs BUF
1QB0.5 PPRJalen HurtsPHIQB263QB29vs NYG
1QB0.5 PPRBrett RypienDENQB264QB30vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRJarrett StidhamNEQB265QB31vs SF
1QB0.5 PPRC.J. BeathardSFQB266QB32@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRNick MullensSFQB267QB33@ NE
1QB0.5 PPRAlex SmithWASQB268QB34vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRKyler MurrayARIQB01QB1vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB02QB2@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRRussell WilsonSEAQB03QB3@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh AllenBUFQB04QB4@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB05QB5vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRAaron RodgersGBQB06QB6@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRMatt RyanATLQB07QB7vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRMatthew StaffordDETQB08QB8@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRJustin HerbertLACQB09QB9vs JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB10QB10@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRAlvin KamaraNORB11RB1vs CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRAaron JonesGBRB12RB2@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPREzekiel ElliottDALRB13RB3@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRDrew BreesNOQB14QB11vs CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRCam NewtonNEQB15QB12vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan TannehillTENQB16QB13vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRTom BradyTBQB17QB14@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR18WR1vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRGardner Minshew IIJACQB19QB15@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRJoe BurrowCINQB20QB16vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB21QB17@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRDerrick HenryTENRB22RB4vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRAndy DaltonDALQB23QB18@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRKareem HuntCLERB24RB5@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRDavante AdamsGBWR25WR2@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRJames ConnerPITRB26RB6@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRCarson WentzPHIQB27QB19vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRJared GoffLARQB28QB20vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDerek CarrLVQB29QB21vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPRMike DavisCARRB30RB7@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRTyreek HillKCWR31WR3@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJimmy GaroppoloSFQB32QB22@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRJames RobinsonJACRB33RB8@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDaniel JonesNYGQB34QB23@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRCalvin RidleyATLWR35WR4vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB36QB24@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRKyle AllenWASQB37QB25vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRTodd Gurley IIATLRB38RB9vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRJulio JonesATLWR39WR5vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRD.K. MetcalfSEAWR40WR6@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRStefon DiggsBUFWR41WR7@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRDrew LockDENQB42QB26vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRKenny GolladayDETWR43WR8@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRJoe MixonCINRB44RB10vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRNick FolesCHIQB45QB27@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRMichael ThomasNOWR46WR9vs CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRA.J. BrownTENWR47WR10vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRChris GodwinTBWR48WR11@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRChris CarsonSEARB49RB11@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRTerry McLaurinWASWR50WR12vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRJoe FlaccoNYJQB51QB28vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB52RB12@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRTravis KelceKCTE53TE1@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRKenyan DrakeARIRB54RB13vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRRonald Jones IITBRB55RB14@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR56WR13@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRAmari CooperDALWR57WR14@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRMike EvansTBWR58WR15@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRWill Fuller VHOUWR59WR16vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRDavid JohnsonHOURB60RB15vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRRobert WoodsLARWR61WR17vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB62RB16@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRRobby AndersonCARWR63WR18@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRCooper KuppLARWR64WR19vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDarrell HendersonLARRB65RB17vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRKeenan AllenLACWR66WR20vs JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh JacobsLVRB67RB18vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPRCeeDee