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    Fantasy TE Streamers and Rankings Week 14: Evan Engram and Austin Hooper Headline Streaming Options

    With Week 14 on the horizon, what do our TE fantasy rankings look like, and which TEs offer fantasy football value as potential streaming options?

    The fantasy football season continues to evolve each week as injuries pile up and teams make personnel moves to better their chances of winning. We’re here to give you the best fantasy positional rankings and streamers. Below, you will find our fantasy football tight end rankings for Week 14 and our top TE streaming options available to consider for your lineups.

    Top TE Streamers for Week 14

    Evan Engram, Jacksonville Jaguars

    It’s a little worrisome to start a player from an offense that managed only 14 points against the lowly Detroit Lions last week, but the Jaguars have generally been productive on offense this season. Week 13 was the second time all season the offense didn’t produce more than 305 offensive yards, and the unit has shown signs of development even against tougher competition over the last month.

    Engram is third on the Jaguars in targets, receptions, and touchdowns. He’s ranked as TE14 on the year, producing just under eight fantasy points per game. You could do worse with him as a spot starter.

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    He appears to be the most favorable matchup amongst streaming tight ends this week. Tennessee is below-average against the position, allowing 12.3 fantasy points per game. On average, tight ends are catching five passes for 58.4 yards and 0.25 touchdowns.

    We’d love to get a touchdown from Engram for him to prove to be a fantasy star this week. He’s ranked as TE40 in the red zone as the Jaguars have largely ignored him while in scoring position. This is his biggest red flag as a streaming option, especially while Mike Gesicki and Tyler Conklin are available and are much stronger red zone presences.

    But Engram deserves consideration since he’s more involved in Jacksonville’s game plan on a regular basis.

    Austin Hooper, Tennessee Titans

    This is the final week of the year with bye weeks, and the tight-end streamer market has suffered a number of hits as five teams are resting. Some of our favorites aren’t available. That means we’re digging deep into mismatches, and we found Austin Hooper to be a possible steal.

    Hooper has a favorable matchup this week against the Jaguars. How funny is it that our top streaming options are from the same game? But it’s hard to find a more advantageous situation.

    The Jaguars allow just over 12 fantasy points per game to the position. On average, tight ends are producing 4.3 receptions on 6.3 targets for 58.8 yards and 0.33 touchdowns. The bigger question is how involved Hooper will be in the Titans’ conservative passing game.

    With no receivers over 357 yards or two touchdowns on the year, Hooper is a low-floor, relatively low-ceiling play most weeks. But rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks’ concussion in Week 13 opens the need for a red zone option for Ryan Tannehill, and you can do worse than Hooper. Hooper has four straight games of four or more targets, and both of his touchdowns came against the Packers in Week 11.

    We’re hoping for some of that red zone magic to strike again, but know that it’s the leanest week of tight-end streamers of the season.

    TE Rankings for Week 14

    The tight end rankings below are from Senior Fantasy Analyst Tommy Garrett. Thinking beyond your fantasy league and perhaps playing on Underdog Fantasy? If so, consider adding Vikings tight end T.J. Hockenson to give your weekly Best Ball tournament lineup a higher ceiling without taking the chalk pick.

    The table is best viewed in landscape on mobile devices and can be sorted using the filters above the table. Within the table are rankings for PPR, half-PPR, and non-PPR. To select your scoring system, use the filters above the table. The overall ranking is based on Superflex leagues.

