DK Metcalf Challenges Tyreek Hill to Race

    DK Metcalf doubled down on his desire to race self-proclaimed "NFL's fastest man" Tyreek Hill in his recent appearance on the Undisputed show.

    DK Metcalf Challenges Tyreek Hill to Race

    DK Metcalf created quite the stir during a recent appearance on the Undisputed show with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. The Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowl wide receiver spoke to the Fox Sports talk show on Wednesday and doubled down on a long-standing challenge to race fellow wideout Tyreek Hill.

    “My people reached out to his people, just couldn’t come to an agreement,” Metcalf said per Bleacher Report. “I’ve been trying to come to an agreement for two years now.”

    Hill, commonly referred to by the viewing public as “Cheetah” for his astounding speed, is oft regarded as the fastest player in the NFL. But that’s a moniker Metcalf apparently wants to put to the test.

    DK Metcalf Maintains Challenge To Race Tyreek Hill

    Some quick research favors Hill at first glance. But not by a sizable margin. Per Sportskeeda’s Walter Sharp, Hill notched a 4.29 40-yard dash at his pro day. Metcalf’s scouting profile has him a hair slower at 4.33 seconds.

    But the 40 isn’t the be-all and end-all. In fact, Metcalf compared two recent instances where the receivers ran competitively. Hill ran a 6.70 in the 60-meter dash at the USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships in March of this year, good for first place in the event.

    But Masters meets are typically comprised of non-professional athletes over the age of 25. Metcalf, on the other hand, competed in the 100-meter dash at the USA Track and Field Golden Games around two years ago, per USA Today.

    This event is typically comprised of aspiring Olympians and other professional runners. Metcalf’s 10.37 time wasn’t good enough for first (he finished 15th out of 18 competitors), but it was good enough to keep pace with some elite-level runners.

    A fact that Metcalf was not shy to mention during his Undisputed appearance.

    “You’ve seen me run in a track meet, I didn’t race against no 30-year-olds, I raced against real track and field athletes,” Metcalf declared. “So whenever you want to do that and hop on the track, let me know.”

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    Is Metcalf hamming up the trash talk to goad Hill into a race? Definitely. He doubtlessly knows it’d be a tightly-contested matchup, but he’s got a point, nonetheless. His last competitive race was, undeniably, on a tier greater than Hill’s.

    Hill’s yet to respond to Metcalf’s challenge. Reportedly, the issue is largely about timing. Hill’s camp wants to run the proposed race in July, while Metcalf’s people feel like that’s too close to the start of football season.

    Should the two agree to a race, it’ll be interesting to see what distance they settle upon and if anyone else participates. Hill, after all, has been involved in similar events in the past. He even, surprisingly, lost a 40-yard dash race at the Pro Bowl earlier this year to Micah Parsons. However, his effort level in that particular race can certainly be called into question.

    One can probably safely bet that if Hill does accept Metcalf’s challenge, after all this trash talk, he’ll give a more spirited effort.