LambDALWR68WR21@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRChase ClaypoolPITWR69WR22@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen HurtsPHIQB70QB29vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRD.J. Chark Jr.JACWR71WR23@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRD.J. MooreCARWR72WR24@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB73RB19@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRD'Andre SwiftDETRB74RB20@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRGeorge KittleSFTE75TE2@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler LockettSEAWR76WR25@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPROdell Beckham Jr.CLEWR77WR26@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR78WR27@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler BoydCINWR79WR28vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRT.J. HockensonDETTE80TE3@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRAntonio GibsonWASRB81RB21vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRJamison CrowderNYJWR82WR29vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR83WR30@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJames WhiteNERB84RB22vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRTee HigginsCINWR85WR31vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRBrandin CooksHOUWR86WR32vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRPhillip LindsayDENRB87RB23vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRBoston ScottPHIRB88RB24vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRChase EdmondsARIRB89RB25vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRDarren WallerLVTE90TE4vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPRTravis FulghamPHIWR91WR33vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRMichael GallupDALWR92WR34@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRDevonta FreemanNYGRB93RB26@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR94WR35@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRMike WilliamsLACWR95WR36vs JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRJerry JeudyDENWR96WR37vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRJohn BrownBUFWR97WR38@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRDeebo SamuelSFWR98WR39@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRChristian KirkARIWR99WR40vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRAdrian PetersonDETRB100RB27@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRTim PatrickDENWR101WR41vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRJerick McKinnonSFRB102RB28@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRJustin JacksonLACRB103RB29vs JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRJarvis LandryCLEWR104WR42@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRHunter HenryLACTE105TE5vs JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDalton SchultzDALTE106TE6@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRDamien HarrisNERB107RB30vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRMecole HardmanKCWR108WR43@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR109WR44@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPREvan EngramNYGTE110TE7@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRKeelan ColeJACWR111WR45@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRRobert TonyanGBTE112TE8@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRBrandon AiyukSFWR113WR46@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRA.J. GreenCINWR114WR47vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR115WR48vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPRJulian EdelmanNEWR116WR49vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRCole BeasleyBUFWR117WR50@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRJimmy GrahamCHITE118TE9@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRJames WashingtonPITWR119WR51@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB120RB31@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPREric EbronPITTE121TE10@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR122WR52@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRRob GronkowskiTBTE123TE11@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRMelvin Gordon IIIDENRB124RB32vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRJ.D. McKissicWASRB125RB33vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRGolden TateNYGWR126WR53@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR127WR54@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRZack MossBUFRB128RB34@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRDeSean JacksonPHIWR129WR55vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRRandall CobbHOUWR130WR56vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRRussell GageATLWR131WR57vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR132WR58@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRAustin HooperCLETE133TE12@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRHayden HurstATLTE134TE13vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRDamiere ByrdNEWR135WR59vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRLe'Veon BellKCRB136RB35@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRAdam HumphriesTENWR137WR60vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRJared CookNOTE138TE14vs CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRN'Keal