    Ovr. RankPos. RankNameTeamPositionMatchupFormat
    1QB1Josh AllenBUFQBvs NE0.5 PPR
    2QB2Jalen HurtsPHIQBvs NYG0.5 PPR
    3QB3Patrick Mahomes IIKCQB@ LV0.5 PPR
    4QB4Justin FieldsCHIQBvs MIN0.5 PPR
    5QB5Joe BurrowCINQBvs BAL0.5 PPR
    6QB6Justin HerbertLACQB@ DEN0.5 PPR
    7QB7Trevor LawrenceJACQBvs TEN0.5 PPR
    8QB8Dak PrescottDALQB@ WAS0.5 PPR
    9QB9Kirk CousinsMINQB@ CHI0.5 PPR
    10QB10Aaron RodgersGBQBvs DET0.5 PPR
    11QB11Geno SmithSEAQBvs LAR0.5 PPR
    12RB1Christian McCaffreySFRBvs ARIFLEX0.5 PPR
    13RB2Austin EkelerLACRB@ DENFLEX0.5 PPR
    14QB12Tom BradyTBQB@ ATL0.5 PPR
    15QB13Jared GoffDETQB@ GB0.5 PPR
    16QB14Mike WhiteNYJQB@ MIA0.5 PPR
    17QB15Brock PurdySFQBvs ARI0.5 PPR
    18RB3Dalvin CookMINRB@ CHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    19QB16Daniel JonesNYGQB@ PHI0.5 PPR
    20QB17Teddy BridgewaterMIAQBvs NYJ0.5 PPR
    21QB18Deshaun WatsonCLEQB@ PIT0.5 PPR
    22QB19Russell WilsonDENQBvs LAC0.5 PPR
    23RB4Saquon BarkleyNYGRB@ PHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    24RB5Nick ChubbCLERB@ PITFLEX0.5 PPR
    25WR1Justin JeffersonMINWR@ CHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    26QB20Baker MayfieldLARQB@ SEA0.5 PPR
    27RB6Joe MixonCINRBvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    28QB21Kenny PickettPITQBvs CLE0.5 PPR
    29QB22Mac JonesNEQB@ BUF0.5 PPR
    30QB23Carson WentzWASQBvs DAL0.5 PPR
    31RB7Josh JacobsLVRBvs KCFLEX0.5 PPR
    32QB24Sam DarnoldCARQB@ NO0.5 PPR
    33QB25Tyler HuntleyBALQB@ CIN0.5 PPR
    34WR2CeeDee LambDALWR@ WASFLEX0.5 PPR
    35QB26Davis MillsHOUQB@ IND0.5 PPR
    36WR3Stefon DiggsBUFWRvs NEFLEX0.5 PPR
    37QB27Desmond RidderATLQBvs TB0.5 PPR
    38RB8Rhamondre StevensonNERB@ BUFFLEX0.5 PPR
    39QB28Andy DaltonNOQBvs CAR0.5 PPR
    40RB9Travis Etienne Jr.JACRBvs TENFLEX0.5 PPR
    41WR4A.J. BrownPHIWRvs NYGFLEX0.5 PPR
    42RB10Aaron JonesGBRBvs DETFLEX0.5 PPR
    43WR5Tyreek HillMIAWRvs NYJFLEX0.5 PPR
    44WR6Amon-Ra St. BrownDETWR@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    45QB29Sam EhlingerINDQBvs HOU0.5 PPR
    46WR7Ja'Marr ChaseCINWRvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    47RB11James ConnerARIRB@ SFFLEX0.5 PPR
    48QB30Joshua DobbsTENQB@ JAC0.5 PPR
    49RB12Alvin KamaraNORBvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    50RB13Miles SandersPHIRBvs NYGFLEX0.5 PPR
    51RB14D'Andre SwiftDETRB@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    52RB15Ezekiel ElliottDALRB@ WASFLEX0.5 PPR
    53WR8Chris GodwinTBWR@ ATLFLEX0.5 PPR
    54TE1Travis KelceKCTE@ LVFLEX0.5 PPR
    55WR9Keenan AllenLACWR@ DENFLEX0.5 PPR
    56WR10Tee HigginsCINWRvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    57WR11Garrett WilsonNYJWR@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    58RB16Kenneth Walker IIISEARBvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    59RB17Brian Robinson Jr.WASRBvs DALFLEX0.5 PPR
    60TE2George KittleSFTEvs ARIFLEX0.5 PPR
    61WR12Jaylen WaddleMIAWRvs NYJFLEX0.5 PPR
    62WR13Christian KirkJACWRvs TENFLEX0.5 PPR
    63WR14DK MetcalfSEAWRvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    64WR15Brandon AiyukSFWRvs ARIFLEX0.5 PPR
    65QB31David BloughARIQB@ SF0.5 PPR
    66WR16DJ MooreCARWR@ NOFLEX0.5 PPR
    67WR17DeVonta SmithPHIWRvs NYGFLEX0.5 PPR
    68WR18Tyler LockettSEAWRvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    69RB18Tyler AllgeierATLRBvs TBFLEX0.5 PPR
    70RB19Cam AkersLARRB@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    71WR19Chris OlaveNOWRvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    72WR20Mike WilliamsLACWR@ DENFLEX0.5 PPR
    73RB20David MontgomeryCHIRBvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    74RB21Jerick McKinnonKCRB@ LVFLEX0.5 PPR
    75WR21Christian WatsonGBWRvs DETFLEX0.5 PPR
    76WR22Amari CooperCLEWR@ PITFLEX0.5 PPR
    77RB22Zonovan KnightNYJRB@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    78RB23Leonard FournetteTBRB@ ATLFLEX0.5 PPR
    79WR23Davante AdamsLVWRvs KCFLEX0.5 PPR
    80WR24Terry McLaurinWASWRvs DALFLEX0.5 PPR
    81RB24Najee HarrisPITRBvs CLEFLEX0.5 PPR
    82WR25Jerry JeudyDENWRvs LACFLEX0.5 PPR
    83RB25Isiah PachecoKCRB@ LVFLEX0.5 PPR
    84RB26J.K. DobbinsBALRB@ CINFLEX0.5 PPR
    85RB27AJ DillonGBRBvs DETFLEX0.5 PPR
    86WR26Mike EvansTBWR@ ATLFLEX0.5 PPR
    87WR27JuJu Smith-SchusterKCWR@ LVFLEX0.5 PPR
    88RB28D'Onta ForemanCARRB@ NOFLEX0.5 PPR
    89RB29Jamaal WilliamsDETRB@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    90WR28Zay JonesJACWRvs TENFLEX0.5 PPR
    91WR29Marquise BrownARIWR@ SFFLEX0.5 PPR
    92RB30Devin SingletaryBUFRBvs NEFLEX0.5 PPR
    93WR30Allen LazardGBWRvs DETFLEX0.5 PPR
    94WR31Drake LondonATLWRvs TBFLEX0.5 PPR
    95WR32Gabe DavisBUFWRvs NEFLEX0.5 PPR
    96TE3T.J. HockensonMINTE@ CHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    97WR33Jakobi MeyersNEWR@ BUFFLEX0.5 PPR
    98RB31James CookBUFRBvs NEFLEX0.5 PPR
    99TE4Evan EngramJACTEvs TENFLEX0.5 PPR
    100WR34Michael Pittman Jr.INDWRvs HOUFLEX0.5 PPR
    101WR35Brandin CooksHOUWR@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    102TE5Dallas GoedertPHITEvs NYGFLEX0.5 PPR
    103WR36Diontae JohnsonPITWRvs CLEFLEX0.5 PPR
    104TE6Mark AndrewsBALTE@ CINFLEX0.5 PPR
    105WR37DJ Chark Jr.DETWR@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    106WR38Jahan DotsonWASWRvs DALFLEX0.5 PPR
    107RB32Gus EdwardsBALRB@ CINFLEX0.5 PPR
    108WR39Greg DortchARIWR@ SFFLEX0.5 PPR
    109RB33Zack MossINDRBvs HOUFLEX0.5 PPR
    110WR40Courtland SuttonDENWRvs LACFLEX0.5 PPR
    111RB34Rachaad WhiteTBRB@ ATLFLEX0.5 PPR
    112WR41Adam ThielenMINWR@ CHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    113RB35Chuba HubbardCARRB@ NOFLEX0.5 PPR
    114WR42George PickensPITWRvs CLEFLEX0.5 PPR
