Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Wants To Box Jake Paul

Tyreek Hill has made his attempt to cross over to another sport. But in the process, he's challenged Jake Paul to a fight.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is known across the league for doing damage with his legs as one of the NFL‘s most explosive talents. But the Super Bowl winner wants to do a different kind of damage in a different sport.

Hill challenged boxer Jake Paul to a fight.

Tyreek Hill Envisions Boxing Scenario With Jake Paul

Speaking on the “Fully Tilted Podcast,” the perennial Pro Bowler called out the social media star turned professional boxer. Hill even identified the octagon as the place where he’s willing to face Paul.

“I mean, just take it to the cage, bro,” Hill stated. “And that’s why I want to meet Dana White [founder of UFC]. I want to get into the cage.”

Hill continued by outlining another area where he wants to meet Paul.

“I want to get into the cage, or I want to box,” Hill said.

Hill believes Paul will be a worthy competitor for him in his first-ever fight — if it were to be booked.

And if any spark of intrigue could persuade Paul to take that fight, it’s when Hill answered if Paul is as tough as he is.

“I don’t think so, bro,” Hill said, explaining that he grew up boxing.

Fans React to Fight Idea Involving Hill and Paul

Sure enough, Hill’s words sparked social media reactions featuring those who began envisioning the possible battle.

Some fans, though, believe that if Hill were to get into the ring with Paul, it’d have a similar outcome to one of Paul’s more renowned bouts.

“It’s gonna be Jake vs Nate Robinson part two,” one fan said on X (formerly known as Twitter).

That’s in reference to Paul’s knockout of the former NBA star from Nov. 2020. That fight ultimately led to Paul’s rise as a boxer.

One other fan, though, sounds convinced about the fight possibility.

“That would be fun to watch!!” the fan posted.

Meanwhile, another fan isn’t taking Hill’s words seriously.

“He just wants the check. He know the odds of him winning aren’t in his favor. You can see it in his eyes and body language,” the fan shared.

One more fan wound up offering a different suggestion to Paul.

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“If Jake wants to be serious about his world title aspirations, he needs to focus on fighting real challengers and step away from the crossover money fights,” the fan said.

Paul holds an 8-1 record as a boxer, with five of his fights won by knockout. Paul is yet to accept Hill’s challenge.

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