HarryNEWR139WR61vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRAnthony MillerCHIWR140WR62@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR141WR63vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRNoah FantDENTE142TE15vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRGreg WardPHIWR143WR64vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRRex BurkheadNERB144RB36vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB145RB37vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR146WR65@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRAndy IsabellaARIWR147WR66vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRJonnu SmithTENTE148TE16vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRKendrick BourneSFWR149WR67@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRDanny AmendolaDETWR150WR68@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRScotty MillerTBWR151WR69@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR152WR70vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRNelson AgholorLVWR153WR71vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPREmmanuel SandersNOWR154WR72vs CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRMalcolm BrownLARRB155RB38vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRJeff SmithNYJWR156WR73vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRDarren FellsHOUTE157TE17vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRJoshua KelleyLACRB158RB39vs JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler HigbeeLARTE159TE18vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRRichard RodgersPHITE160TE19vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRDontrelle InmanWASWR161WR74vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRCorey DavisTENWR162WR75vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRFrank GoreNYJRB163RB40vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRLogan ThomasWASTE164TE20vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRLeonard FournetteTBRB165RB41@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRGerald EverettLARTE166TE21vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRHunter RenfrowLVWR167WR76vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPRGabriel DavisBUFWR168WR77@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRLamical PerineNYJRB169RB42vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR170WR78@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR171WR79vs CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRBrian HillATLRB172RB43vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler JohnsonTBWR173WR80@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRDrew SampleCINTE174TE22vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRLatavius MurrayNORB175RB44vs CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR176WR81vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRRashard HigginsCLEWR177WR82@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRAnthony FirkserTENTE178TE23vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRJaMycal HastySFRB179RB45@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRChris ConleyJACWR180WR83@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRJohn HightowerPHIWR181WR84vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRCam AkersLARRB182RB46vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRD'Ernest JohnsonCLERB183RB47@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRCurtis SamuelCARWR184WR85@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRTony PollardDALRB185RB48@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRChris ThompsonJACRB186RB49@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRGiovani BernardCINRB187RB50vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB188RB51vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRGreg OlsenSEATE189TE24@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPROlamide ZaccheausATLWR190WR86vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB191RB52@ ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRDion LewisNYGRB192RB53@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRIsaiah WrightWASWR193WR87vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRCedrick WilsonDALWR194WR88@ WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRKenny StillsHOUWR195WR89vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRCollin JohnsonJACWR196WR90@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRKalif RaymondTENWR197WR91vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB198RB54@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRWayne GallmanNYGRB199RB55@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDavid MooreSEAWR200WR92@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRIan ThomasCARTE201TE25@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRCorey ClementPHIRB202RB56vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRCameron BrateTBTE203TE26@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler EifertJACTE204TE27@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR205WR93vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRDenzel MimsNYJWR206WR94vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen GuytonLACWR207WR95vs JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler KroftBUFTE208TE28@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE209TE29vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR210WR96vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRDan ArnoldARITE211TE30vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRMike ThomasCINWR212WR97vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE213TE31@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDawson KnoxBUFTE214TE32@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRDarrius ShepherdGBWR215WR98@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB216RB57@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB217RB58@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRVance McDonaldPITTE218TE33@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRWill DisslySEATE219TE34@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRChristian BlakeATLWR220WR99vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRDavid NjokuCLETE221TE35@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRTrent TaylorSFWR222WR100@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR223WR101@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRAlbert OkwuegbunamDENTE224TE36vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRCole KmetCHITE225TE37@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRBrett RypienDENQB226QB30vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRJarrett StidhamNEQB227QB31vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRC.J. BeathardSFQB228QB32@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRNick MullensSFQB229QB33@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRAlex SmithWASQB230QB34vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRIto SmithATLRB231RB59vs DET
Superflex0.5 PPRRoyce FreemanDENRB232RB60vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRJJ Arcega-WhitesidePHIWR233WR102vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRSterling ShepardNYGWR234WR103@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen ReagorPHIWR235WR104vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRVan JeffersonLARWR236WR105vs CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRJakobi MeyersNEWR237WR106vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRTy JohnsonNYJRB238RB61vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRByron PringleKCWR239WR107@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRCam SimsWASWR240WR108vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB241RB62@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB242RB63@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRPeyton BarberWASRB243RB64vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen RichardLVRB244RB65vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPRKyle JuszczykSFRB245RB66@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRDontrell HilliardCLERB246RB67@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRTravis HomerSEARB247RB68@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRJaylen SamuelsPITRB248RB69@ TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRAJ DillonGBRB249RB70@ HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRCarlos HydeSEARB250RB71@ ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRTrenton CannonCARRB251RB72@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRLeSean McCoyTBRB252RB73@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRT.J. YeldonBUFRB253RB74@ NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRRaheem MostertSFRB254RB75@ NE
Superflex0.5 PPRJason HuntleyPHIRB255RB76vs NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRDarwin ThompsonKCRB256RB77@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRAlex ArmahCARRB257RB78@ NO
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan NallCHIRB258RB79@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRC.J. ProsiseHOURB259RB80vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRJakob JohnsonNERB260RB81vs SF
Superflex0.5 PPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB261RB82@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDevontae BookerLVRB262RB83vs TB
Superflex0.5 PPRDeAndre WashingtonKCRB263RB84@ DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRElijhaa PennyNYGRB264RB85@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRSamaje PerineCINRB265RB86vs CLE
Superflex0.5 PPREno BenjaminARIRB266RB87vs SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh AdamsNYJRB267RB88vs BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRDeeJay DallasSEARB268RB89@ ARI
1QBPPRAlvin KamaraNORB01RB1vs CAR
1QBPPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR02WR1vs SEA
1QBPPRDavante AdamsGBWR03WR2@ HOU
1QBPPREzekiel ElliottDALRB05RB3@ WAS
1QBPPRCalvin RidleyATLWR09WR4vs DET
1QBPPRDerrick HenryTENRB10RB6vs PIT
1QBPPRMichael ThomasNOWR14WR7vs CAR
1QBPPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR16WR9@ LAR
1QBPPRTravis KelceKCTE18TE1@ DEN
1QBPPRKenny GolladayDETWR19WR10@ ATL
1QBPPRChris GodwinTBWR20WR11@ LV
1QBPPRTerry McLaurinWASWR21WR12vs DAL
1QBPPRKenyan DrakeARIRB22RB9vs SEA
1QBPPRAmari CooperDALWR23WR13@ WAS
1QBPPRRobert WoodsLARWR24WR14vs CHI
1QBPPRKeenan AllenLACWR26WR16vs JAC
1QBPPRMike EvansTBWR27WR17@ LV
1QBPPRJames RobinsonJACRB28RB10@ LAC
1QBPPRWill Fuller VHOUWR29WR18vs GB
1QBPPRCooper KuppLARWR30WR19vs CHI
1QBPPRRobby AndersonCARWR31WR20@ NO
1QBPPRChase ClaypoolPITWR33WR22@ TEN
1QBPPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB34RB11@ DEN
1QBPPRRonald Jones IITBRB36RB13@ LV
1QBPPRGeorge KittleSFTE37TE2@ NE
1QBPPRChris CarsonSEARB38RB14@ ARI