    115WR43Richie James Jr.NYGWR@ PHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    116WR44Michael GallupDALWR@ WASFLEX0.5 PPR
    117RB36Hassan HaskinsTENRB@ JACFLEX0.5 PPR
    118WR45Isaiah HodginsNYGWR@ PHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    119WR46Donovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR@ PITFLEX0.5 PPR
    120TE7Dalton SchultzDALTE@ WASFLEX0.5 PPR
    121TE8Cole KmetCHITEvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    122TE9Tyler HigbeeLARTE@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    123RB37Cordarrelle PattersonATLRBvs TBFLEX0.5 PPR
    124WR47Curtis SamuelWASWRvs DALFLEX0.5 PPR
    125WR48Darius SlaytonNYGWR@ PHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    126RB38Raheem MostertMIARBvs NYJFLEX0.5 PPR
    127TE10Pat FreiermuthPITTEvs CLEFLEX0.5 PPR
    128RB39Michael CarterNYJRB@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    129WR49Treylon BurksTENWR@ JACFLEX0.5 PPR
    130WR50Tyler BoydCINWRvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    131TE11Dawson KnoxBUFTEvs NEFLEX0.5 PPR
    132TE12David NjokuCLETE@ PITFLEX0.5 PPR
    133WR51Romeo DoubsGBWRvs DETFLEX0.5 PPR
    134RB40Latavius MurrayDENRBvs LACFLEX0.5 PPR
    135WR52Joshua PalmerLACWR@ DENFLEX0.5 PPR
    136WR53K.J. OsbornMINWR@ CHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    137WR54Chris MooreHOUWR@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    138RB41Malik DavisDALRB@ WASFLEX0.5 PPR
    139WR55Kendrick BourneNEWR@ BUFFLEX0.5 PPR
    140RB42Khalil HerbertCHIRBvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    141WR56Elijah MooreNYJWR@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    142WR57Hunter RenfrowLVWRvs KCFLEX0.5 PPR
    143TE13Darren WallerLVTEvs KCFLEX0.5 PPR
    144RB43Jeff Wilson Jr.MIARBvs NYJFLEX0.5 PPR
    145WR58Marquez Valdes-ScantlingKCWR@ LVFLEX0.5 PPR
    146WR59Corey DavisNYJWR@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    147WR60Isaiah McKenzieBUFWRvs NEFLEX0.5 PPR
    148TE14Taysom HillNOTEvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    149TE15Tyler ConklinNYJTE@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    150WR61Rashid ShaheedNOWRvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    151TE16Gerald EverettLACTE@ DENFLEX0.5 PPR
    152WR62Byron PringleCHIWRvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    153RB44Deon JacksonINDRBvs HOUFLEX0.5 PPR
    154WR63Russell GageTBWR@ ATLFLEX0.5 PPR
    155WR64Van JeffersonLARWR@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    156TE17Noah FantSEATEvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    157TE18Hunter HenryNETE@ BUFFLEX0.5 PPR
    158WR65Mack HollinsLVWRvs KCFLEX0.5 PPR
    159TE19Juwan JohnsonNOTEvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    160WR66Demarcus RobinsonBALWR@ CINFLEX0.5 PPR
    161WR67Equanimeous St. BrownCHIWRvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    162TE20Chigoziem OkonkwoTENTE@ JACFLEX0.5 PPR
    163TE21Jelani WoodsINDTEvs HOUFLEX0.5 PPR
    164WR68Tutu AtwellLARWR@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    165WR69Parris CampbellINDWRvs HOUFLEX0.5 PPR
    166RB45Jaylen WarrenPITRBvs CLEFLEX0.5 PPR
    167WR70T.Y. HiltonDALWR@ WASFLEX0.5 PPR
    168RB46Royce FreemanHOURB@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    169WR71Alec PierceINDWRvs HOUFLEX0.5 PPR
    170TE22Cade OttonTBTE@ ATLFLEX0.5 PPR
    171WR72Marvin Jones Jr.JACWRvs TENFLEX0.5 PPR
    172WR73Robert WoodsTENWR@ JACFLEX0.5 PPR
    173RB47Kenneth GainwellPHIRBvs NYGFLEX0.5 PPR
    174TE23Hayden HurstCINTEvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    175WR74Julio JonesTBWR@ ATLFLEX0.5 PPR
    176WR75Nick Westbrook-IkhineTENWR@ JACFLEX0.5 PPR
    177WR76Terrace Marshall Jr.CARWR@ NOFLEX0.5 PPR
    178WR77A.J. GreenARIWR@ SFFLEX0.5 PPR
    179RB48Samaje PerineCINRBvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    180WR78Randall CobbGBWRvs DETFLEX0.5 PPR
    181RB49Kareem HuntCLERB@ PITFLEX0.5 PPR
    182RB50Marlon MackDENRBvs LACFLEX0.5 PPR
    183RB51Rex BurkheadHOURB@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    184TE24Brock WrightDETTE@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    185RB52Alexander MattisonMINRB@ CHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    186WR79Jauan JenningsSFWRvs ARIFLEX0.5 PPR
    187WR80Dante PettisCHIWRvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    188WR81Kadarius ToneyKCWR@ LVFLEX0.5 PPR
    189WR82Quez WatkinsPHIWRvs NYGFLEX0.5 PPR
    190WR83Noah BrownDALWR@ WASFLEX0.5 PPR
    191QB32Jarrett StidhamLVQBvs KC0.5 PPR
    192WR84Josh ReynoldsDETWR@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    193RB53Julius ChestnutTENRB@ JACFLEX0.5 PPR
    194RB54Dare OgunbowaleHOURB@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    195WR85Velus Jones Jr.CHIWRvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    196TE25Daniel BellingerNYGTE@ PHIFLEX0.5 PPR
    197WR86Jamal AgnewJACWRvs TENFLEX0.5 PPR
    198RB55DeeJay DallasSEARBvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    199WR87Trenton IrwinCINWRvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    200WR88Olamide ZaccheausATLWRvs TBFLEX0.5 PPR
    201TE26Shane ZylstraDETTE@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    202TE27Robert TonyanGBTEvs DETFLEX0.5 PPR
    203QB33Lamar JacksonBALQB@ CIN0.5 PPR
    204WR89Nelson AgholorNEWR@ BUFFLEX0.5 PPR
    205WR90Jameson WilliamsDETWR@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    206WR91Laquon TreadwellSEAWRvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    207RB56Pierre Strong Jr.NERB@ BUFFLEX0.5 PPR
    208WR92Brandon PowellLARWR@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    209WR93Laviska Shenault Jr.CARWR@ NOFLEX0.5 PPR
    210RB57Joshua KelleyLACRB@ DENFLEX0.5 PPR
