Dolphins Inspire Latest Lionel Messi and Inter Miami Jerseys

MLS' Inter Miami is reportedly set to be wearing a familiar uniform this summer that will surely excite Dolphins fans.

Football may be the most popular sport in the United States, but it is futbol, the soccer kind, that still dominates the global scene.

While eyes are glued to the screen and fill in the stadiums on Sundays during the fall to watch the Miami Dolphins, there is another team in the city that has gained an immense amount of traction lately as well.

Inter Miami of Major League Soccer is home to one of the biggest global stars in the world of sports, Lionel Messi, and coming soon, both he and his squad will be wearing an oddly familiar kit to represent their brothers from down the road who play with a different shaped ball.

First Look At New Soccer Jerseys Inspired by NFL’s Miami Dolphins

According to reports, Inter Miami is expected to launch an aqua Dolphins-inspired third shirt.

While it is unknown just what the jersey will look like, it is reported by the Miami Herald that the global sports brand Adidas will be unveiling the new jersey for the team and for fans to purchase, and it supposedly will pay homage to the Dolphins with its style and look.

In a designed photograph that puts Messi and Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa side-by-side, Bleacher Report shows off what these new jerseys could look like on the soccer pitch.


Surely, up until its release date, there will be many attempts at putting together what the jersey may look like as those who are Dolphins and Inter Miami fans will surely wait with anticipation to get their hands on one.

When Will Miami FC Wear the Dolphins-Inspired Jerseys?

According to the Miami Herald, “A source with knowledge of the new Dolphins-inspired shirt confirmed that Adidas will be shipping them to distributors in late June, and they are expected to go on sale in July, just in time for Leagues Cup and Dolphins training camp.”

With Messi’s presence already being a smashing hit amongst soccer fans in America since joining Inter Miami, his was reportedly the most-sold jersey of 2023.

Even wilder than that, Messi’s jerseys did so within 45 minutes of its launch on

With a rabid fanbase coming together between soccer and NFL fans, there is no reason to believe that these new jerseys won’t have a similar impact.

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