1QBPPRDavid JohnsonHOURB40RB15vs GB
1QBPPRDarrell HendersonLARRB42RB16vs CHI
1QBPPRTyler LockettSEAWR45WR26@ ARI
1QBPPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB46RB17@ LAR
1QBPPRJamison CrowderNYJWR47WR27vs BUF
1QBPPROdell Beckham Jr.CLEWR48WR28@ CIN
1QBPPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB49RB18@ NYJ
1QBPPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR50WR29@ TEN
1QBPPRJosh JacobsLVRB51RB19vs TB
1QBPPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR52WR30@ PHI
1QBPPRTee HigginsCINWR53WR31vs CLE
1QBPPRTravis FulghamPHIWR54WR32vs NYG
1QBPPRDarren WallerLVTE56TE4vs TB
1QBPPRJames WhiteNERB57RB21vs SF
1QBPPRAntonio GibsonWASRB58RB22vs DAL
1QBPPRBrandin CooksHOUWR59WR33vs GB
1QBPPRBoston ScottPHIRB60RB23vs NYG
1QBPPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR61WR34@ LAC
1QBPPRMichael GallupDALWR62WR35@ WAS
1QBPPRPhillip LindsayDENRB63RB24vs KC
1QBPPRChristian KirkARIWR64WR36vs SEA
1QBPPRJerry JeudyDENWR65WR37vs KC
1QBPPRDevonta FreemanNYGRB66RB25@ PHI
1QBPPRChase EdmondsARIRB67RB26vs SEA
1QBPPRTim PatrickDENWR68WR38vs KC
1QBPPRMike WilliamsLACWR69WR39vs JAC
1QBPPRAdrian PetersonDETRB71RB27@ ATL
1QBPPRDeebo SamuelSFWR72WR41@ NE
1QBPPRJarvis LandryCLEWR73WR42@ CIN
1QBPPRHunter HenryLACTE74TE5vs JAC
1QBPPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR75WR43@ ATL
1QBPPRDalton SchultzDALTE77TE6@ WAS
1QBPPRMecole HardmanKCWR79WR45@ DEN
1QBPPRBrandon AiyukSFWR80WR46@ NE
1QBPPRRobert TonyanGBTE81TE8@ HOU
1QBPPRJulian EdelmanNEWR82WR47vs SF
1QBPPRCole BeasleyBUFWR83WR48@ NYJ
1QBPPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB85RB28@ HOU
1QBPPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR86WR50vs TB
1QBPPRJames WashingtonPITWR89WR51@ TEN
1QBPPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR90WR52@ HOU
1QBPPRRob GronkowskiTBTE92TE11@ LV
1QBPPRJerick McKinnonSFRB93RB30@ NE
1QBPPRJustin JacksonLACRB94RB31vs JAC
1QBPPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR96WR54@ TEN
1QBPPRRussell GageATLWR97WR55vs DET
1QBPPRAustin HooperCLETE98TE12@ CIN
1QBPPRRandall CobbHOUWR99WR56vs GB
1QBPPRAdam HumphriesTENWR100WR57vs PIT
1QBPPRDeSean JacksonPHIWR101WR58vs NYG
1QBPPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR102WR59@ DEN
1QBPPRHayden HurstATLTE103TE13vs DET
1QBPPRMelvin Gordon IIIDENRB104RB32vs KC
1QBPPRDamiere ByrdNEWR105WR60vs SF
1QBPPRAnthony MillerCHIWR106WR61@ LAR
1QBPPRN'Keal HarryNEWR107WR62vs SF
1QBPPRLe'Veon BellKCRB108RB33@ DEN
1QBPPRNoah FantDENTE109TE14vs KC
1QBPPRJared CookNOTE110TE15vs CAR
1QBPPRDamien HarrisNERB112RB34vs SF
1QBPPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR113WR64@ LAR
1QBPPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB114RB35vs GB
1QBPPRDanny AmendolaDETWR115WR65@ ATL
1QBPPRJonnu SmithTENTE116TE16vs PIT
1QBPPRKendrick BourneSFWR117WR66@ NE
1QBPPRRex BurkheadNERB118RB36vs SF
1QBPPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR119WR67vs BUF
1QBPPRAndy IsabellaARIWR120WR68vs SEA
1QBPPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR121WR69vs SEA
1QBPPRTyler HigbeeLARTE122TE17vs CHI
1QBPPRScotty MillerTBWR123WR70@ LV
1QBPPRNelson AgholorLVWR124WR71vs TB
1QBPPREmmanuel SandersNOWR125WR72vs CAR
1QBPPRJeff SmithNYJWR126WR73vs BUF
1QBPPRDarren FellsHOUTE127TE18vs GB
1QBPPRDontrelle InmanWASWR129WR74vs DAL
1QBPPRHunter RenfrowLVWR130WR75vs TB
1QBPPRRichard RodgersPHITE131TE19vs NYG
1QBPPRLogan ThomasWASTE132TE20vs DAL
1QBPPRGerald EverettLARTE133TE21vs CHI
1QBPPRCorey DavisTENWR134WR76vs PIT
1QBPPRLamical PerineNYJRB135RB38vs BUF
1QBPPRMalcolm BrownLARRB136RB39vs CHI
1QBPPRFrank GoreNYJRB137RB40vs BUF
1QBPPRGabriel DavisBUFWR138WR77@ NYJ
1QBPPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR139WR78vs CAR
1QBPPRTyler JohnsonTBWR140WR79@ LV
1QBPPRDrew SampleCINTE141TE22vs CLE
1QBPPRJoshua KelleyLACRB142RB41vs JAC
1QBPPRAnthony FirkserTENTE143TE23vs PIT
1QBPPRBrian HillATLRB144RB42vs DET
1QBPPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR145WR80vs CHI
1QBPPRLeonard FournetteTBRB146RB43@ LV
1QBPPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR147WR81@ LAR
1QBPPRRashard HigginsCLEWR148WR82@ CIN
1QBPPRChris ConleyJACWR149WR83@ LAC
1QBPPRLatavius MurrayNORB150RB44vs CAR
1QBPPRJohn HightowerPHIWR151WR84vs NYG
1QBPPRChris ThompsonJACRB152RB45@ LAC
1QBPPRD'Ernest JohnsonCLERB153RB46@ CIN
1QBPPRTony PollardDALRB154RB47@ WAS
1QBPPRIan ThomasCARTE155TE24@ NO
1QBPPRIsaiah WrightWASWR156WR85vs DAL
1QBPPROlamide ZaccheausATLWR157WR86vs DET
1QBPPRGiovani BernardCINRB158RB48vs CLE
1QBPPRCedrick WilsonDALWR160WR87@ WAS
1QBPPRCurtis SamuelCARWR161WR88@ NO
1QBPPRJaMycal HastySFRB162RB50@ NE
1QBPPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR163WR89vs KC
1QBPPRKenny StillsHOUWR166WR90vs GB
1QBPPRDenzel MimsNYJWR167WR91vs BUF
1QBPPRCameron BrateTBTE168TE26@ LV
1QBPPRKalif RaymondTENWR169WR92vs PIT
1QBPPRTyler EifertJACTE170TE27@ LAC
1QBPPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB171RB52@ ATL
1QBPPRWayne GallmanNYGRB172RB53@ PHI
1QBPPRJalen GuytonLACWR173WR93vs JAC
1QBPPRTyler KroftBUFTE174TE28@ NYJ
1QBPPRRoyce FreemanDENRB175RB54vs KC
1QBPPRDavid MooreSEAWR176WR94@ ARI
1QBPPRCollin JohnsonJACWR177WR95@ LAC
1QBPPRKyle JuszczykSFRB178RB55@ NE
1QBPPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE179TE29vs BUF
1QBPPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE181TE30@ LAC
1QBPPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR182WR96vs BUF
1QBPPRDan ArnoldARITE183TE31vs SEA