    211WR94Phillip Dorsett IIHOUWR@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    212WR95Tyquan ThorntonNEWR@ BUFFLEX0.5 PPR
    213TE28Logan ThomasWASTEvs DALFLEX0.5 PPR
    214WR96Ray-Ray McCloud IIISFWRvs ARIFLEX0.5 PPR
    215TE29Mike GesickiMIATEvs NYJFLEX0.5 PPR
    216RB58Jordan MasonSFRBvs ARIFLEX0.5 PPR
    217TE30Tommy TrembleCARTE@ NOFLEX0.5 PPR
    218WR97Kalif RaymondDETWR@ GBFLEX0.5 PPR
    219TE31Trey McBrideARITE@ SFFLEX0.5 PPR
    220RB59Chase EdmondsDENRBvs LACFLEX0.5 PPR
    221WR98DeSean JacksonBALWR@ CINFLEX0.5 PPR
    222WR99Trent SherfieldMIAWRvs NYJFLEX0.5 PPR
    223RB60Kyren WilliamsLARRB@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    224WR100Keith KirkwoodNOWRvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    225RB61Kyle JuszczykSFRBvs ARIFLEX0.5 PPR
    226WR101Robbie AndersonARIWR@ SFFLEX0.5 PPR
    227TE32Jordan AkinsHOUTE@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    228RB62JaMycal HastyJACRBvs TENFLEX0.5 PPR
    229RB63Ameer AbdullahLVRBvs KCFLEX0.5 PPR
    230RB64Travis HomerSEARBvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    231TE33Colby ParkinsonSEATEvs LARFLEX0.5 PPR
    232TE34Austin HooperTENTE@ JACFLEX0.5 PPR
    233TE35Isaiah LikelyBALTE@ CINFLEX0.5 PPR
    234TE36Brycen HopkinsLARTE@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    235WR102Damiere ByrdATLWRvs TBFLEX0.5 PPR
    236TE37Noah GrayKCTE@ LVFLEX0.5 PPR
    237WR103Tre'Quan SmithNOWRvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    238RB65David JohnsonNORBvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    239RB66Avery WilliamsATLRBvs TBFLEX0.5 PPR
    240TE38Brevin JordanHOUTE@ INDFLEX0.5 PPR
    241RB67Jordan WilkinsINDRBvs HOUFLEX0.5 PPR
    242TE39Eric SaubertDENTEvs LACFLEX0.5 PPR
    243TE40Mitchell WilcoxCINTEvs BALFLEX0.5 PPR
    244WR104Sammy WatkinsBALWR@ CINFLEX0.5 PPR
    245WR105N'Keal HarryCHIWRvs MINFLEX0.5 PPR
    246TE41C.J. UzomahNYJTE@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    247WR106Lance McCutcheonLARWR@ SEAFLEX0.5 PPR
    248WR107KhaDarel HodgeATLWRvs TBFLEX0.5 PPR
    249TE42Adam TrautmanNOTEvs CARFLEX0.5 PPR
    250RB68Ty JohnsonNYJRB@ MIAFLEX0.5 PPR
    1QB1Josh AllenBUFQBvs NE1.0 PPR
    2QB2Jalen HurtsPHIQBvs NYG1.0 PPR
    3RB1Christian McCaffreySFRBvs ARIFLEX1.0 PPR
    4QB3Patrick Mahomes IIKCQB@ LV1.0 PPR
    5QB4Justin FieldsCHIQBvs MIN1.0 PPR
    6QB5Joe BurrowCINQBvs BAL1.0 PPR
    7QB6Justin HerbertLACQB@ DEN1.0 PPR
    8QB7Trevor LawrenceJACQBvs TEN1.0 PPR
    9QB8Dak PrescottDALQB@ WAS1.0 PPR
    10RB2Austin EkelerLACRB@ DENFLEX1.0 PPR
    11QB9Kirk CousinsMINQB@ CHI1.0 PPR
    12WR1Justin JeffersonMINWR@ CHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    13QB10Aaron RodgersGBQBvs DET1.0 PPR
    14RB3Saquon BarkleyNYGRB@ PHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    15QB11Geno SmithSEAQBvs LAR1.0 PPR
    16RB4Dalvin CookMINRB@ CHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    17QB12Tom BradyTBQB@ ATL1.0 PPR
    18RB5Joe MixonCINRBvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    19WR2Stefon DiggsBUFWRvs NEFLEX1.0 PPR
    20QB13Jared GoffDETQB@ GB1.0 PPR
    21QB14Mike WhiteNYJQB@ MIA1.0 PPR
    22QB15Brock PurdySFQBvs ARI1.0 PPR
    23WR3CeeDee LambDALWR@ WASFLEX1.0 PPR
    24QB16Daniel JonesNYGQB@ PHI1.0 PPR
    25QB17Teddy BridgewaterMIAQBvs NYJ1.0 PPR
    26QB18Deshaun WatsonCLEQB@ PIT1.0 PPR
    27QB19Russell WilsonDENQBvs LAC1.0 PPR
    28WR4A.J. BrownPHIWRvs NYGFLEX1.0 PPR
    29RB6Josh JacobsLVRBvs KCFLEX1.0 PPR
    30RB7Rhamondre StevensonNERB@ BUFFLEX1.0 PPR
    31WR5Tyreek HillMIAWRvs NYJFLEX1.0 PPR
    32WR6Amon-Ra St. BrownDETWR@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    33RB8Nick ChubbCLERB@ PITFLEX1.0 PPR
    34WR7Chris GodwinTBWR@ ATLFLEX1.0 PPR
    35RB9Travis Etienne Jr.JACRBvs TENFLEX1.0 PPR
    36QB20Baker MayfieldLARQB@ SEA1.0 PPR
    37RB10Aaron JonesGBRBvs DETFLEX1.0 PPR
    38QB21Kenny PickettPITQBvs CLE1.0 PPR
    39WR8Keenan AllenLACWR@ DENFLEX1.0 PPR
    40QB22Mac JonesNEQB@ BUF1.0 PPR
    41TE1Travis KelceKCTE@ LVFLEX1.0 PPR
    42QB23Carson WentzWASQBvs DAL1.0 PPR
    43WR9Ja'Marr ChaseCINWRvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    44RB11Alvin KamaraNORBvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    45WR10Tee HigginsCINWRvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    46QB24Sam DarnoldCARQB@ NO1.0 PPR
    47WR11Garrett WilsonNYJWR@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    48QB25Tyler HuntleyBALQB@ CIN1.0 PPR
    49RB12D'Andre SwiftDETRB@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    50QB26Davis MillsHOUQB@ IND1.0 PPR
    51RB13James ConnerARIRB@ SFFLEX1.0 PPR
    52TE2George KittleSFTEvs ARIFLEX1.0 PPR
    53RB14Miles SandersPHIRBvs NYGFLEX1.0 PPR
    54WR12Jaylen WaddleMIAWRvs NYJFLEX1.0 PPR
    55WR13Christian KirkJACWRvs TENFLEX1.0 PPR
    56QB27Desmond RidderATLQBvs TB1.0 PPR
    57WR14DK MetcalfSEAWRvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    58WR15Brandon AiyukSFWRvs ARIFLEX1.0 PPR
    59WR16DJ MooreCARWR@ NOFLEX1.0 PPR
    60QB28Andy DaltonNOQBvs CAR1.0 PPR
    61WR17DeVonta SmithPHIWRvs NYGFLEX1.0 PPR
    62RB15Ezekiel ElliottDALRB@ WASFLEX1.0 PPR
    63WR18Tyler LockettSEAWRvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    64WR19Chris OlaveNOWRvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    65WR20Christian WatsonGBWRvs DETFLEX1.0 PPR
    66QB29Sam EhlingerINDQBvs HOU1.0 PPR
    67QB30Joshua DobbsTENQB@ JAC1.0 PPR
    68WR21Mike WilliamsLACWR@ DENFLEX1.0 PPR
    69RB16Kenneth Walker IIISEARBvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    70WR22Amari CooperCLEWR@ PITFLEX1.0 PPR
    71WR23JuJu Smith-SchusterKCWR@ LVFLEX1.0 PPR
    72WR24Davante AdamsLVWRvs KCFLEX1.0 PPR
    73RB17Jerick McKinnonKCRB@ LVFLEX1.0 PPR
    74WR25Zay JonesJACWRvs TENFLEX1.0 PPR
    75RB18Brian Robinson Jr.WASRBvs DALFLEX1.0 PPR
