This week, host Eric Wiedeke is joined by fellow podcast host and PFN Podcast Network Director, Kai’Chien Chisholm. Together they talk about the recent pro day from Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, they detail why Jared Cook could be one of the most underrated additions of the offseason, and somehow get into conversations about the best-worst quarterbacks in the NFL.

Dwayne Haskins has had one of the most intriguing rises and falls of the quarterbacks in this year’s class. During the pod, Eric and Kai’ detail why they believe Haskins has gotten such a bad wrap. Kai’ argues that it could be the hype around Oklahoma Sooner quarterback Kyler Murray, while Eric details that we could see a drop similar to Aaron Rodgers during this year’s draft. Could Haskins fall under the same wrap as Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen, where a team trades up due to need? Or will we have a situation where teams sit and wait for 2020?

The second wave of free agency

While the first wave of free-agency came and went, there have been some recent signings by playoff caliber teams that could be some underrated additions. Eric argues that the biggest of the “smaller additions” is Jared Cook. During his time with the Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders, Cook was a pretty reliable tight end. During his two years, Cook played in 30 of the possible 32 games while catching 122 passes for 1584 yards with eight touchdowns (Cook has two touchdowns in 2017 and six in 2018).

The yardage he achieved during his two years in Oakland was 202 yards less than the 1786 yards he got in three years as a member of the then, St. Louis Rams, now as the Los Angeles Rams. Cook would be the best tight end that Drew Brees has had since Jimmy Graham got traded for the now recently retired center, Max Unger. Kai’ believes it is now or never as the window for Drew Brees and Sean Payton could soon be closing.

Could Ryan Fitzpatrick be the best-worst quarterback of all time?

While being Miami Dolphins fans at their core, Eric and Kai’ talk about why they think Ryan Fitzpatrick could be the best-worst quarterback of all time. Jokingly, they both agree that Fitzmagic will eventually excite Dolphins fans. Of course, this will include a 500-yard and 6 touchdown performance against the New England Patriots. This will then make Dolphins fans go on a craze and wonder why Fitzpatrick was never given a chance before. While talking about the best-worst quarterbacks, Eric details why he believes that Eli Manning is a prime candidate. Kai’ (partial New York Giants fan) strongly disagrees and gives his reasoning. This includes thoughts on why he should eventually be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Questions to ask yourself during the show

Is Dwayne Haskins a top 10 pick this April? Could Jared Cook be what the New Orleans Saints need to finally win a Super Bowl? Who is your vote for the best-worst QB of all-time?

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