1QBPPRDawson KnoxBUFTE184TE32@ NYJ
1QBPPRMike ThomasCINWR185WR97vs CLE
1QBPPRVance McDonaldPITTE186TE33@ TEN
1QBPPRChristian BlakeATLWR187WR98vs DET
1QBPPRDavid NjokuCLETE188TE34@ CIN
1QBPPRWill DisslySEATE189TE35@ ARI
1QBPPRAlbert OkwuegbunamDENTE190TE36vs KC
1QBPPRDarrius ShepherdGBWR192WR99@ HOU
1QBPPRTrent TaylorSFWR193WR100@ NE
1QBPPRCorey ClementPHIRB194RB57vs NYG
1QBPPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB195RB58@ TEN
1QBPPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR196WR101@ NYJ
1QBPPRSterling ShepardNYGWR197WR102@ PHI
1QBPPRJJ Arcega-WhitesidePHIWR198WR103vs NYG
1QBPPRJalen ReagorPHIWR199WR104vs NYG
1QBPPRVan JeffersonLARWR200WR105vs CHI
1QBPPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB201RB59@ DEN
1QBPPRJakobi MeyersNEWR202WR106vs SF
1QBPPRJalen RichardLVRB203RB60vs TB
1QBPPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB204RB61@ NE
1QBPPRByron PringleKCWR205WR107@ DEN
1QBPPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB207RB62@ TEN
1QBPPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB208RB63vs PIT
1QBPPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB209RB64@ LV
1QBPPRTy JohnsonNYJRB210RB65vs BUF
1QBPPRPeyton BarberWASRB211RB66vs DAL
1QBPPRJaylen SamuelsPITRB212RB67@ TEN
1QBPPRDontrell HilliardCLERB213RB68@ CIN
1QBPPRTravis HomerSEARB214RB69@ ARI
1QBPPRTrenton CannonCARRB215RB70@ NO
1QBPPRCarlos HydeSEARB219RB74@ ARI
1QBPPRRaheem MostertSFRB220RB75@ NE
1QBPPRJakob JohnsonNERB221RB76vs SF
1QBPPRJason HuntleyPHIRB222RB77vs NYG
1QBPPRDarwin ThompsonKCRB223RB78@ DEN
1QBPPRAlex ArmahCARRB224RB79@ NO
1QBPPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB226RB81@ LAC
1QBPPRElijhaa PennyNYGRB227RB82@ PHI
1QBPPRDevontae BookerLVRB228RB83vs TB
1QBPPRC.J. ProsiseHOURB229RB84vs GB
1QBPPRDeAndre WashingtonKCRB230RB85@ DEN
1QBPPRSamaje PerineCINRB231RB86vs CLE
1QBPPREno BenjaminARIRB232RB87vs SEA
1QBPPRDeeJay DallasSEARB233RB88@ ARI
1QBPPRJosh AdamsNYJRB234RB89vs BUF
1QBPPRKyler MurrayARIQB235QB1vs SEA
1QBPPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB236QB2@ DEN
1QBPPRRussell WilsonSEAQB237QB3@ ARI
1QBPPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB239QB5vs GB
1QBPPRAaron RodgersGBQB240QB6@ HOU
1QBPPRMatthew StaffordDETQB242QB8@ ATL
1QBPPRJustin HerbertLACQB243QB9vs JAC
1QBPPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB244QB10@ TEN
1QBPPRDrew BreesNOQB245QB11vs CAR
1QBPPRCam NewtonNEQB246QB12vs SF
1QBPPRRyan TannehillTENQB247QB13vs PIT
1QBPPRTom BradyTBQB248QB14@ LV
1QBPPRGardner Minshew IIJACQB249QB15@ LAC
1QBPPRJoe BurrowCINQB250QB16vs CLE
1QBPPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB251QB17@ NO
1QBPPRAndy DaltonDALQB252QB18@ WAS
1QBPPRCarson WentzPHIQB253QB19vs NYG
1QBPPRJared GoffLARQB254QB20vs CHI
1QBPPRDerek CarrLVQB255QB21vs TB
1QBPPRJimmy GaroppoloSFQB256QB22@ NE
1QBPPRDaniel JonesNYGQB257QB23@ PHI
1QBPPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB258QB24@ CIN
1QBPPRKyle AllenWASQB259QB25vs DAL
1QBPPRDrew LockDENQB260QB26vs KC
1QBPPRJoe FlaccoNYJQB262QB28vs BUF
1QBPPRJalen HurtsPHIQB263QB29vs NYG
1QBPPRBrett RypienDENQB264QB30vs KC
1QBPPRJarrett StidhamNEQB265QB31vs SF
1QBPPRC.J. BeathardSFQB266QB32@ NE
1QBPPRNick MullensSFQB267QB33@ NE
1QBPPRAlex SmithWASQB268QB34vs DAL
SuperflexPPRKyler MurrayARIQB01QB1vs SEA
SuperflexPPRAlvin KamaraNORB02RB1vs CAR
SuperflexPPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB03QB2@ DEN
SuperflexPPRRussell WilsonSEAQB04QB3@ ARI
SuperflexPPRJosh AllenBUFQB05QB4@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR06WR1vs SEA
SuperflexPPRDavante AdamsGBWR07WR2@ HOU
SuperflexPPRAaron JonesGBRB08RB2@ HOU
SuperflexPPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB09QB5vs GB
SuperflexPPRAaron RodgersGBQB10QB6@ HOU
SuperflexPPREzekiel ElliottDALRB11RB3@ WAS
SuperflexPPRMatt RyanATLQB12QB7vs DET
SuperflexPPRMatthew StaffordDETQB13QB8@ ATL
SuperflexPPRKareem HuntCLERB14RB4@ CIN
SuperflexPPRJustin HerbertLACQB15QB9vs JAC
SuperflexPPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB16QB10@ TEN
SuperflexPPRJames ConnerPITRB17RB5@ TEN
SuperflexPPRDrew BreesNOQB18QB11vs CAR
SuperflexPPRTyreek HillKCWR19WR3@ DEN
SuperflexPPRCalvin RidleyATLWR20WR4vs DET
SuperflexPPRJulio JonesATLWR21WR5vs DET
SuperflexPPRDerrick HenryTENRB22RB6vs PIT
SuperflexPPRMike DavisCARRB23RB7@ NO
SuperflexPPRD.K. MetcalfSEAWR24WR6@ ARI
SuperflexPPRCam NewtonNEQB25QB12vs SF
SuperflexPPRRyan TannehillTENQB26QB13vs PIT
SuperflexPPRTom BradyTBQB27QB14@ LV
SuperflexPPRMichael ThomasNOWR28WR7vs CAR
SuperflexPPRStefon DiggsBUFWR29WR8@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRGardner Minshew IIJACQB30QB15@ LAC
SuperflexPPRJoe BurrowCINQB31QB16vs CLE
SuperflexPPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR32WR9@ LAR
SuperflexPPRTodd Gurley IIATLRB33RB8vs DET
SuperflexPPRTravis KelceKCTE34TE1@ DEN
SuperflexPPRKenny GolladayDETWR35WR10@ ATL
SuperflexPPRChris GodwinTBWR36WR11@ LV
SuperflexPPRTerry McLaurinWASWR37WR12vs DAL
SuperflexPPRKenyan DrakeARIRB38RB9vs SEA
SuperflexPPRAmari CooperDALWR39WR13@ WAS
SuperflexPPRRobert WoodsLARWR40WR14vs CHI
SuperflexPPRA.J. BrownTENWR41WR15vs PIT
SuperflexPPRKeenan AllenLACWR42WR16vs JAC
SuperflexPPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB43QB17@ NO
SuperflexPPRAndy DaltonDALQB44QB18@ WAS
SuperflexPPRCarson WentzPHIQB45QB19vs NYG
SuperflexPPRMike EvansTBWR46WR17@ LV
SuperflexPPRJames RobinsonJACRB47RB10@ LAC
SuperflexPPRWill Fuller VHOUWR48WR18vs GB