    76WR26Terry McLaurinWASWRvs DALFLEX1.0 PPR
    77RB19Tyler AllgeierATLRBvs TBFLEX1.0 PPR
    78RB20Cam AkersLARRB@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    79RB21David MontgomeryCHIRBvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    80RB22Leonard FournetteTBRB@ ATLFLEX1.0 PPR
    81WR27Jerry JeudyDENWRvs LACFLEX1.0 PPR
    82WR28Jakobi MeyersNEWR@ BUFFLEX1.0 PPR
    83RB23Najee HarrisPITRBvs CLEFLEX1.0 PPR
    84RB24Isiah PachecoKCRB@ LVFLEX1.0 PPR
    85RB25Zonovan KnightNYJRB@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    86WR29Marquise BrownARIWR@ SFFLEX1.0 PPR
    87WR30Mike EvansTBWR@ ATLFLEX1.0 PPR
    88WR31Drake LondonATLWRvs TBFLEX1.0 PPR
    89TE3T.J. HockensonMINTE@ CHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    90WR32Michael Pittman Jr.INDWRvs HOUFLEX1.0 PPR
    91WR33Allen LazardGBWRvs DETFLEX1.0 PPR
    92TE4Evan EngramJACTEvs TENFLEX1.0 PPR
    93RB26J.K. DobbinsBALRB@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    94WR34Brandin CooksHOUWR@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    95QB31David BloughARIQB@ SF1.0 PPR
    96TE5Dallas GoedertPHITEvs NYGFLEX1.0 PPR
    97WR35Diontae JohnsonPITWRvs CLEFLEX1.0 PPR
    98WR36Gabe DavisBUFWRvs NEFLEX1.0 PPR
    99TE6Mark AndrewsBALTE@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    100WR37Jahan DotsonWASWRvs DALFLEX1.0 PPR
    101WR38Greg DortchARIWR@ SFFLEX1.0 PPR
    102RB27James CookBUFRBvs NEFLEX1.0 PPR
    103WR39Isaiah HodginsNYGWR@ PHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    104RB28AJ DillonGBRBvs DETFLEX1.0 PPR
    105TE7Dalton SchultzDALTE@ WASFLEX1.0 PPR
    106WR40DJ Chark Jr.DETWR@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    107WR41Adam ThielenMINWR@ CHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    108RB29Jamaal WilliamsDETRB@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    109RB30Devin SingletaryBUFRBvs NEFLEX1.0 PPR
    110WR42George PickensPITWRvs CLEFLEX1.0 PPR
    111TE8Cole KmetCHITEvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    112WR43Courtland SuttonDENWRvs LACFLEX1.0 PPR
    113WR44Richie James Jr.NYGWR@ PHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    114WR45Michael GallupDALWR@ WASFLEX1.0 PPR
    115RB31Chuba HubbardCARRB@ NOFLEX1.0 PPR
    116WR46Donovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR@ PITFLEX1.0 PPR
    117WR47Curtis SamuelWASWRvs DALFLEX1.0 PPR
    118TE9Tyler HigbeeLARTE@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    119TE10Pat FreiermuthPITTEvs CLEFLEX1.0 PPR
    120RB32Rachaad WhiteTBRB@ ATLFLEX1.0 PPR
    121WR48Darius SlaytonNYGWR@ PHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    122WR49Treylon BurksTENWR@ JACFLEX1.0 PPR
    123RB33D'Onta ForemanCARRB@ NOFLEX1.0 PPR
    124TE11David NjokuCLETE@ PITFLEX1.0 PPR
    125WR50Chris MooreHOUWR@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    126RB34Zack MossINDRBvs HOUFLEX1.0 PPR
    127TE12Dawson KnoxBUFTEvs NEFLEX1.0 PPR
    128RB35Gus EdwardsBALRB@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    129WR51Tyler BoydCINWRvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    130WR52Joshua PalmerLACWR@ DENFLEX1.0 PPR
    131RB36Hassan HaskinsTENRB@ JACFLEX1.0 PPR
    132WR53Romeo DoubsGBWRvs DETFLEX1.0 PPR
    133RB37Cordarrelle PattersonATLRBvs TBFLEX1.0 PPR
    134WR54K.J. OsbornMINWR@ CHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    135RB38Malik DavisDALRB@ WASFLEX1.0 PPR
    136TE13Darren WallerLVTEvs KCFLEX1.0 PPR
    137TE14Tyler ConklinNYJTE@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    138WR55Hunter RenfrowLVWRvs KCFLEX1.0 PPR
    139WR56Isaiah McKenzieBUFWRvs NEFLEX1.0 PPR
    140RB39Raheem MostertMIARBvs NYJFLEX1.0 PPR
    141WR57Elijah MooreNYJWR@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    142WR58Kendrick BourneNEWR@ BUFFLEX1.0 PPR
    143WR59Corey DavisNYJWR@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    144WR60Marquez Valdes-ScantlingKCWR@ LVFLEX1.0 PPR
    145TE15Noah FantSEATEvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    146RB40Michael CarterNYJRB@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    147WR61Byron PringleCHIWRvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    148WR62Russell GageTBWR@ ATLFLEX1.0 PPR
    149RB41Latavius MurrayDENRBvs LACFLEX1.0 PPR
    150TE16Gerald EverettLACTE@ DENFLEX1.0 PPR
    151WR63Van JeffersonLARWR@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    152WR64T.Y. HiltonDALWR@ WASFLEX1.0 PPR
    153TE17Juwan JohnsonNOTEvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    154WR65Demarcus RobinsonBALWR@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    155RB42Khalil HerbertCHIRBvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    156WR66Mack HollinsLVWRvs KCFLEX1.0 PPR
    157WR67Tutu AtwellLARWR@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    158TE18Taysom HillNOTEvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    159RB43Jeff Wilson Jr.MIARBvs NYJFLEX1.0 PPR
    160TE19Hunter HenryNETE@ BUFFLEX1.0 PPR
    161TE20Chigoziem OkonkwoTENTE@ JACFLEX1.0 PPR
    162RB44Deon JacksonINDRBvs HOUFLEX1.0 PPR
    163WR68Parris CampbellINDWRvs HOUFLEX1.0 PPR
    164TE21Jelani WoodsINDTEvs HOUFLEX1.0 PPR
    165WR69Equanimeous St. BrownCHIWRvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    166WR70Alec PierceINDWRvs HOUFLEX1.0 PPR
    167WR71Marvin Jones Jr.JACWRvs TENFLEX1.0 PPR
    168TE22Brock WrightDETTE@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    169RB45Jaylen WarrenPITRBvs CLEFLEX1.0 PPR
    170TE23Cade OttonTBTE@ ATLFLEX1.0 PPR
    171WR72Robert WoodsTENWR@ JACFLEX1.0 PPR
    172WR73Rashid ShaheedNOWRvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    173RB46Kenneth GainwellPHIRBvs NYGFLEX1.0 PPR
    174WR74Julio JonesTBWR@ ATLFLEX1.0 PPR
    175WR75Nick Westbrook-IkhineTENWR@ JACFLEX1.0 PPR
