Eagles’ Jalen Carter and 49ers’ Jon Feliciano Continue Social Media Drama With Wild Comments

The internet drama between the Eagles' Jalen Carter and the 49ers' Jon Feliciano has added another layer to the saga as both continue their public beef.

It’s officially the NFL offseason when the action transitions from on the field to the internet. In a world where everyone has social media and you’re only one click away from an opinion, such is the case for Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Jalen Carter and San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Jon Feliciano.

While Feliciano was already fully entrenched in an internet scrum with his teammate following San Francisco’s Super Bowl loss, the drama finds him again — this time with the Eagles’ Carter. The accusations and discourse surrounding this one are uncomfortable, with players’ families involved. Not a good look for either player involved.

Eagles’ Jalen Carter and 49ers’ Jon Feliciano Continue Social Media Drama

In what was already a well-documented beef between Feliciano and teammate Spencer Burford following their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 58, another layer has been added thanks to Carter, and it’s an ugly accusation.

According to Carter’s IG story, where he screenshots JPAFootball’s post talking about the spat between Feliciano and Burford, Carter adds a note at the bottom stating that Feliciano said horrible things to him when they played one another.

‘Same dude who spoke on my dead teammate and the reason I was emotional during our game mmh.”

From there, Feliciano responded with his account of the situation, and it only got uglier from there.

“Dude told me he was gonna murder me and my kids would never see me again 3x because I was laughing at him after getting a flag … I said I believe you you got a body. Then he continued for weeks posting my fam n reachin out to my friends.”

On its own, that’s a lot to unpack. Yet, the comments and reactions didn’t stop there.

Carter proceeded to post on X a series of posts talking about the situation indirectly, calling into question Feliciano’s sobriety, surely as a reaction to the 49ers’ lineman’s earlier words regarding why he reacted the way he did towards his teammate in the prior spat.

“Jit must be still drunk.”

However, it didn’t stop there.

“It’s cause he already see y’all calling me a murder so he just gone keep that going he know y’all going to love it I can’t beat that if u got the fans on your side than your right I guess,” Carter continued.

“I’m trynna be the best ever! Some people just trynna not get traded,” he finished.

An ugly situation unfolds between the two players, with some awful accusations being thrown around. The idea of two players so cavalierly talking about deceased people and family members, if true, is hard to watch.

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Hopefully, for all parties involved, this is the end of the spat and they can end the situation amicably.

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