In the latest edition of The Evil Empire, host Dave McGrath tackles a wide variety of issues. This includes Joe Flacco, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham and more. He also takes a hard look at Jon Gruden and John Elway, and whether or not they can find success again. Finally, he answers your mailbag questions.

This week, host Dave McGrath discusses the Joe Flacco trade that has him being shipped from Baltimore to Denver. Does John Elway finally have the quarterback that can manage a game for him, or is this just another name added to a comedy of errors at that position under his helm?

McGrath also discusses two top wide receivers – Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham. Will where they end up and who might trade for them? We know Brown is on the way out, but how about Beckham?

Two polarizing figures in the NFL – Jon Gruden and John Elway – have made waves recently with several moves they made both on and off the field. What is McGrath’s opinion of them and will they find success again in the NFL?

He also answers email questions about Phillip Rivers, the Patriots’ connection to Donald Trump, and the Colin Kaepernick settlement. Finally, he also addresses the rumors about Bill Belichick and Rob Gronkowski retiring.

Tune in for the latest edition of The Evil Empire!