    176WR76Terrace Marshall Jr.CARWR@ NOFLEX1.0 PPR
    177WR77A.J. GreenARIWR@ SFFLEX1.0 PPR
    178RB47Royce FreemanHOURB@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    179WR78Randall CobbGBWRvs DETFLEX1.0 PPR
    180TE24Hayden HurstCINTEvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    181WR79Dante PettisCHIWRvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    182RB48Samaje PerineCINRBvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    183WR80Jauan JenningsSFWRvs ARIFLEX1.0 PPR
    184WR81Trenton IrwinCINWRvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    185RB49Kareem HuntCLERB@ PITFLEX1.0 PPR
    186WR82Kadarius ToneyKCWR@ LVFLEX1.0 PPR
    187WR83Noah BrownDALWR@ WASFLEX1.0 PPR
    188RB50Rex BurkheadHOURB@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    189TE25Daniel BellingerNYGTE@ PHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    190WR84Quez WatkinsPHIWRvs NYGFLEX1.0 PPR
    191RB51Alexander MattisonMINRB@ CHIFLEX1.0 PPR
    192WR85Josh ReynoldsDETWR@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    193WR86Velus Jones Jr.CHIWRvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    194RB52Marlon MackDENRBvs LACFLEX1.0 PPR
    195TE26Shane ZylstraDETTE@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    196RB53Dare OgunbowaleHOURB@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    197WR87Jamal AgnewJACWRvs TENFLEX1.0 PPR
    198WR88Olamide ZaccheausATLWRvs TBFLEX1.0 PPR
    199TE27Robert TonyanGBTEvs DETFLEX1.0 PPR
    200WR89Nelson AgholorNEWR@ BUFFLEX1.0 PPR
    201RB54Julius ChestnutTENRB@ JACFLEX1.0 PPR
    202RB55DeeJay DallasSEARBvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    203RB56Pierre Strong Jr.NERB@ BUFFLEX1.0 PPR
    204WR90Jameson WilliamsDETWR@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    205WR91Laquon TreadwellSEAWRvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    206WR92Brandon PowellLARWR@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    207WR93Laviska Shenault Jr.CARWR@ NOFLEX1.0 PPR
    208TE28Logan ThomasWASTEvs DALFLEX1.0 PPR
    209WR94Phillip Dorsett IIHOUWR@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    210TE29Mike GesickiMIATEvs NYJFLEX1.0 PPR
    211WR95Ray-Ray McCloud IIISFWRvs ARIFLEX1.0 PPR
    212QB32Jarrett StidhamLVQBvs KC1.0 PPR
    213WR96Tyquan ThorntonNEWR@ BUFFLEX1.0 PPR
    214RB57Joshua KelleyLACRB@ DENFLEX1.0 PPR
    215TE30Tommy TrembleCARTE@ NOFLEX1.0 PPR
    216WR97DeSean JacksonBALWR@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    217TE31Trey McBrideARITE@ SFFLEX1.0 PPR
    218WR98Kalif RaymondDETWR@ GBFLEX1.0 PPR
    219WR99Trent SherfieldMIAWRvs NYJFLEX1.0 PPR
    220RB58Jordan MasonSFRBvs ARIFLEX1.0 PPR
    221WR100Robbie AndersonARIWR@ SFFLEX1.0 PPR
    222WR101Damiere ByrdATLWRvs TBFLEX1.0 PPR
    223TE32Colby ParkinsonSEATEvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    224TE33Jordan AkinsHOUTE@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    225RB59Kyle JuszczykSFRBvs ARIFLEX1.0 PPR
    226RB60Chase EdmondsDENRBvs LACFLEX1.0 PPR
    227TE34Austin HooperTENTE@ JACFLEX1.0 PPR
    228TE35Brycen HopkinsLARTE@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    229QB33Lamar JacksonBALQB@ CIN1.0 PPR
    230RB61JaMycal HastyJACRBvs TENFLEX1.0 PPR
    231TE36Isaiah LikelyBALTE@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    232TE37Noah GrayKCTE@ LVFLEX1.0 PPR
    233RB62Ameer AbdullahLVRBvs KCFLEX1.0 PPR
    234RB63Kyren WilliamsLARRB@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    235WR102Tre'Quan SmithNOWRvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    236TE38Brevin JordanHOUTE@ INDFLEX1.0 PPR
    237TE39Mitchell WilcoxCINTEvs BALFLEX1.0 PPR
    238RB64Travis HomerSEARBvs LARFLEX1.0 PPR
    239RB65David JohnsonNORBvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    240RB66Avery WilliamsATLRBvs TBFLEX1.0 PPR
    241TE40Eric SaubertDENTEvs LACFLEX1.0 PPR
    242WR103Sammy WatkinsBALWR@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    243WR104Lance McCutcheonLARWR@ SEAFLEX1.0 PPR
    244RB67Justice HillBALRB@ CINFLEX1.0 PPR
    245WR105N'Keal HarryCHIWRvs MINFLEX1.0 PPR
    246WR106Keith KirkwoodNOWRvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    247WR107Braxton BerriosNYJWR@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    248TE41C.J. UzomahNYJTE@ MIAFLEX1.0 PPR
    249TE42Adam TrautmanNOTEvs CARFLEX1.0 PPR
    250WR108KhaDarel HodgeATLWRvs TBFLEX1.0 PPR
    1QB1Josh AllenBUFQBvs NENon-PPR
    2QB2Jalen HurtsPHIQBvs NYGNon-PPR
    3QB3Patrick Mahomes IIKCQB@ LVNon-PPR
    4QB4Justin FieldsCHIQBvs MINNon-PPR
    5QB5Joe BurrowCINQBvs BALNon-PPR
    6QB6Justin HerbertLACQB@ DENNon-PPR
    7QB7Trevor LawrenceJACQBvs TENNon-PPR
    8QB8Dak PrescottDALQB@ WASNon-PPR
    9QB9Kirk CousinsMINQB@ CHINon-PPR
    10QB10Aaron RodgersGBQBvs DETNon-PPR
    11QB11Geno SmithSEAQBvs LARNon-PPR
    12QB12Tom BradyTBQB@ ATLNon-PPR
    13QB13Jared GoffDETQB@ GBNon-PPR
    14QB14Mike WhiteNYJQB@ MIANon-PPR
    15QB15Brock PurdySFQBvs ARINon-PPR
    16QB16Daniel JonesNYGQB@ PHINon-PPR
    17RB1Christian McCaffreySFRBvs ARIFLEXNon-PPR
    18QB17Teddy BridgewaterMIAQBvs NYJNon-PPR
    19QB18Deshaun WatsonCLEQB@ PITNon-PPR
    20QB19Russell WilsonDENQBvs LACNon-PPR
    21RB2Austin EkelerLACRB@ DENFLEXNon-PPR
    22QB20Baker MayfieldLARQB@ SEANon-PPR
    23QB21Kenny PickettPITQBvs CLENon-PPR
    24RB3Dalvin CookMINRB@ CHIFLEXNon-PPR
    25QB22Mac JonesNEQB@ BUFNon-PPR
    26QB23Carson WentzWASQBvs DALNon-PPR
    27RB4Saquon BarkleyNYGRB@ PHIFLEXNon-PPR
    28QB24Sam DarnoldCARQB@ NONon-PPR
    29QB25Tyler HuntleyBALQB@ CINNon-PPR
    30QB26Davis MillsHOUQB@ INDNon-PPR
    31RB5Nick ChubbCLERB@ PITFLEXNon-PPR
    32QB27Desmond RidderATLQBvs TBNon-PPR
    33RB6Joe MixonCINRBvs BALFLEXNon-PPR
    34QB28Andy DaltonNOQBvs CARNon-PPR
