Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer: Week 6 trade targets for you to consider

Who are some fantasy trade targets in Week 6? Matt Williamson loads his fantasy football trade analyzer to answer your trade questions.

Each week, I will answer your questions regarding trades in your league. Embedded in all of those answers are lots of little tips and hints to help you navigate your Week 6 trade targets and the remainder of the season, even if the question wasn’t yours. This week, I load my fantasy football trade analyzer to talk about Patrick Mahomes, Adam Thielen, Julio Jones, D’Andre Swift, Terry McLaurin, and more.

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Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer: Terry McLaurin for Julio Jones?

Question: Do I trade away Terry McLaurin for Julio Jones? It is a standard scoring league.

Williamson: Julio Jones was inactive last week with a hamstring injury, but he has a great history of playing through lower-body injuries and pain overall. No one questions Jones’ toughness. So this is a little speculation, but you have to think he will return to the field soon.

But there was also a coaching change in Atlanta. How does that affect Jones’ fantasy stock? Probably not all that much, honestly. When he is out there, Jones is a big-time fantasy asset and while Calvin Ridley might have more fantasy value of the two right now, the Falcons just throw the ball so much. This is a huge passing pie that Julio will always have a large slice of. Only the Cowboys and Bengals are averaging more pass attempts per game than Atlanta. Matt Ryan could lead the NFL in pass attempts when it is all said and done.

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Speaking of change, Washington is in a constant state of flux. The Football Team has now played three quarterbacks and Kyle Allen is the starter at least for the time being. Allen and Alex Smith combined for just 70 passing yards last week.

No matter how great McLaurin is – and he is truly a tremendous player and about the only thing this offense can count on from week to week – the Washington passing game just has too much of a chance of stinking up the joint on a weekly basis. While Julio Jones is frightening to invest in right now, and while it might be the best time to move away from him in general, investing in this Washington offense is just bad business.

Week 6 Trade Targets: Patrick Mahomes, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, and others

Question: I am currently 1-3 in my PPR keeper league where all touchdowns are worth six points. I’m looking to rebuild for next year but stay somewhat competitive this year. What do you think of the following trade? I give Patrick Mahomes (9th round Keeper), Adam Thielen, Melvin Gordon, and a 2021 8th round pick. I get Aaron Jones (11th round Keeper), Stefon Diggs, Drew Brees, Jamaal Williams, and a 2021 2nd round pick

Williamson: My fantasy trade analyzer says that getting Brees and Williams has some value for this year, but I really think this is Brees’ last year in the NFL and Williams will be replaced by AJ Dillon in 2021.

Diggs, Jones, and that second-round pick are great long term assets, though. I prefer Diggs to Thielen and Jones is worth much more than Gordon. Obviously, the second rounder is way more valuable than the eighth. But is that difference in your favor at wide receiver, running back, and in draft capital worth giving up Mahomes? I say yes.

Mahomes is awesome (of course), but I really expect the Packers to give Jones a long-term contract, and that Josh Allen-to-Diggs combination should stay very strong. Plus, you can find another quarterback. It won’t be Mahomes, but that is the ideal position to be needy at rather than at wide receiver or especially running back.

Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer: Should I move D’Andre Swift for FAAB and Justin Herbert?

Question: Would your fantasy trade analyzer move D’Andre Swift for a hefty amount of FAAB and Justin Herbert? League is $100 budget and I have $40 remaining. I have a stacked team – my three wide receivers are DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Ridley, and Darius Slayton. John Brown and Jarvis Landry are on my bench. My running backs are Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman, Ronald Jones, D’Andre Swift, and Nick Chubb (no IR spot). It’s a 12-team league with seven bench spots.

Williamson: My fantasy trade analyzer says that this isn’t a good move, especially considering the state of your running backs. Swift has certainly been extremely frustrating to own and trust me, the Lions coaching staff makes me crazy. But Detroit is coming out of their bye and hopefully (hopefully!) they took a step back, self-scouted, and realized that Swift’s role has to increase at the expense of Adrian Peterson.

With the Jaguars and Falcons on the docket these next two weeks for Detroit, give Swift that amount of time to prove his worth to your fantasy team. By the way, that heavy Cover 3 scheme (think Seattle) that these two defenses play is very generous to running back production in the passing game, which should be Swift’s specialty.

The Lions offense has a chance to be pretty darn good, as it was last year when Matthew Stafford was healthy. Kenny Golladay is back and only three players on Detroit’s offense have more targets this year than Swift. It is a bit of a leap of faith, but I see Swift as much more of a buy than a sell right now.

Week 6 Trade Target: Looking for a second quarterback

Question: I’m quite stuck on whom to target as a second quarterback. I have Lamar Jackson and Jimmy Garoppolo (hooray!) and I’m thinking of cutting ties with Jimmy G and looking to pursue either Derek Carr or Jared Goff. What does the fantasy trade analyzer say?

Williamson: Oh, without question, my fantasy trade analyzer says that you have to go with Carr or Goff over Garoppolo. That’s an easy one. Plus, Carr and Goff are both playing much better than they were last year. And Carr is actually throwing the ball deep downfield, especially when Henry Ruggs is healthy. Both are in well-constructed offenses (as is Jimmy I suppose) and have enough weaponry to succeed as a strong backup on your squad to Jackson.

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Since you won’t get much as a runner from either Carr or Goff, we need to examine the volume in which these two are passing the football. Only the Ravens and Vikings are attempting fewer passes per game than Los Angeles, as Goff is averaging just 30.4 throws per game. Carr isn’t great in this metric, but he is in the middle of the league at least with 35 attempts per contest. In a close race, that tiebreaker favors Carr enough for him to be your choice to upgrade over Garoppolo.

Who is the best Week 6 trade target to buy low on right now?

Question: PPR, redraft – Who would your fantasy football trade analyzer say the best trade target is to buy low on right now in Week 6?

Williamson: Swift was mentioned early on, but a guy I would really be after right now is Dallas Goedert while he is injured and his stock is low. Let’s just get it out there: Zach Ertz looks shot. He is moving like an old man and can’t get open.

And it is clear that Philadelphia needs receiving help in the worst way. Carson Wentz has played much better these past two weeks. In fact, he was outstanding against a great Steelers defense last week.

The Eagles used a ton of double tight end sets last year with Ertz and Goedert, but it isn’t all that far-fetched for Goedert to actually unseat Ertz as the top tight end on the roster within the next few weeks…and then he could be targeted at an extremely high rate.

In fact, Goedert was injured during his third game this year but was still targeted 18 times to start the season. He is a much better mover and athlete than Ertz. And if you recall, the Eagles chose not to extend Ertz’s contract, a decision they are probably pretty happy about right now.

Goedert is the future and the future should start as soon as he is ready to play. Add him now (and he might even be on waiver wires) while you still can.

Matt Williamson is a Senior NFL Analyst for Pro Football Network. You can follow him on Twitter: @WilliamsonNFL.


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