SuperflexPPRJared GoffLARQB49QB20vs CHI
SuperflexPPRDerek CarrLVQB50QB21vs TB
SuperflexPPRCooper KuppLARWR51WR19vs CHI
SuperflexPPRRobby AndersonCARWR52WR20@ NO
SuperflexPPRCeeDee LambDALWR53WR21@ WAS
SuperflexPPRChase ClaypoolPITWR54WR22@ TEN
SuperflexPPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB55RB11@ DEN
SuperflexPPRJoe MixonCINRB56RB12vs CLE
SuperflexPPRJimmy GaroppoloSFQB57QB22@ NE
SuperflexPPRRonald Jones IITBRB58RB13@ LV
SuperflexPPRGeorge KittleSFTE59TE2@ NE
SuperflexPPRChris CarsonSEARB60RB14@ ARI
SuperflexPPRD.J. Chark Jr.JACWR61WR23@ LAC
SuperflexPPRDavid JohnsonHOURB62RB15vs GB
SuperflexPPRD.J. MooreCARWR63WR24@ NO
SuperflexPPRDarrell HendersonLARRB64RB16vs CHI
SuperflexPPRDaniel JonesNYGQB65QB23@ PHI
SuperflexPPRT.J. HockensonDETTE66TE3@ ATL
SuperflexPPRTyler BoydCINWR67WR25vs CLE
SuperflexPPRTyler LockettSEAWR68WR26@ ARI
SuperflexPPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB69RB17@ LAR
SuperflexPPRJamison CrowderNYJWR70WR27vs BUF
SuperflexPPROdell Beckham Jr.CLEWR71WR28@ CIN
SuperflexPPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB72RB18@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR73WR29@ TEN
SuperflexPPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB74QB24@ CIN
SuperflexPPRKyle AllenWASQB75QB25vs DAL
SuperflexPPRJosh JacobsLVRB76RB19vs TB
SuperflexPPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR77WR30@ PHI
SuperflexPPRTee HigginsCINWR78WR31vs CLE
SuperflexPPRTravis FulghamPHIWR79WR32vs NYG
SuperflexPPRDrew LockDENQB80QB26vs KC
SuperflexPPRD'Andre SwiftDETRB81RB20@ ATL
SuperflexPPRDarren WallerLVTE82TE4vs TB
SuperflexPPRJames WhiteNERB83RB21vs SF
SuperflexPPRAntonio GibsonWASRB84RB22vs DAL
SuperflexPPRBrandin CooksHOUWR85WR33vs GB
SuperflexPPRBoston ScottPHIRB86RB23vs NYG
SuperflexPPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR87WR34@ LAC
SuperflexPPRNick FolesCHIQB88QB27@ LAR
SuperflexPPRMichael GallupDALWR89WR35@ WAS
SuperflexPPRPhillip LindsayDENRB90RB24vs KC
SuperflexPPRChristian KirkARIWR91WR36vs SEA
SuperflexPPRJerry JeudyDENWR92WR37vs KC
SuperflexPPRDevonta FreemanNYGRB93RB25@ PHI
SuperflexPPRTim PatrickDENWR94WR38vs KC
SuperflexPPRChase EdmondsARIRB95RB26vs SEA
SuperflexPPRMike WilliamsLACWR96WR39vs JAC
SuperflexPPRJohn BrownBUFWR97WR40@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRAdrian PetersonDETRB98RB27@ ATL
SuperflexPPRDeebo SamuelSFWR99WR41@ NE
SuperflexPPRJarvis LandryCLEWR100WR42@ CIN
SuperflexPPRHunter HenryLACTE101TE5vs JAC
SuperflexPPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR102WR43@ ATL
SuperflexPPRKeelan ColeJACWR103WR44@ LAC
SuperflexPPRDalton SchultzDALTE104TE6@ WAS
SuperflexPPREvan EngramNYGTE105TE7@ PHI
SuperflexPPRJoe FlaccoNYJQB106QB28vs BUF
SuperflexPPRMecole HardmanKCWR107WR45@ DEN
SuperflexPPRBrandon AiyukSFWR108WR46@ NE
SuperflexPPRRobert TonyanGBTE109TE8@ HOU
SuperflexPPRJulian EdelmanNEWR110WR47vs SF
SuperflexPPRCole BeasleyBUFWR111WR48@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRA.J. GreenCINWR112WR49vs CLE
SuperflexPPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB113RB28@ HOU
SuperflexPPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR114WR50vs TB
SuperflexPPRJimmy GrahamCHITE115TE9@ LAR
SuperflexPPRJ.D. McKissicWASRB116RB29vs DAL
SuperflexPPRJames WashingtonPITWR117WR51@ TEN
SuperflexPPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR118WR52@ HOU
SuperflexPPREric EbronPITTE119TE10@ TEN
SuperflexPPRRob GronkowskiTBTE120TE11@ LV
SuperflexPPRJerick McKinnonSFRB121RB30@ NE
SuperflexPPRJustin JacksonLACRB122RB31vs JAC
SuperflexPPRGolden TateNYGWR123WR53@ PHI
SuperflexPPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR124WR54@ TEN
SuperflexPPRJalen HurtsPHIQB125QB29vs NYG
SuperflexPPRRussell GageATLWR126WR55vs DET
SuperflexPPRAustin HooperCLETE127TE12@ CIN
SuperflexPPRRandall CobbHOUWR128WR56vs GB
SuperflexPPRAdam HumphriesTENWR129WR57vs PIT
SuperflexPPRDeSean JacksonPHIWR130WR58vs NYG
SuperflexPPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR131WR59@ DEN
SuperflexPPRHayden HurstATLTE132TE13vs DET
SuperflexPPRMelvin Gordon IIIDENRB133RB32vs KC
SuperflexPPRDamiere ByrdNEWR134WR60vs SF
SuperflexPPRAnthony MillerCHIWR135WR61@ LAR
SuperflexPPRN'Keal HarryNEWR136WR62vs SF
SuperflexPPRLe'Veon BellKCRB137RB33@ DEN
SuperflexPPRNoah FantDENTE138TE14vs KC
SuperflexPPRJared CookNOTE139TE15vs CAR
SuperflexPPRGreg WardPHIWR140WR63vs NYG
SuperflexPPRDamien HarrisNERB141RB34vs SF
SuperflexPPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR142WR64@ LAR
SuperflexPPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB143RB35vs GB
SuperflexPPRDanny AmendolaDETWR144WR65@ ATL
SuperflexPPRJonnu SmithTENTE145TE16vs PIT
SuperflexPPRKendrick BourneSFWR146WR66@ NE
SuperflexPPRRex BurkheadNERB147RB36vs SF
SuperflexPPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR148WR67vs BUF
SuperflexPPRAndy IsabellaARIWR149WR68vs SEA
SuperflexPPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR150WR69vs SEA
SuperflexPPRTyler HigbeeLARTE151TE17vs CHI
SuperflexPPRScotty MillerTBWR152WR70@ LV
SuperflexPPRNelson AgholorLVWR153WR71vs TB
SuperflexPPREmmanuel SandersNOWR154WR72vs CAR
SuperflexPPRJeff SmithNYJWR155WR73vs BUF
SuperflexPPRDarren FellsHOUTE156TE18vs GB
SuperflexPPRZack MossBUFRB157RB37@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRDontrelle InmanWASWR158WR74vs DAL
SuperflexPPRHunter RenfrowLVWR159WR75vs TB
SuperflexPPRRichard RodgersPHITE160TE19vs NYG
