Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Has Surprising Plans for Post-Football Life

    Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill has always been known for his humor. And if you listen to his post-football life plan, it's just another reminder of that.

    While Tyreek Hill and the Miami Dolphins may be lighting up defenses on the field so far this season, it hasn’t stopped Hill from thinking about his post-football life. Through the first three games of the season, no team in the NFL has been more impressive than the Dolphins. And that point was made further with their 70-point performance against the Denver Broncos.

    Hill has been a huge part of that, as he has tallied 25 receptions, 412 yards, and four touchdowns in this stretch. But it hasn’t stopped Hill from making clear what his after-football life plans are.

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    Tyreek Hill’s Post-Football Life Plan

    While streaming online and playing video games with fellow NFL wide receiver and Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Mike Evans, Hill spoke matter-of-factly about what his post-football plans are, and the career of choice left Evans a bit stunned.

    Anybody who plays video games with their friends knows that wild things are said at times, but for Hill to come out and say this — and be so serious about it — was a funny moment. It was also very alarming.

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    Evans, like most friends, was a bit taken aback but ultimately decided to support his friend in all his future endeavors.

    Many NFL players have plans and ideas for their second career when their time in the league is done. Hill is no different in that aspect — even if what he is doing is very different.

    Hill Is on a Historic Pace

    No player in the NFL has ever eclipsed 2,000 receiving yards in a season, but this year it looks like the milestone may really be possible for Hill.

    With 412 receiving yards through the first three games of the season, Hill is on pace for over 2,100 receiving yards on the year, which would shatter the previous record held by former Detroit Lions great, Calvin Johnson, who posted 1,964 yards in 2012.

    Hill is also on pace for 125 receptions and 20 touchdowns on the season. If Miami’s offense continues to look like it did this week against Denver, where they put up a whopping 70 points, no record is safe.

    Head coach Mike McDaniel and company have this Dolphins team playing the best football in the league right now, and a lot of it starts with the proper use of Hill and his unique skill set. McDaniel is one of the young, bright minds of the NFL coaching world. Whatever he’s found seems to be a recipe for success for Hill and the rest of his team.

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