    35RB7Josh JacobsLVRBvs KCFLEXNon-PPR
    36QB29Sam EhlingerINDQBvs HOUNon-PPR
    37QB30Joshua DobbsTENQB@ JACNon-PPR
    38WR1Justin JeffersonMINWR@ CHIFLEXNon-PPR
    39RB8Rhamondre StevensonNERB@ BUFFLEXNon-PPR
    40RB9James ConnerARIRB@ SFFLEXNon-PPR
    41RB10Travis Etienne Jr.JACRBvs TENFLEXNon-PPR
    43RB11Miles SandersPHIRBvs NYGFLEXNon-PPR
    44QB31David BloughARIQB@ SFNon-PPR
    45WR3Stefon DiggsBUFWRvs NEFLEXNon-PPR
    46RB12Alvin KamaraNORBvs CARFLEXNon-PPR
    47RB13Aaron JonesGBRBvs DETFLEXNon-PPR
    48RB14Ezekiel ElliottDALRB@ WASFLEXNon-PPR
    49RB15Kenneth Walker IIISEARBvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    50RB16D'Andre SwiftDETRB@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    52WR5Tyreek HillMIAWRvs NYJFLEXNon-PPR
    53WR6Ja'Marr ChaseCINWRvs BALFLEXNon-PPR
    54RB17Brian Robinson Jr.WASRBvs DALFLEXNon-PPR
    55RB18Tyler AllgeierATLRBvs TBFLEXNon-PPR
    56WR7Tee HigginsCINWRvs BALFLEXNon-PPR
    57RB19Zonovan KnightNYJRB@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR
    58RB20Cam AkersLARRB@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    59WR8Amon-Ra St. BrownDETWR@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    60WR9Chris GodwinTBWR@ ATLFLEXNon-PPR
    61WR10Keenan AllenLACWR@ DENFLEXNon-PPR
    62TE1Travis KelceKCTE@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    63RB21David MontgomeryCHIRBvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    64WR11Garrett WilsonNYJWR@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR
    65WR12Brandon AiyukSFWRvs ARIFLEXNon-PPR
    66WR13DK MetcalfSEAWRvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    67RB22Leonard FournetteTBRB@ ATLFLEXNon-PPR
    68WR14Jaylen WaddleMIAWRvs NYJFLEXNon-PPR
    69RB23J.K. DobbinsBALRB@ CINFLEXNon-PPR
    70RB24Isiah PachecoKCRB@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    71WR15Christian KirkJACWRvs TENFLEXNon-PPR
    72RB25D'Onta ForemanCARRB@ NOFLEXNon-PPR
    73RB26Najee HarrisPITRBvs CLEFLEXNon-PPR
    74TE2George KittleSFTEvs ARIFLEXNon-PPR
    75WR16DeVonta SmithPHIWRvs NYGFLEXNon-PPR
    76RB27Gus EdwardsBALRB@ CINFLEXNon-PPR
    77WR17Tyler LockettSEAWRvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    79WR19Mike WilliamsLACWR@ DENFLEXNon-PPR
    80WR20Chris OlaveNOWRvs CARFLEXNon-PPR
    81RB28AJ DillonGBRBvs DETFLEXNon-PPR
    82WR21Christian WatsonGBWRvs DETFLEXNon-PPR
    83RB29Jerick McKinnonKCRB@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    84RB30Jamaal WilliamsDETRB@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    85WR22Mike EvansTBWR@ ATLFLEXNon-PPR
    86RB31Devin SingletaryBUFRBvs NEFLEXNon-PPR
    87RB32Zack MossINDRBvs HOUFLEXNon-PPR
    88RB33Rachaad WhiteTBRB@ ATLFLEXNon-PPR
    89WR23Amari CooperCLEWR@ PITFLEXNon-PPR
    90RB34James CookBUFRBvs NEFLEXNon-PPR
    91WR24Gabe DavisBUFWRvs NEFLEXNon-PPR
    92WR25Davante AdamsLVWRvs KCFLEXNon-PPR
    93WR26Terry McLaurinWASWRvs DALFLEXNon-PPR
    94RB35Chuba HubbardCARRB@ NOFLEXNon-PPR
    95WR27Allen LazardGBWRvs DETFLEXNon-PPR
    96WR28Jerry JeudyDENWRvs LACFLEXNon-PPR
    97WR29Marquise BrownARIWR@ SFFLEXNon-PPR
    98WR30JuJu Smith-SchusterKCWR@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    99RB36Hassan HaskinsTENRB@ JACFLEXNon-PPR
    100WR31Drake LondonATLWRvs TBFLEXNon-PPR
    101RB37Cordarrelle PattersonATLRBvs TBFLEXNon-PPR
    102WR32Zay JonesJACWRvs TENFLEXNon-PPR
    103TE3T.J. HockensonMINTE@ CHIFLEXNon-PPR
    104WR33Michael Pittman Jr.INDWRvs HOUFLEXNon-PPR
    105WR34Brandin CooksHOUWR@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    106TE4Evan EngramJACTEvs TENFLEXNon-PPR
    107TE5Mark AndrewsBALTE@ CINFLEXNon-PPR
    108WR35Jakobi MeyersNEWR@ BUFFLEXNon-PPR
    109WR36DJ Chark Jr.DETWR@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    110WR37Diontae JohnsonPITWRvs CLEFLEXNon-PPR
    111WR38Courtland SuttonDENWRvs LACFLEXNon-PPR
    112TE6Dallas GoedertPHITEvs NYGFLEXNon-PPR
    113WR39Rashid ShaheedNOWRvs CARFLEXNon-PPR
    114WR40Jahan DotsonWASWRvs DALFLEXNon-PPR
    115RB38Raheem MostertMIARBvs NYJFLEXNon-PPR
    116WR41Richie James Jr.NYGWR@ PHIFLEXNon-PPR
    117RB39Michael CarterNYJRB@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR
    118TE7Dalton SchultzDALTE@ WASFLEXNon-PPR
    119WR42Adam ThielenMINWR@ CHIFLEXNon-PPR
    120WR43Greg DortchARIWR@ SFFLEXNon-PPR
    121RB40Latavius MurrayDENRBvs LACFLEXNon-PPR
    122WR44Michael GallupDALWR@ WASFLEXNon-PPR
    123RB41Khalil HerbertCHIRBvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    124WR45George PickensPITWRvs CLEFLEXNon-PPR
    125WR46Donovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR@ PITFLEXNon-PPR
    126WR47Curtis SamuelWASWRvs DALFLEXNon-PPR
    127WR48Treylon BurksTENWR@ JACFLEXNon-PPR
    128RB42Deon JacksonINDRBvs HOUFLEXNon-PPR
    129RB43Jaylen WarrenPITRBvs CLEFLEXNon-PPR
    130WR49Darius SlaytonNYGWR@ PHIFLEXNon-PPR
    131TE8Dawson KnoxBUFTEvs NEFLEXNon-PPR
    132TE9Cole KmetCHITEvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    133RB44Jeff Wilson Jr.MIARBvs NYJFLEXNon-PPR
    134TE10Tyler HigbeeLARTE@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    135WR50Isaiah HodginsNYGWR@ PHIFLEXNon-PPR
    136TE11Taysom HillNOTEvs CARFLEXNon-PPR
    137WR51Romeo DoubsGBWRvs DETFLEXNon-PPR
    138WR52K.J. OsbornMINWR@ CHIFLEXNon-PPR
    139WR53Joshua PalmerLACWR@ DENFLEXNon-PPR
    140TE12David NjokuCLETE@ PITFLEXNon-PPR
    141WR54Marquez Valdes-ScantlingKCWR@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    142WR55Tyler BoydCINWRvs BALFLEXNon-PPR
    143TE13Pat FreiermuthPITTEvs CLEFLEXNon-PPR
    144WR56Kendrick BourneNEWR@ BUFFLEXNon-PPR
    145WR57Corey DavisNYJWR@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR
    146TE14Darren WallerLVTEvs KCFLEXNon-PPR
    147WR58Elijah MooreNYJWR@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR
    148RB45Royce FreemanHOURB@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    149WR59Chris MooreHOUWR@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    150QB32Jarrett StidhamLVQBvs KCNon-PPR
    151TE15Hunter HenryNETE@ BUFFLEXNon-PPR
    152TE16Juwan JohnsonNOTEvs CARFLEXNon-PPR
    153RB46Kenneth GainwellPHIRBvs NYGFLEXNon-PPR
    154WR60Hunter RenfrowLVWRvs KCFLEXNon-PPR
    155WR61Byron PringleCHIWRvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    156WR62Isaiah McKenzieBUFWRvs NEFLEXNon-PPR
    157TE17Gerald EverettLACTE@ DENFLEXNon-PPR
    158RB47Marlon MackDENRBvs LACFLEXNon-PPR
    159RB48Malik DavisDALRB@ WASFLEXNon-PPR
    160WR63Van JeffersonLARWR@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    161WR64Mack HollinsLVWRvs KCFLEXNon-PPR
    162WR65Equanimeous St. BrownCHIWRvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    163TE18Tyler ConklinNYJTE@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR
    164TE19Noah FantSEATEvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    165WR66Russell GageTBWR@ ATLFLEXNon-PPR
    166WR67Demarcus RobinsonBALWR@ CINFLEXNon-PPR
    167WR68Tutu AtwellLARWR@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    168WR69Parris CampbellINDWRvs HOUFLEXNon-PPR
    169QB33Lamar JacksonBALQB@ CINNon-PPR
    170WR70Alec PierceINDWRvs HOUFLEXNon-PPR
    171RB49Kareem HuntCLERB@ PITFLEXNon-PPR
    172TE20Chigoziem OkonkwoTENTE@ JACFLEXNon-PPR
    173WR71T.Y. HiltonDALWR@ WASFLEXNon-PPR
    174WR72Marvin Jones Jr.JACWRvs TENFLEXNon-PPR
    175WR73Robert WoodsTENWR@ JACFLEXNon-PPR
    176RB50Alexander MattisonMINRB@ CHIFLEXNon-PPR
    177TE21Jelani WoodsINDTEvs HOUFLEXNon-PPR
    178RB51Samaje PerineCINRBvs BALFLEXNon-PPR
    179WR74Julio JonesTBWR@ ATLFLEXNon-PPR
    180RB52Rex BurkheadHOURB@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    181WR75A.J. GreenARIWR@ SFFLEXNon-PPR
    182WR76Nick Westbrook-IkhineTENWR@ JACFLEXNon-PPR
    183WR77Terrace Marshall Jr.CARWR@ NOFLEXNon-PPR
    184TE22Cade OttonTBTE@ ATLFLEXNon-PPR
    185WR78Randall CobbGBWRvs DETFLEXNon-PPR
    186TE23Hayden HurstCINTEvs BALFLEXNon-PPR
    187WR79Jauan JenningsSFWRvs ARIFLEXNon-PPR
    188WR80Kadarius ToneyKCWR@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    189WR81Dante PettisCHIWRvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    190WR82Josh ReynoldsDETWR@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    191WR83Quez WatkinsPHIWRvs NYGFLEXNon-PPR
    192RB53Julius ChestnutTENRB@ JACFLEXNon-PPR
    193TE24Brock WrightDETTE@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    194RB54Pierre Strong Jr.NERB@ BUFFLEXNon-PPR
    195WR84Noah BrownDALWR@ WASFLEXNon-PPR
    196RB55Dare OgunbowaleHOURB@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    197RB56Joshua KelleyLACRB@ DENFLEXNon-PPR
    198WR85Velus Jones Jr.CHIWRvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    199WR86Keith KirkwoodNOWRvs CARFLEXNon-PPR
    200WR87Jamal AgnewJACWRvs TENFLEXNon-PPR
    201WR88Nelson AgholorNEWR@ BUFFLEXNon-PPR
    202TE25Daniel BellingerNYGTE@ PHIFLEXNon-PPR
    203WR89Jameson WilliamsDETWR@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    204RB57DeeJay DallasSEARBvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    205WR90Olamide ZaccheausATLWRvs TBFLEXNon-PPR
    206WR91Laquon TreadwellSEAWRvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    207WR92Brandon PowellLARWR@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    208TE26Robert TonyanGBTEvs DETFLEXNon-PPR
    209RB58Jordan MasonSFRBvs ARIFLEXNon-PPR
    210WR93Trenton IrwinCINWRvs BALFLEXNon-PPR
    211WR94Laviska Shenault Jr.CARWR@ NOFLEXNon-PPR
    212TE27Shane ZylstraDETTE@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    213RB59Chase EdmondsDENRBvs LACFLEXNon-PPR
    214WR95Phillip Dorsett IIHOUWR@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    215TE28Logan ThomasWASTEvs DALFLEXNon-PPR
    216TE29Mike GesickiMIATEvs NYJFLEXNon-PPR
    217WR96Tyquan ThorntonNEWR@ BUFFLEXNon-PPR
    218WR97Kalif RaymondDETWR@ GBFLEXNon-PPR
    219RB60Kyren WilliamsLARRB@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    220TE30Tommy TrembleCARTE@ NOFLEXNon-PPR
    221RB61JaMycal HastyJACRBvs TENFLEXNon-PPR
    222WR98Ray-Ray McCloud IIISFWRvs ARIFLEXNon-PPR
    223RB62Travis HomerSEARBvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    224WR99Trent SherfieldMIAWRvs NYJFLEXNon-PPR
    225TE31Trey McBrideARITE@ SFFLEXNon-PPR
    226WR100Robbie AndersonARIWR@ SFFLEXNon-PPR
    227RB63Matt BreidaNYGRB@ PHIFLEXNon-PPR
    228WR101DeSean JacksonBALWR@ CINFLEXNon-PPR
    229RB64Ameer AbdullahLVRBvs KCFLEXNon-PPR
    230RB65Kyle JuszczykSFRBvs ARIFLEXNon-PPR
    231TE32Jordan AkinsHOUTE@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    232RB66Jordan WilkinsINDRBvs HOUFLEXNon-PPR
    233TE33Isaiah LikelyBALTE@ CINFLEXNon-PPR
    234TE34Austin HooperTENTE@ JACFLEXNon-PPR
    235TE35Colby ParkinsonSEATEvs LARFLEXNon-PPR
    236RB67Boston ScottPHIRBvs NYGFLEXNon-PPR
    237WR102Damiere ByrdATLWRvs TBFLEXNon-PPR
    238WR103Sammy WatkinsBALWR@ CINFLEXNon-PPR
    239TE36Brycen HopkinsLARTE@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    240TE37Noah GrayKCTE@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    241TE38Brevin JordanHOUTE@ INDFLEXNon-PPR
    242RB68Avery WilliamsATLRBvs TBFLEXNon-PPR
    243TE39Eric SaubertDENTEvs LACFLEXNon-PPR
    244TE40C.J. UzomahNYJTE@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR
    245WR104Tre'Quan SmithNOWRvs CARFLEXNon-PPR
    246WR105N'Keal HarryCHIWRvs MINFLEXNon-PPR
    247WR106KhaDarel HodgeATLWRvs TBFLEXNon-PPR
    248WR107Skyy MooreKCWR@ LVFLEXNon-PPR
    249WR108Lance McCutcheonLARWR@ SEAFLEXNon-PPR
    250WR109Braxton BerriosNYJWR@ MIAFLEXNon-PPR

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