SuperflexPPRLogan ThomasWASTE161TE20vs DAL
SuperflexPPRGerald EverettLARTE162TE21vs CHI
SuperflexPPRCorey DavisTENWR163WR76vs PIT
SuperflexPPRLamical PerineNYJRB164RB38vs BUF
SuperflexPPRMalcolm BrownLARRB165RB39vs CHI
SuperflexPPRFrank GoreNYJRB166RB40vs BUF
SuperflexPPRGabriel DavisBUFWR167WR77@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR168WR78vs CAR
SuperflexPPRTyler JohnsonTBWR169WR79@ LV
SuperflexPPRDrew SampleCINTE170TE22vs CLE
SuperflexPPRAnthony FirkserTENTE171TE23vs PIT
SuperflexPPRJoshua KelleyLACRB172RB41vs JAC
SuperflexPPRBrian HillATLRB173RB42vs DET
SuperflexPPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR174WR80vs CHI
SuperflexPPRLeonard FournetteTBRB175RB43@ LV
SuperflexPPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR176WR81@ LAR
SuperflexPPRRashard HigginsCLEWR177WR82@ CIN
SuperflexPPRChris ConleyJACWR178WR83@ LAC
SuperflexPPRLatavius MurrayNORB179RB44vs CAR
SuperflexPPRJohn HightowerPHIWR180WR84vs NYG
SuperflexPPRChris ThompsonJACRB181RB45@ LAC
SuperflexPPRD'Ernest JohnsonCLERB182RB46@ CIN
SuperflexPPRTony PollardDALRB183RB47@ WAS
SuperflexPPRIan ThomasCARTE184TE24@ NO
SuperflexPPRIsaiah WrightWASWR185WR85vs DAL
SuperflexPPROlamide ZaccheausATLWR186WR86vs DET
SuperflexPPRGiovani BernardCINRB187RB48vs CLE
SuperflexPPRCam AkersLARRB188RB49vs CHI
SuperflexPPRCedrick WilsonDALWR189WR87@ WAS
SuperflexPPRCurtis SamuelCARWR190WR88@ NO
SuperflexPPRJaMycal HastySFRB191RB50@ NE
SuperflexPPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR192WR89vs KC
SuperflexPPRDion LewisNYGRB193RB51@ PHI
SuperflexPPRGreg OlsenSEATE194TE25@ ARI
SuperflexPPRKenny StillsHOUWR195WR90vs GB
SuperflexPPRDenzel MimsNYJWR196WR91vs BUF
SuperflexPPRCameron BrateTBTE197TE26@ LV
SuperflexPPRKalif RaymondTENWR198WR92vs PIT
SuperflexPPRTyler EifertJACTE199TE27@ LAC
SuperflexPPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB200RB52@ ATL
SuperflexPPRWayne GallmanNYGRB201RB53@ PHI
SuperflexPPRJalen GuytonLACWR202WR93vs JAC
SuperflexPPRTyler KroftBUFTE203TE28@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRRoyce FreemanDENRB204RB54vs KC
SuperflexPPRDavid MooreSEAWR205WR94@ ARI
SuperflexPPRCollin JohnsonJACWR206WR95@ LAC
SuperflexPPRKyle JuszczykSFRB207RB55@ NE
SuperflexPPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE208TE29vs BUF
SuperflexPPRIto SmithATLRB209RB56vs DET
SuperflexPPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE210TE30@ LAC
SuperflexPPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR211WR96vs BUF
SuperflexPPRDan ArnoldARITE212TE31vs SEA
SuperflexPPRDawson KnoxBUFTE213TE32@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRMike ThomasCINWR214WR97vs CLE
SuperflexPPRVance McDonaldPITTE215TE33@ TEN
SuperflexPPRChristian BlakeATLWR216WR98vs DET
SuperflexPPRDavid NjokuCLETE217TE34@ CIN
SuperflexPPRWill DisslySEATE218TE35@ ARI
SuperflexPPRAlbert OkwuegbunamDENTE219TE36vs KC
SuperflexPPRCole KmetCHITE220TE37@ LAR
SuperflexPPRDarrius ShepherdGBWR221WR99@ HOU
SuperflexPPRTrent TaylorSFWR222WR100@ NE
SuperflexPPRCorey ClementPHIRB223RB57vs NYG
SuperflexPPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB224RB58@ TEN
SuperflexPPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR225WR101@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRSterling ShepardNYGWR226WR102@ PHI
SuperflexPPRJJ Arcega-WhitesidePHIWR227WR103vs NYG
SuperflexPPRJalen ReagorPHIWR228WR104vs NYG
SuperflexPPRVan JeffersonLARWR229WR105vs CHI
SuperflexPPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB230RB59@ DEN
SuperflexPPRJakobi MeyersNEWR231WR106vs SF
SuperflexPPRJalen RichardLVRB232RB60vs TB
SuperflexPPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB233RB61@ NE
SuperflexPPRByron PringleKCWR234WR107@ DEN
SuperflexPPRCam SimsWASWR235WR108vs DAL
SuperflexPPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB236RB62@ TEN
SuperflexPPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB237RB63vs PIT
SuperflexPPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB238RB64@ LV
SuperflexPPRTy JohnsonNYJRB239RB65vs BUF
SuperflexPPRPeyton BarberWASRB240RB66vs DAL
SuperflexPPRJaylen SamuelsPITRB241RB67@ TEN
SuperflexPPRDontrell HilliardCLERB242RB68@ CIN
SuperflexPPRTravis HomerSEARB243RB69@ ARI
SuperflexPPRTrenton CannonCARRB244RB70@ NO
SuperflexPPRLeSean McCoyTBRB245RB71@ LV
SuperflexPPRAJ DillonGBRB246RB72@ HOU
SuperflexPPRT.J. YeldonBUFRB247RB73@ NYJ
SuperflexPPRCarlos HydeSEARB248RB74@ ARI
SuperflexPPRRaheem MostertSFRB249RB75@ NE
SuperflexPPRJakob JohnsonNERB250RB76vs SF
SuperflexPPRJason HuntleyPHIRB251RB77vs NYG
SuperflexPPRDarwin ThompsonKCRB252RB78@ DEN
SuperflexPPRAlex ArmahCARRB253RB79@ NO
SuperflexPPRRyan NallCHIRB254RB80@ LAR
SuperflexPPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB255RB81@ LAC
SuperflexPPRBrett RypienDENQB256QB30vs KC
SuperflexPPRElijhaa PennyNYGRB257RB82@ PHI
SuperflexPPRDevontae BookerLVRB258RB83vs TB
SuperflexPPRC.J. ProsiseHOURB259RB84vs GB
SuperflexPPRDeAndre WashingtonKCRB260RB85@ DEN
SuperflexPPRJarrett StidhamNEQB261QB31vs SF
SuperflexPPRSamaje PerineCINRB262RB86vs CLE
SuperflexPPREno BenjaminARIRB263RB87vs SEA
SuperflexPPRDeeJay DallasSEARB264RB88@ ARI
SuperflexPPRJosh AdamsNYJRB265RB89vs BUF
SuperflexPPRC.J. BeathardSFQB266QB32@ NE
SuperflexPPRNick MullensSFQB267QB33@ NE
SuperflexPPRAlex SmithWASQB268QB34vs DAL

Tommy Garrett is a writer for PFN covering Fantasy Football. You can read more of his work here and follow him at @TommygarrettPFN on Twitter.