Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill and Hall of Famer Randy Moss Not Writing Off Jets Following Aaron Rodgers Injury

As some of the nation writes off the New York Jets after Aaron Rodgers' Achilles tear, one rival isn't -- Miami Dolphins All-Pro Tyreek Hill.

Some NFL fans and analysts are writing an obituary for the New York Jets following Aaron Rodgers losing his entire 2023 season — which Jets head coach Robert Saleh brought up with the N.Y. media on Wednesday.

But a rival of the Jets, Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins, isn’t writing one up after Rodgers’ Achilles tear. He shared just that on his “It Needed to be Said” podcast Thursday. He was also joined by another legendary wide receiver, Randy Moss.

Tyreek Hill Believes Zach Wilson Is ‘Going to Get Better’

“The Cheetah” believes the Jets will be just fine without the Super Bowl-winning passer, which he shared on his podcast.

It’s because the renewed QB1 for the Jets, Zach Wilson, is in good hands thanks to Rodgers.

“I think Zach Wilson, man, him being in that system, him being able to learn from Aaron Rodgers. I’m thinking the time that he had to learn from him, he’s going to get better,” Hill said. “He’s going to continuously get better every week.”

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Hill won’t see the Jets until Nov. 24, at which time Wilson is expected to be leading the Jets now that he is once again New York’s starter following Rodgers’ injury.

Still, Hill believes that once his Dolphins and Jets meet up, Miami will be expecting a competitive bunch inside MetLife Stadium for the first meeting.

“I still expect the Jets to do good things this year, dawg,” Hill said.

Is Hill Championing a Change in Field Conditions?

Rodgers’ injury also sparked a league-wide conversation about the safety of sprint turf.

While considered an all-weather surface that prevents the field from being less muddy compared to natural grass, Rodgers became the latest most notable NFL star to lose his season on the field surface.

The longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback joins a list that includes Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers (who lost his 2020 season on the same field) and Odell Beckham Jr. during the time he was pursuing Super Bowl 56 with the Los Angeles Rams.

Hill himself is joining the growing voices of championing a switch to grass.

“It’s also an issue of us as NFL players playing on grass and turf,” Hill said. “Because, you know, MetLife is turf.

“We played in the turf when we was in L.A.,” Hill continued, referencing the Dolphins’ last game versus the Chargers. “Playing on that turf is always a risk, man. It’s always a risk of injury. As fast as we may run on turf, we rather would play on grass because turf hurts our knees when we break down. It hurts our legs after the games.”

Hill concluded one last message when looking into the camera.

“So NFL, we want all grass fields,” Hill pleaded.

Randy Moss Jumps on the Wilson Wagon

During his most recent episode of the Rich Eisen Show, Rich Eisen had Hall of Fame WR Randy Moss on to discuss the Rodgers injury and its fallout. The conversation then turned to Moss’ Super Bowl pick, which he originally shared before the season had started. Prior to Week 1, Moss planted his flag for a Philadelphia Eagles and Jets showdown.

Well, after the Rodgers injury, did that change? No. In fact, Moss even doubled down.

“It’s not going to look like Aaron Rodgers, but he can still go in and lead the team and put them in position like he did the other night.”

With guys like Moss and Hill rooting him on, could Wilson find a way to take this Jets championship-caliber offense to a Super Bowl? Time will tell.

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