Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Is Embracing Kellen Moore’s Offense Despite ‘95% of It Being New’

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts is no stranger to learning a new offense. Yet, he admits "95%" of Kellen Moore's offense is new in 2024.

Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Jalen Hurts is no stranger to learning a new offense. Hurts has worked with seven different offensive coordinators in the last eight years, dating back to college.

After a disappointing end to last season, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was forced to make drastic changes to his coaching staff. One of the most notable additions was the addition of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Learning Kellen Moore’s Offense, Admits “95%” of It Is New

While former Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson was Hurts’ close friend, it was clear that Philadelphia needed to make a change.

Moore is a far more experienced play-caller than Johnson was, and it appears that Sirianni is giving him full control of the offense in 2024.

Throughout practices that have been open to the media, reporters have mentioned the Eagles are utilizing significantly more pre-snap motion. This was a major complaint among fans as Philadelphia’s offense became stale and predictable during last season’s embarrassing collapse.

Although Hurts is no stranger to learning a new offense, he did admit that Moore’s offense is significantly different than Philadelphia’s old scheme. Hurts discussed the learning process during his press conference on Thursday.

“Right now, it’s been a lot of new inventory in,” Hurts said when asked about learning Moore’s playbook. “The majority of it, probably 95% of it being new.”

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While some might be scared by Hurts admitting that such a large percentage of the offense is new, it was a much-needed change. It’s also a sign that Sirianni is willing to adapt and hand over the offense to Moore, which isn’t easy for an offensive-minded head coach to do.

Nick Sirianni Excited for Kellen Moore, Discusses Hurts’ ‘95%’ Comment

Despite Philadelphia’s offense putting up solid numbers last season, it was clear the NFL was catching up to the team’s scheme. Sirianni admitted the Eagles’ offense became stale, and he is eager to collaborate with Moore in 2024 and beyond.

“Kellen naturally is able to learn some things about the way we did it before,” Sirianni said when asked about working with Moore. “I am able to learn some things the way Kellen [does things] — that’s major growth when you’re in there.”

Sirianni was also asked about Hurts’ comments regarding “95%” of Moore’s offensive scheme being new. Philadelphia’s head coach elaborated on that, detailing what exactly could be regarded as new for the star quarterback.

“There’s new concepts, obviously,” Sirianni said. “There’s new ways to think about a play, but then with concepts of what we’ve done in the past, he might have a new responsibility within that play.”

Despite a significant portion of Moore’s offensive scheme being new, Sirianni praised Hurts for his ability to learn throughout his career.

“I think he’s doing an excellent job of adapting to new schemes,” Sirianni said. “Reading the old schemes a little differently, and then mastering the stuff that he’s already done so well.”

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